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 WriteLog Revision History
WriteLog for Windows™ by Wayne Wright, W5XD

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From version 10.01 to version 10.19

 Version 10.19 September, 2000 

  • Fix ADIF import to be case-insensitive for tags, and to successfully import a QSO that has only a <band> tag and no <freq> tag.
  • Handling of %C switches to live transmission only if you have typed the call in from the keyboard - not if you clicked it in from the RTTY window.
  • When operating with 2 Entry Windows, if you have the keyboard focus on a different radio than the transmit focus (designated by the green background on the L or R), then if you type Alt+K, the transmit focus is unaffected—the transmission is on the radio with the current transmit focus. F keys do move the xmit focus, unless you put a leading %X in the buffer.
  • Add DisableCommPTT INI entry.
  • For two-radio operation, when two QSOs are in progress at once, assign the numbers N and N+1 to the two simultaneous QSOs.
  • Add %X processing-in F keys to retain XMIT focus.
  • Add Auto-Resume CQ function.
  • Add Keyboard accelerators for editing old QSOs with the Edit QSO Tool.
  • Add View by Network PC option.
  • Most exisiting "View" menu options are now in the "Window" menu.


 Version 10.18 July, 2000 

  • Add West Central Florida section.
  • Add support for Antenna to this Azimuth.
  • Put PTT signal on RTS line if using PC Generates CW on COMM port.
  • Timed CQ will accept a decimal point and tenths of a second.
  • The Headphone Latch command now stays on until turned off, and activates the headphone latch on all transmissions.
  • File Import now reads ADIF files instead of TQF files.
  • The sending of the %C message while the cursor is in the CALL field stops waiting after the call is sent.
  • Fix ANARTS scoring.
  • Add support for IOTA Contest.


 Version 10.17 May, 2000 

  • When WL is an OLE link source, it now draws something readable.
  • File Save As Ascii would put an extra space in lines with date.
  • CQ WW RTTY now remembers previous zone/QTH.
  • Mouse wheel tunes the rig.
  • Rig driver handling modified to be must faster for most rigs.
  • TenTec Pegasus rig driver support (uses existing Pegasus windows).
  • Support Visual Basic GetObject, ("writelog.document") call.
  • FT-100 rig driver.
  • CQ WW CW/SSB/RTTY summary sheets include separate zone, DX multiplier totals.
  • Typing <Enter> with the keyboard focus on the RTTY/PSK/CW control dialog boxes no longer closes them.
  • Enable summary sheets to specify field widths so TXT versions can print pretty.
  • Fix bug in frequency/mode editing that caused band summary to be wrong after editing only the mode of a QSO.
  • FT-767 rig driver.


 Version 10.16 April, 2000 

  • Super check, band map and packet spot windows all now force a dupe check if you use them to select a call for the Entry window.
  • Telnet packet upgrade to comply better with the telnet protocol for Linux servers.
  • CW Speed is set separately for L/R radios.
  • Rate display and graphs are now insensitive to mismatched clocks when running a multi-station network.
  • Report what is not liked about sound files when playing them back.
  • Unconditionally reset the sound board speaker mute button every message transmission for SSB transmission and sound board keyer.
  • Net Gab wraps text to window if it won’t fit.
  • Rate display can be configured to show rate for last 10 QSOs/last 100 QSOs (as before) or can be set for last 10 minutes/last 60 minutes.
  • Give a more explanatory error message when networking can’t be established.


 Version 10.15 March, 2000 

  • Fixed bug that caused sound board voice transmissions to halt forever if you ever send a message with <filename.wav> in it where filename does not exist.
  • Add PTT support to IC-746 and IC-756PRO.
  • Change use of F2.WAV through F11.WAV to MSG2.WAV through MSG11.WAV to avoid conflict that screws up sounding out calls like "F2AA".
  • Custom sound board mixer control. This is an updated version from what was distributed separately from WL.
  • Fixed problems with window focus between RTTY and main screen on Windows 2000.
  • Speed up super check.
  • Make ARRL DX remember power entry from previous QSO.
  • Make ARRL DX PWR column one character wider
  • Fixed problem with telnet packet connection when receiving large numbers of spots.


 Version 10.14 February, 2000 

  • Bring back the RTTY scope display.
  • Fix bug in PSK and FSK that would cause it to fail to transmit after switching modes between PSK and FSK several times.
  • Fix failure to write serial number to Cabrillo file for ARRL 10 m DX entries.
  • Return keyboard focus to Entry Window after switching to another application.
  • Multi+ keyer protocol changed. New firmware required.
  • Added separate SSB send message buffers.
  • Set reasonable defaults for the programmed messages.
  • Add FT-757GX driver.
  • Sound board tone generation buffers to 400msec to prevent stuttering.
  • Allow PTT_BEGIN_HOLD and PTT_END_HOLD to be zero.
  • Fix bug in Cabrillo file that shows 432 MHz QSOs in wrong band.
  • PTT handling of pin 16 on the LPT port was following CW rather than latching for the transmission. This is fixed.


 Version 10.13 January, 2000 

  • Ignore /QRP in country calculation.
  • Get rid of leading zero in zones 1 - 9 for quicker typing when zone calc is wrong.
  • CQ WW remembers received zone of previous QSO.
  • Fix KG4 processing.
  • Fix automation problem with FileOpen.
  • Add File Export menu.
  • Change "Electronic Submission" to "Cabrillo File".
  • Add MRU_LENGTH option to writelog.ini Fix
  • FileClear() automation function.
  • If CTCOMPATIBLEACCEL=YES, then ALT+F4 grabs packet spot (rather than program exit).
  • Don’t start the Auto-CQ dialog on ALT+T, and stop the Auto-CQ timer on any F key, and when switching radios.
  • Fix the double-auto-CQ problem
  • Update AFSK tone generation to new algorithms.
  • Allow transmitted CW speeds up to 99 WPM.
  • Widen the FSK filter for 45 & 50 baud just a little.
  • Improve the error reporting for sound board functions.
  • The gray trace on the RTTY frequency display is now a linear amplitude trace.
  • Network install for Windows 95, 98, NT and Windows 2000 is automatic.
  • AudioReview can change directories.
  • Fix memory allocation bug that caused RTTY screen to quit working after some number of changes between RTTY/PSK/CW modes.
  • Log the mode of the RTTY screen window if there is a column named "DGTL".
  • Add "DGTL" column to Round Up to make it easy to look for plaque score.
  • WriteLog would override "Regional Settings, Number Digits After Decimal" to be zero. Fixed.
  • Fixed bug that erroneously paused rig polling on rig #1 when switching transmission over to rig #2 in the middle of a CW transmission on #1.


 Version 10.12 December, 1999 

  • Right click "Play Audio from this QSO" now works even if the QSO is in the file currently being recorded.
  • W5XD keyer in 10.11 would not resume rig polling after sending CW. Fixed.
  • Sending live CW from the CALL field accepts a backspace and attempts to not send the corresponding morse character.
  • Add RAC Canada Day contests.
  • Support for Japan International DX Contest (Inside and outside JA).
  • Support for Hungarian DX Contest.
  • Alphabetize HQ stations for IARU HF.
  • Fix intermittent crash on exit of Rttyrite9.exe
  • Convert CTY to WL no longer treats full calls as if they were prefixes.
  • Default Comm PTT to "YES" instead of "SYNC" at install time.
  • Make "SYNC" setting tolerate RTTY.
  • Add OK DX RTTY contest.
  • Update Microsoft files to latest rev (MFC42.DLL and MSVCRT.DLL).
  • AFC (RTTY) now switches off when the CALL field has something in it.
  • Support speed control knob on Multi+ keyer.


 Version 10.11 November, 1999 

  • /MM is never recorded as being in any country.
  • Fixed double spacing problem in packet window.
  • Fix phantom packet spot problem.
  • Add "Sync" option for PTT over rig control.
  • Fixed Tools Create Reports which would crash if logs had bad times (times going backwards) or bad frequencies (QSOs logged out-of-band).
  • CW PTT control (introduced in previous version) now works for one radio as well as 2.
  • Changed registration key.


 Version 10.10 October, 1999 

  • Auto CQ delay now is from end of message to beginning of next if WriteLog can see the end of the message. Some external DVK’s, CW keyers, and TNCs do not support this, but most do. WriteLog automatically senses the difference.
  • Support for W5XD multi-function keyer.
  • Assert PTT signal for all modes including CW.
  • If you switch between radio L/R while a CW or SSB message is in progress, the message is aborted.
  • Add a FT-900 driver separate from the FT-890 to fix lengthy poll problem.
  • Fix failure of super-check to properly code already-worked calls for certain contests including CQP and PAQP.
  • Fix crash in Create Reports for certain contests including CQP and PAQP.
  • Fix problem with some sections missing in Cabrillo format setup.


 Version 10.09 September, 1999 

  • AutoSaveCount added to WriteLog.ini.
  • Update Cabrillo format settings
  • Alt+F1/F2 band up/down go to last frequency the radio was tuned to on that band.
  • Changed F12 to mean "Return to 0.0KHz". Used to mean "bring up typing window".
  • Set "Return to 0.0KHz" menu item on two consecutive QSOs less than 500 Hz apart.


 Version 10.08 August, 1999 

  • Cosmetic changes to AudioReview.
  • AFC is automatically turned OFF while there are letters in the CALL field.
  • Support for the newly emerging electronic log submission format. It’s at Contest Electronic Submission.
  • Compression of continuous WAV files is supported. Rearranged the sound board setup in the process.


 Version 10.07 August, 1999 

  • Fix bug that made LPT/Rig control PTT mutually exclusive on SSB.
  • Add StackBandMemoryOnlyOnQSO INI file entry.
  • Add menu entry to WriteLog that brings up AudioReview for a QSO.


 Version 10.06 August, 1999 

  • Widen the 45 baud RTTY filter.
  • Added AFC to PSK.
  • Added Continuously record audio to file On/Off.


 Version 10.05 August, 1999 

  • Save/Restore window docking in the WL file as well as in the INI file.
  • Hold down CTRL while opening a file to not recover the screen.
  • Bandmap sets up the Entry Return to 0.0 kHz menu entry.
  • Bandmap separately saves/restores positions for two windows.
  • Bandmap can hide its File menu - same commands are on right mouse button.
  • Delete/backspace in Bandmap removes entry.
  • Use ISO standard date format YYYY-MM-DD.
  • Added %Mnn processing to CW/RTTY messages
  • Add ability to add a file to the RTTY type ahead buffer.
  • Tightened up the on-screen and print spacing and fixed some old horizontal scrolling and hit testing bugs - if you click in the log window to edit, the cursor should go very close to the character your click.


 Version 10.04 July, 1999 

  • Trying a different CW magnitude/frequency display.
  • Add support for multiple sound boards using [configuration] SoundBoardIndex=1 for second board, etc.
  • Update sound board RTTY functions to use frequency display for tuning and incorporate an automatic frequency control.


 Version 10.03 June, 1999 

  • RTTY changes that appear to give 1.5 stop bits reliably when running FSK.
  • Multi-pitch CW decoding.


 Version 10.02 May, 1999 

  • Added ability to copy CW in the RttyRite window.
  • Shut down LPT port pins used for CW keyer on exit.


 Version 10.01 April, 1999 

  • Fix failure to turn PTT off on Escape when running PSK.
  • Added NET button to PSK dialog and made dialog smaller.
  • Added ability to log which radio makes the QSO.
  • Duping problems with networked Novice station in Field day fixed.


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