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WriteLog for Windows™ by W5XD

Contest logging software for winning CW, SSB, RTTY and PSK31

WriteLog for Windows combines the convenience and ease of use of Windows with the performance and features required by the top contest operators. No other package matches WriteLog’s support for CW, Phone, RTTY, VHF, UHF, contesting.

WriteLog Version-10 Features:

- Runs under Windows 95/98/2000/NT

Supports all major contests:

  • ANARTS WW RTTY Contest
  • ARRL Sweepstakes
  • ARRL 160 Meter Contest
  • ARRL 10 Meter Contest
  • ARRL DX Contest
  • ARRL Field Day (All modes CW, SSB, RTTY, VHF, UHF)
  • ARRL VHF Sweepstakes
  • ARRL VHF QSO Parties
  • ARRL UHF Contest
  • ARRL RTTY Roundup
  • BARTG RTTY Contest
  • California QSO Party (inside CA)
  • California QSO Party (outside CA)
  • CQ WW DX Contest
  • CQ WW WPX Contest
  • CQ WW 160 Meters
  • CQ WW RTTY DX Contest
  • European DX Contest (WAE)
  • European DX RTTY Contest (WAE)
  • Florida QSO Party
  • IARU HF World Championship
  • Internet RTTY Sprint Contest
  • JARTS WW RTTY Contest
  • Minnesota QSO Party
  • North American Sprint
  • North American QSO Party
  • North American RTTY QSO Party
  • Pennsylvania QSO Party (inside PA)
  • Pennsylvania QSO Party (outside PA)
  • SARTG WW RTTY Contest
  • Stew Perry, W1BB, 160 m Distance Challenge
  • TARA RTTY Sprints Contest
  • World Wide RTTY WPX Contest

Contest support includes logging full exchanges (including sent and received RST if desired), real-time online scoring, and print or file output for log submissions.

General Purpose Logging Modes:

  • General DXCC logging
  • DxPedition Mode
  • Field Day (with all modes CW, SSB, RTTY, VHF, UHF)

  • Full Radio Control (Kenwood, Yaesu, Icom, Ten-Tec, JRC)
  • Voice keyer functionality using your Windows-supported sound board
    Record new messages on-the-fly from within WriteLog
  • Same features as K1EA DVP board
  • Wire to two radios and automatically switch mic/voice keyer between rigs from the keyboard.
  • Sends CW using COM or LPT port
    Perfect CW keying even when computer is busy with other tasks
  • Program up to 12 message memories including embedded commands such as serial numbers, call being worked, etc
  • Program up to 20 preset speeds
  • Full Packet Interface and Spotting Support
    Single key to make a DX announcement
  • Filters for single and multi-ops
  • Notification of new QSOs/multipliers
  • All major RTTY contests supported
    Field proven with single and/or multi-op victories in every major contest
  • Click on call or exchange information in RTTY window and it is automatically entered into the logging window
  • Works with AFSK or FSK
  • Partial Call Checking
    Uses same Master and Country files as K1EA’s CT
  • Two Radio Support
    Includes control signals on LPT Port
  • Automatic switching of voice or RTTY output from sound card
  • Color Coded Band Map
    Accepts inputs from log and packet
  • Separate band map for each radio
  • Fast Ethernet Networking
    Use standard Ethernet hardware and protocols
  • Choice of output formats
    Export to standard database, spreadsheet, ASCII files
  • Export to ADIF files
  • Professional quality reports and summaries on your Windows-supported printer
  • Choice of QSL card and data output options
  • Tools that improve your score and your fun
    Rate window always shows rate for last 10 and last 100 QSOs
  • Automatic calculation and display of off times
  • Beam Heading window shows great circle bearings (plus long path) and distance automatically calculated when call entered in log
  • Check Call window displays all callsigns in your log that match the string currently in the CALL field in the Entry Window and a summary of bands on which the current QSO would be a new multiplier
  • Band Summary window displays a band by band breakdown of your scoring, along with your total score. It is automatically updated with every QSO you enter. Each contest customizes the display according to its rules for points and multipliers
  • Search & Pounce memories
    Store up to 4 callsign and frequency pairs for instant recall when tuning the band
  • Costumizable Log Entry Window
    Each contest has its own exchange and WriteLog can be configured to log any of them. The only requirement is that every exchange must at least have a CALL field. The fields of the contest exchange may be changed at any time using the Edit Exchange format setup menu entry. You can either define the exchange from scratch or add fields to the existing exchange
  • Support for Object Linking and Embedding (OLE)
    WriteLog allows you attach essentially anything to QSOs in the log using OLE objects.
    Each QSO in the log can be a container for an OLE object such as a note, picture, sound file, etc
    WriteLog makes its QSO data available for linking and embedding as well. Use Edit Copy View To Clipboard to make you log data available to other applications for linking and embedding
  • Extensive online context sensitive help
    Everything you need to know to operate the program can be found in the extensive on-line help. Just press F1!
  • System requirements for WriteLog:
    • Windows 95/98 or ...
    • ... Windows NT
    • or Windows 2000 (but no support for HAL boards or LPT functions except printing)
    • 4 MB of hard disk space
    • 16 MB RAM minimum. >16 MB recommended
    • RTTY (sound board transmit/receive) needs 100 MHz Pentium or faster

Check out the features of WriteLog compared to the competition. We’re confident you will agree that it truly is the next generation of high performance contest logging software! Get ahead of your competition and order today. See how WriteLog can make contesting more fun and improve your scores!

LATEST RELEASE: WriteLog V10.52F (2 January 2005)

Have a look at the WriteLog Revision History:
From version 10.01 to version 10.19
From version 9.09 to version 9.23

WriteLog is authored by Wayne Wright, W5XD,
and distributed by Ron Stailey, K5DJ.

See WriteLog’s complete user manual at
K9JY WriteLog Web Site:

Contest support provided by third parties:

SM6SRW has written a number of modules for contests not in WriteLog.
Third party modules do not need a particular version of WriteLog.
Upgrading WriteLog does not affect your ability to run them.

These modules are supported by their authors and not by K5DJ or W5XD.

Updated (Jan 10, 2005) CHANGED module:

SSA Månadstest
(A Swedish domestic Contest)

CLICK HERE to read more!

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