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UT Contest
The International United Teenager Contest Sponsored by Radio-TLUM - Ukraine



This Contest is traditionally held on the third Saturday of every January.

January 15, 2005 at 0600 – 1400 UTC


80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 meter bands.


CW and SSB.


The participants are young (under-18) operators of individual and club amateur radio stations from all countries of the world.

World War-II veterans, and radio amateurs born in the Ukraine, are also invited to compete as part of the "RT" group.

 Contest call:

The general call for contesting here is: "CQ UT Test".


English or the national language of the participating group may be used, according to the wishes of the participants.

 The aims of the Contest are:

  • Popularization of HF radio-sport among young people

  • Creation of contacts and friendships among young radio amateurs

  • Improvement of their operating and contesting skills, and technical knowledge, by means of active on-air operating experience and exchange of ideas

  • Promotion of an atmosphere which encourages the attainment of fair and objective results

 The Contest motto is:

"Participation is more important than the victory, and friendship is worth more than prizes".


All the participants will compete in 4 groups:
  • SOSB – single operator/single band
  • SOMB – single operator/multi-band
  • MOMB – multi-operator/multi-band/single-transmitter
  • RT – Radio-TLUM members


RS (RST) and operator’s age (e.g. 5915 etc.).

Radio-TLUM members send RS (RST) and RT (e.g. 59RT etc.).


  • 10 points are given for each successful QSO within the contester’s country.

  • Each QSO outside your country, but on the same continent, will earn 30 points.

  • Each international QSO outside your continent is worth 60 points.

  • Each new DXCC country worked at any time during the contest, including your own, will bring in additional points according to band:
    • 3.5 MHz – 80 points
    •    7 MHz – 40 points
    •  14 MHz – 20 points
    •  21 MHz – 15 points
    •  28 MHz – 10 points

  • AGE – the operator’s age is given for each QSO with a member of a Radio-TLUM (RT) station. The total score for every such QSO will be: points for QSO + DXCC country + AGE.

 The peculiarities of this Contest are:

The duration of the Contest is divided into four 2-hour periods:
0600 – 0800; 0800 – 1000; 1000 – 1200 and 1200 – 1400 UTC.

A QSO with the same station is permitted in another band or period (no time limit), or in another mode in the same band (observing sub-bands) after 30 minutes have passed since the original QSO with that station.

Mixed QSOs, and QSO time imbalance exceeding 2 minutes, are not permitted.

Club teams consist of 3 persons. One, two or more teams can compete for the same station in turn in their own period (not simultaneously; "relay-race" is OK).

Adult coaches are permitted to provide technical assistance, guidance and emergency support to the young operators (but not operating help). They are also permitted to assist in making the report after the Contest, but not in logging during Contest operation.

All the rules of the Contest should be observed, otherwise the offending station will be struck off the list. The same applies to stations causing excessive QRM.


Reports shall be prepared according to the order and sequence of the Contest logs, divided into periods and sent to:

Mailing address:
CQ UT Contest
P O Box 5000

with additional SAE (euro-envelope) + 1 IRC (SASE + 10 stamps "D" for hams in Ukraine) + colour photograph of operator or of the team with station callsign and equipment of the station at which you operated in the Contest. (The callsign and equipment may be shown in the background). If you have an E-mail address, please provide it in the report.

We will appreciate a correctly-formatted and timely report of your operation in the Contest. Please ensure that the report is submitted in a timely manner!


Winners will be announced in each country and group by highest confirmed score.

Participants in Groups 1 and 2 who win one of the first three places in two consecutive years, will have the honorary right to participate in the Contest as associate members of Radio-TLUM in Group 4.

 Sample of log:

Time  Band  Call of        Number          Points for     Total
UTC   MHz   station    sent    received  QSO   DXCC  AGE  points  Notes
----  ----  -------  --------  --------  ---   ----  ---  ------  -----
0600   14   xxxxxx     5915      59RT     10    20    15    45

Special thanks for english edition of the Rules to Adam Farson VA7OJ/AB4OJ.

Date of info: December 16, 2004 Source: Jerry Strelkov-Serga, UT5NC
- Informservice "Radio-TLUM"
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