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TARA PSK31 Rumble
Sponsored by the Troy ARA
• Home of the worlds 1st PSK31 contest •

Join us in the 7th TARA PSK31 Contest
The 2002 Spring Wakeup



Saturday 20th April 2002


0000 UTC through 2400 UTC


Name and State/Prov.

DX send DXCC country prefix.

 Running Rules:

Please read the SWL Special Rules.

Run only single transmitter / single operator.
Except the Team Challenge! Please read the Special Rules (dupe sheets available below).

All stations working outside their call area must add the correct portable identifier.

Any Team member can also enter the single/single contest by simply completing and submitting the ScoreForm showing their Callsign, and Operating Category.

 Operating Categories:

  • The Team Challenge - Please read the Special Rules

  • Normal Category - 100 watts MAX.

  • Great Category - 20 watts MAX.

  • Super Category - 5 watts MAX.

  • Novice Category - 100 watts MAX. (entry level Ham licence)

  • SWL Category.


Use the regular PSK31 freqs. on 80, 40, 20, 15, 10 & 6 mtrs.

 QSO Points:

Stations can be worked once on each band for points.

Each QSO scores 1 point.


All Countries that you work per band. Include your own country, and don’t forget to include W, VE, JA or VK worked, per band in your Country total, as well as any Call areas of W + VE + JA + VK on each band.

  • W area’s include W through W9. (not States).
  • VE area’s include VE through VE9, VO1, VO2, VY, VY1 and VY2.
  • JA area’s include JA through JA9.
  • VK area’s include VK through VK9.


QSO points (calculated as above) x Multipliers (calculated as above.)


Fill out the Score Submission Form here or goto:

or e-mail logs to:


For Hams with no internet, please mail logs to my QTH:

Send the logs to:
Ernest Mills, WM2U
9 Morningside Dr.
BALLSTON LAKE, NY 12019-1531

Last entry date is 18th May 2002.


  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each category.
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd in Novice entry.
  • Top SWL score.
  • US States Clean Sweep....(all 50!).

 Awards de TARA:

This year, the Troy ARA graciously offers a TARA club Baseball Cap to the 1st place winners in each of the 6 categories. This is a really nice looking cap!

 Awards de PODXS 070 Club:

The PODXS boys have done it again. This is now a collectors item.


For working only 50 PSK Contacts, become a PODXS 070 Member. See link above. Do NOT send logs. Logs must be on hand and furnished if requested.

Thanks to Steve, W3HF you can now download a really handy Dupe Sheet. It is Microsoft Excel format and is intended to assist the Gaffers in the Team Challenge.

Fill out the OnLine Score Submission Form to have your score officially logged.

Scores will be posted periodically on the Rumble Web page.

Date of info: February 24, 2002 Source: Ernest "Ernie" Mills, WM2U
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