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 TR Log Revision History
TR Contest Logging Software by Tree, N6TR
[ General info about TR ]
[ Version 6.70 ]
[ From version 6.60 to version 6.69 ]
[ From version 6.50 to version 6.59 ]
[ From version 6.40 to version 6.49 ]
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[ From version 5.66 to version 5.79 ]
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From version 5.66 to version 5.79

 There was no 5.79 release


 Version 5.78 7 September 1996 

  • Many fixes and enhancements to .DTA stuff.

  • Fixed crash if using EUROPEAN VHF TEST and no home grid set.


 Version 5.77 3 September 1996 

  • Visible dupesheet now updated after using edit command.

  • Floppy save no longer crashes program if disk error. Instead, there is an error message with beeps.

  • If you want the program to check on the size of your LOG.DAT file as the contest progresses, you can turn on this feature with the CHECK LOG FILE SIZE command (under Control-J). The file size will be checked after every QSO.

  • Bug fixed with new OH2MM rate sheet where it sometimes crashes at the end of the log file.

  • HEXDUMP enhanced to include search for data. For those of you who don’t know about this feature, it can be very handy. Type TR HEXDUMP filename and you can examine a binary/ASCII file. This is very handy for looking at .DTA files (which is why it was being enhanced).

  • Fixed separate arrow or pageup/pagedown keys which stopped working in the previous release.

  • Enhanced the .DTA file format to include Name, Section, Check, QTH, Ten-Ten number, FOC number, grid and who knows what else.

    If you have a MASTER.DTA file now that you are using, make a copy of it with the name TRMASTER.DTA. Put it where the program files are and the program will find it no matter what directory you are logged into. You can put custom ones in the working directory and they will be used instead.

    The NAMES.CMQ database is no longer used by TR. To transfer your data, use the name editor in POST and save your data as an ASCII file. Then use the new DTA file editor (POST U E) and the F command to load in the data. As a result of not using the database, the program uses about 90K less memory than before.

    Various routines allow you to pull data out of old log files and add them to the DTA database. These are in the DTA edit menu found in POST under the utility menu.

  • Added POSSIBLE CALL MODE with values ALL or NAMES (available in Control-J). When set to NAMES only calls from the name database that have a name are used for possible calls. This is how the old NAMES.CMQ file worked. If you want to open it up so all the calls in the database are used for possible calls, set POSSIBLE CALL MODE = ALL.

  • New initial exchanges: NAME QTH, CHECK SECTION, QTH, GRID. These allow data from the .DTA file to be used for initial exchanges. More will be added later so more of the data in the DTA file can be used for initial exchanges.

  • No more Alt-N command. It takes too much time to update the DTA database on the fly, so this command no longer makes sense. Also, data in the database is no longer updated by the program as you make QSOs with new names.


 Version 5.76 22 August 1996 

  • Fixed GridFields - in TR and POST for TOEC contest.

  • Changed overlay buffer from 90K to 70K (reduces memory used by 20K).

  • Eliminated range checking in LogDupe (saves another 5K).

  • Eliminated hang if not enough room for name database at startup.

  • Created NewReadKey and NewKeyPressed to allow F11 and F12 memories.

  • Fixed bug with SAC prefixes not being processed correctly if in editable window and SAC prefix different than natural prefix.


 Version 5.75
 (version 5.74 was handed out at the WRTC)
13 August 1996 

  • Prevented Alt-D from working if SINGLE RADIO MODE = TRUE.

  • Added LEADING ZERO CHARACTER parameter to select what the leading zero character will be (previously it was always zero). Can be programmed with Control-J menu (toggles T, O and 0).

  • Made LEADING ZEROS an integer to select minimum length of serial number (previously was always 3). Y is still allowed (default of 3).

  • Improved SAC mults for calls like 8S3BG.


  • Made SIMULATOR ENABLE = FALSE over ride previous TRUE entry in LOGCFG.DAT.

  • Added many reports for CQ WW (and other contests). Check out the R M menu in POST. Thanks to OH2MM for helping define these.

  • When loading in LOG.DAT file - prevented crash if illegal mode found with okay band. Also shows the offending QSO so you can go fix it if you want.

  • Made FindDirectory look in more places for files. Thanks to K2MM for his ideas. This applies to .CTY and name files. Also, the install program no longer puts you in the working directory.

  • Fixed ITU Zone 30 to be in Asia, not Europe (it is really in both?).

  • Made AUTO DUPE ENABLE CQ and AUTO DUPE ENABLE S AND P (both in Control-J).

  • Added QSO POINTS DOMESTIC/DX CW/PHONE commands. Over-rides the QSO point method.

  • Added big remaining country list - BIG REMAINING LIST = TRUE (Control-J). Default has about 145 countries in it (thanks OH2MM for helping come up with the default list).

  • Fixed garbage CW when using StartSendingNowKey then the delete key.

  • Added AUTO DISPLAY DUPE QSO with default = FALSE. This will show previous dupe QSOs automatically when working a dupe.


 Version 5.73 4 July 1996 

  • Improved info shown during Auto-CQ to mention PageUp/Dn delay adjust.

  • Added VGA DISPLAY ENABLE. When FALSE, will prevent use of EGA/VGA modes.

  • Added all possible DXCC countries as domestic mults for ARRL Field Day.

  • Made Auto-CQ loop process packet and multiport input when active.

  • POST Log merGe now filters out duplicate QSOs caused by network computers.


 Version 5.72
 (5.71 was an internal release)
17 June 1996 

  • Added PTT TURN ON DELAY parameter - default = 15 * 1.7 ms.

  • Fixed bands above 2304 not showing up in summary sheet.

  • Fixed secondse -> seconds in auto cq.

  • Grid Map implemented. Enable by setting HOME GRID to desired center.

  • Added FIELD DAY to simulator.

  • Made AUTO DUPE ENABLE = FALSE for VHF contests.

  • Fixed non /R calls in VHF not being flagged as dupes.

  • If no I/O COM3 or COM4 address in ROM table, use 3E8 & 2E8 (a la COM34).


 Version 5.70
 (5.66 to 5.69 were beta releases)
7 June 1996 

  • Made non OK/OM station have mult by mode and band for OK DX contest.

  • Made /R stations initial exchange not have space and allow overwrite.

  • Made grid map display go away when cleaning up display with ESCAPE.

  • Fixed alphabetical order of grid map display.

  • Made ARRL VHF contests have QSO BY MODE = FALSE.

  • Made QSO needs have better format + reverse video for 2nd mode.

  • Added FM as a mode when >= 6 meters. It is handled same as SSB.

  • Only allow dupes and show grid status if /R shows up in VHF call.

  • Put autodupe enable back on for VHF contests - for non rover calls.


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