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 TR Log Revision History
TR Contest Logging Software by Tree, N6TR
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[ Version 6.70 ]
[ From version 6.60 to version 6.69 ]
[ From version 6.50 to version 6.59 ]
[ From version 6.40 to version 6.49 ]
[ From version 6.30 to version 6.39 ]
[ From version 6.20 to version 6.29 ]
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From version 6.30 to version 6.39

 Version 6.39 16 April 1999 

  • Updated IOTA QSO Point method to new rules. You get 15 points for working an IOTA other than your own. Otherwise, you get 3 points.

  • Attempted to fix crash with big packet frequencies greater than 1 GHz.

  • Made ZZ00 not be accepted as a legal grid square in exchanges.

  • Made notes in LOGCFG file that start with ; require space before the ;. This fixes problems with having ; enbeded in a string that might be sent to a radio (like Kenwoods).

  • Fixed garbage in call window when using the Control-B command with Auto-CQ active.

  • Fixed turning on of DVP in Control-J. Made DVP ON disappear when turning off DVP from Control-J.

  • Made PTT HOLD COUNT of 0 not "hang" PTT.

  • Removed RST ALL JA PREFECTURE AND POWER exchange and replaced it with RST ALL JA PREFECTURE AND PRECEDENCE exchange since the ALL JA contest now uses a single letter (H, M, L or P) to identify power.

    Allows most any order for exchange information, but no duplication of entry data allowed. 57923C will work as well (RST 579, Pref = 23 and power = C). On CW, 23 579 C will also work, but on SSB, it won"t.

  • Fixed summary sheet not coming up for Russian contest.

  • Added ask for your state if selecting any of the QSO parties from menu.

  • Added MICHIGAN QSO PARTY (or MICH QSO PARTY). Make sure to either run TR NEW and answer if you are in MICH - or put MY STATE = MI in the LOGCFG.DAT file BEFORE your CONTEST statement if you are in Michigan.

  • Changed MQP to MN QSO PARTY (to avoid confusion with MICH QSO PARTY).

  • Updated SP DX contest for non SP stations. Added SP.DOM.

  • Added LOOK FOR RST SENT (false - Control-J). Allows sent RST to be entered with S prefix in exchange field. Works with RS on SSB too.

  • Allowed for aurora RS(T)s on 6 and 2 meters for both sent and received.

  • Added RADIUS OF EARTH parameter (default = 0). Enter in meters. When something is entered, the default internal to the program will be overwritten.

  • Fixed bug when trying to set a key (like start sending now) to ;.


 Version 6.38 16 March 1999 

  • Fixed name of domestic files for Wisconsin QSO Party.

  • Fixed WWL contest multipliers:
    • Grid fields instead of grid squares for mults.

  • Allowed ESCAPE EXITS SEARCH AND POUNCE in addition to ESCAPE EXITS SEARCH AND POUNCE MODE in LOGCFG.DAT file. This eliminates an incompatability with the name Control-J uses when saving this command.


 Version 6.37 11 March 1999 

  • Added ESCAPE EXITS SEARCH AND POUNCE MODE. The default is FALSE and it can be found on the Control-J menu. If you set it to FALSE, you will have to use SHIFT-TAB to go back into the CQ MODE.

  • Added RSGB QSO point method. This scores zero points for a QSO in your own country, 5 points for Europe, 30 for Oceania and 15 for the remaining continents.

  • Added NAME FLAG ENABLE. The default is TRUE and it can be found on the Control-J menu. When FALSE, the asterisks that appear in the log when you know the name of a station are disabled.

  • Fixed bug with unwanted CW being sent with QSL BUT NO LOG option.

  • Added - to send 1.5 * dah length. This might be a cool character to use for your leading zeros.

  • Fixed summary sheet not working for Croatian and Minnesota QSO Party.

  • Fixed some reports not working because they were always looking for LOGCFG.DAT - even if you selected a different log.


  • Fixed band map cursor position if multi info window is up.

  • Added { character to send complete corrected callsign in call ok message. Before, there wasn’t a way to send the complete call of the station you just finished working.

  • Fixed null character appearing in multi notes.

  • Tried to fix missing grids from band map updates in Stew Perry.


 Version 6.36 14 December 1998 

Well, here it is - finally, 6.36 with a bunch of new things. This might be considered a "high risk" version because of all the new stuff, but I have been using it in a couple of contests and haven’t really seen any issues. The first two features listed are more new, and might have a few rough edges - although once you get the program going, it should be fine.

I am not going to concentrate of the manual for a while, unless there are any big bugs that need to be squashed.

73 Tree

  • Added new startup command "TR NEW". This will bring you to the menu to select a new contest. You will also be asked what filename you want to save your files under.

  • When starting up TR or POST with more than one config file present in the working directory, a menu will be presented allowing you to select which set of files you want to use.

  • Added automatic CW exchange generation for ARRL 10. Assumes you have MY QTH or MY STATE setup. If you are outside W/VE, it does the serial number automatically as well.

  • Made MY QTH which acts the same as MY STATE in LOGCFG.DAT.

  • The band map will now update the multiplier status for all band map entries when working a new station.

  • Many fixes to WAE QTC routines if you are outside Europe.
    • Fixed bug if you made over 600 QSOs.
    • Allow you to view the QTC.DAT file with Control-L key.
    • Put note in log when a QTC is finished.
    • Improved some keystrokes to make sure accidents don’t happen.
    • Fixed bug with improper initialization of QTCs when restarting program.

  • Added way to send a string to radio serial interface ports. These are message commands, so you would program a function key to send a message to the radio as follows:

    <Ctrl-C>SRS=message<Ctrl-D> - Sends message to active radio.
    <Ctrl-C>SRS1=message<Ctrl-D> - Sends message to radio 1.
    <Ctrl-C>SRS2=message<Ctrl-D> - Sends message to radio 2.

    Please see section 4.2 of the manual for more information on how to use the Control-C and Control-D commands in a CW message.

    For example, if you wanted to program a key to make your Kenwood radio use the narrow CW filter, you would program the following message:


    You would program this by using the Alt-P command to access the function key you want to program. Then press Control-P followed by Control-C to enter the Control-C character, then type "SRS=FL010009;", then Control-P and Control-D to finish the command.

    This command can also be used to activate the digital voice keyer on some radios.

  • Fixed bug with Alt-=. If you turned off the CW monitor tone with this command while the tone was one, it would stay on.

  • Fixed last total line of POST L C not showing up (band/mode logs).

  • Not allow JA Prefectures > 50 to be entered.

  • Went to European distance for European VHF QSO Point method. This routine gives different distances than the normal routine. Will someone in Europe please confirm if it is working as expected?

  • SCP COUNTRY STRING allows ! or - at start to make it exclude countries instead of including them.

  • STDCFG.DAT is a file you can put in the same directory as your TR.EXE file and the program will always execute it as if you had used INPUT CONFIG FILE for it. It is executed after all the other LOGCFG.DAT commands are processed.

  • Made POST’s L P (pull computer ID into log) command process notes.

  • Added computer ID to notes added with Control-N.

  • Made " clear RIT. This is because on most keyboards, you have to press the SHIFT key to get to the " character and it makes the RIT move when you probably didn’t want it to.

  • Fixed POST’s R L from crashing.


 Version 6.35 2 December 1998 

  • Fixed a number of crash possibilities in some of POSTs report procedures.

  • Made TR READ keep computer IDs.

  • Allowed for the space character as a computer ID in the POST utility that pulls out QSOs made by one computer.


 Version 6.34 20 November 1998 

  • Added MODEM PORT. This can be used along with the multi port to allow connection of a second port over a dedicated modem off a second serial port on a computer. Also, MODEM PORT BAUD RATE.

  • Fixed Control-F1 not working for DVP and DVK program. Using Control-F1 to Control-F10 will instantly allow you to re-record DVP or DVK memories F1 to F10.

  • Improved DVK and two radio stuff functionality.

  • Changed WPX QSO Point method to give one point for own country (regardless of band). This complies with the new rules coming up next year.


 Version 6.34 beta - to W6QHS 17 November 1998 

  • Added support for sending exchange in two radio mode with DVK.

  • Fixed Exchange F1 not being sent when pressing RETURN with call in call window in search and pounce.

  • Changed LOG FILE NAME command to use SetUpFileNames.

  • Allowed ControlF1-F10 to also program DVK (not just DVP).


 Version 6.33 12 November 1998 

  • Fixed AltD bug - I think.

  • Fixed JIDX so you can enter prefectures 41 to 50.

  • Implemented MY PREC, MY CHECK and MY SECTION as LOGCFG.DAT commands. If you define these before your CONTEST statement, your CW messages will be setup the same way I use them at W5WMU. You will also be prompted for them if you select the SWEEPSTAKES contest from the contest menu. You can get to this menu by starting the program in a directory that doesn’t have a LOGCFG.DAT file in it.

  • Fixed MY POSTAL CODE not being saved to config file upon start up. This is used in the ROPOCO contest.

  • Eliminated possibility of INSERT window showing up with country name.


 Version 6.32 30 October 1998 

  • Created POST U E C to allow clearing out a data field in TRMASTER file.


  • Improved startup of ROPOCO contest and created standard CW messages.

  • Added SCP COUNTRY STRING. Here you can list the countries you would like the Super Check Partial feature to display. If this string is empty, all countries will be shown. If you enter some country ID prefixes, only the ones from the countries listed will be displayed.

    For Example, for the Sweepstakes, you might enter this:


    You can edit this from the Control-J menu. The initial value is blank.

  • There were some changes to how the Control-J feature stores the parameter names. This shouldn’t be noticed when using it.

  • Made IOTA QSO Point method to count 2 points if an IOTA is in my country.

  • When editing the band map a second time, the cursor will now go back to last edit position.

  • When accessing an entry on the band map, the QSX and mult flags are still displayed. These flags would disappear when an entry was selected.

  • The band map edit feature was broken when displaying all bands. This is now fixed.

  • Added WAG (Worked All Germany) contest and WAG QSO point method.

  • Made random CQs ignore messages that are blank. Normally, messages from F1 to F4 are used. But now, ones that are blank will not be used.

  • Updated CTY.DAT file with latest changes.

  • Made ROPOCO test allow space in middle of postal code.

  • When using LastName - if the bottom entry in the editable log window is blank, the program will now skip up to the next line with data in it.

  • Made European / Non-Scandinavian QSOs on low bands count 1 point, not 3.

  • Added QSO Point scoring for VK/ZL stations in VK/ZL contest.

  • Improved LastName to accept all numbers in Sprint.

  • Improved contest selection menu to allow you to start entering name. This is much quicker than using the arrow keys. If you mistype, the delete key can be used. This same type of feature has also been added to the Control-J menu for quicker access to the parameters.

  • Change TenTen QSO Points to 3 (DX & TenTen), 2 (not DX & TenTen) and 1 (not TenTen).

  • Made NAQP process QTH while entering into exchange - even with name. This fixes a common complaint about not being able to see the multiplier need status until you press RETURN.

  • Fixed Chapter working in initial exchanges.

  • Fix for DX entries in Eu Sprint.


 Version 6.31 7 October 1998 

  • Fixed RST DOMESTIC QTH to do QSO number correctly if > 2 entries.

  • Fixed DIG showing up instead of SSB in POST routines.

  • Removed old N6TR Duping file generation utility from POST.

  • Eliminated possibility of 0460Z as a sunrise/set time.

  • Fixed up CALQSOW6.DOM so only one CA.

  • Added PADDLE SPEED command (default = 0 & Control-J).

  • Added COAX startup option. Helps you determine electrical length of coax if you have two consecutive low Z frequencies from your SWR meter.

  • Made 10 meter QSOs in VK/ZL worth 3 points (was 2 points).

  • Made ExchangeMemoryEnable control initial exchanges from editable log. They were showing up even with EXCHANGE MEMORY ENABLE = FALSE.

  • Made MY STATE get used for initial INTERNET SPRINT exchanges (not ORE).

  • Fixed garbage contest name in contest selection prompt.


 Version 6.30 23 September 1998 

  • PACC works for PA stations now. Added PACC COUNTRIES AND PREFIXES as a DX MULTIPLIER type.

  • Improved RSTAndDomesticOrDXQTH exchange to take its que from DOMESTIC COUNTRY.

  • Made QTH STAMP print country if no DX mults to deal with.


  • Added MINNESOTA QSO PARTY (or MQP). Added QSO POINT METHOD = MQP (2 ssb, 1 CW and 10 for W0EF).

  • Added WORLD WIDE LOCATOR (WWL) contest. Added RST AND GRID exchange. Added WWL QSO POINT method.

  • Enhanced sprint exchange parser. Allowed xxx yyy zzz # name QTH and also multiple number entries at end (uses last one).

  • Added asking for name/qth when starting sprint up.

  • Added RADIO ONE TRACKING ENABLE and RADIO TWO TRACKING ENABLE. Default is TRUE and they are available on Control-J. When FALSE, the radio information obtained via the serial interface is not used to change band/mode of the program.

  • Fixed Alt-F function keys not sending message in CQ mode.

  • Fixed initial exchange when using tail end key.

  • Fixed POST R L to do any band/mode. Same for POST L C.

  • Fixed USER 4 and USER 5 not working for USER INFO.

  • Added AN as legal prefix for IOTA designator.

  • Made summary sheet work for REGION 1 FIELD DAY.

  • Eliminated crash if hit Shift-Tab during middle of CQ QSO.

  • Fixed SendCW start up command.

  • Allow 57600 baud for radio interface. This is an experiment to see if it will work with the TS-570.

  • Fixed FT840 support (was broken by adding the 847 in 6.29).

  • Added SAC back to contest list. BTW, there are now 59 contests!

  • Forgot to mention that the Yaesu FT847 was supported, starting in version 6.28.


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