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TOPS Activity Contest
You are very much welcome taking part in

TOPS Activity Contest 3.5 MHz CW



The contest is held every year the first weekend in December:

2005: 1800 UTC, 3rd December to 1800 UTC, 4th December

2006: 1800 UTC, 2nd December to 1800 UTC, 3rd December


IARU 80 m CW contest segment.


CQ TAC or CQ QMF (QMF = where fists make friends).


RST 001 up.

TOPS members also give their membership no., e.g. 599 001/883.


  • QSO with own country 1 point
    (each call area in JA, PY, U, VE, VK and W count as a separate country in this contest)
  • QSO with own continent 2 points
  • QSO with other continent 6 points
  • QSO with /MM stations 6 points
  • QSO with TOPS members give 2 bonus points
  • QSO between TOPS members give 6 bonus points
  • QSO with GB6AQ gives 10 bonus points


Each different prefix worked is a multiplier.

Prefix definition as for WPX award (e.g. SM3, SK3 are different prefixes).

 Total score:

Total points × Multiplicators.


  • A: Single operator
  • B: Multi operator
  • C: QRP up to 5 Watts output, single operator


Certificates of merit will be issued to the highest scorers.


Results will be sent to radio clubs and radio magazines and are transmitted in the packet radio network. Direct delivery on enclosure of 1 IRC.

 Log deadline:

January 31st, Cabrillo logs preferred.


Logs to:

Mailing address:
Helmut Klein, OE1TKW
Nauseagasse 24/26
A-1160 WIEN

Logs are also accepted via packet radio to:

Packet radio:

and Internet:



Please tell your friends about this contest!

 What is TOPS?:

TOPS was an international club for CW enthusiasts founded in Great Britain in 1946. It has resigned in the meantime.

To still encourage CW activity and to keep former TOPS members together, this contest is held every year.

Questions regarding TOPS could be answered by:

Chris Hammett, G3AWR
48 Hadrian Road

Date of info: November 23, 2005 Source: Helmut Klein, OE1TKW and OE1TKW Web Site
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