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TR Log by N6TR
TR Log by N6TR

TR Contest Logging Software by N6TR

TR Contest Logging Software by N6TR. One of the three most popular contest programs in the world.

The TR Contest Logging Program is designed to be used for any contest. Its configuration file allows you to set it up with any combination of points and multipliers. It comes setup and ready to go for more than 76 contests!

TR is the ultimate logging program for the two radio single op.

Some of TR’s many features:
Paddle input - Dupe checking - Unique name database feature - Computer radio control for KENWOOD, ICOM, YAESU and TEN-TEC radios - Band Map - Packet interface for DX spots - Station Computerization - New version updates can be sent AUTOMATICALLY via Internet E-mail.

The following contests are presently supported:

  • All Asian
  • All JA
  • AP Sprint
  • ARCI
  • ARI
  • ARRL 10 Meter
  • ARRL 160 Meter
  • ARRL Field Day
  • ARRL International DX
  • ARRL January VHF Sweepstakes
  • ARRL June VHF QSO Party
  • ARRL RTTY Roundup
  • ARRL November Sweepstakes
  • ARRL September VHF QSO Party
  • Asia Pacific Sprint
  • Baltic
  • California QSO Party
  • County Hunter
  • Collegiate Championship
  • CQ 160 Meter
  • CQ M
  • CQ VHF
  • CQ WPX
  • CQ WW DX
  • Croatian
  • European HFC
  • European Sprint
  • European VHF
  • Florida QSO Party
  • General QSO
  • Grid Loc
  • HA DX
  • Helvetia
  • IARU HF World Championship
  • Internet Sprint
  • IOTA
  • JA International DX
  • KCJ
  • Kids Day
  • KVP
  • Michigan QSO Party
  • Minnesota QSO Party
  • NCJ North American QSO Party
  • NCJ North American Sprint
  • New England QSO Party
  • New Zealand Field Day
  • Oceania Contest
  • Ohio QSO Party
  • OK DX
  • PACC
  • QCWA (no scoring)
  • QCWA Golden (no scoring)
  • RAC
  • Region One Field Day
  • Russian DX
  • SAC
  • Salmon Run (Washington QSO Party)
  • South American WW
  • SP DX (non SP entrants)
  • Stew Perry Topband Challenge
  • Ten Ten
  • Texas QSO Party
  • TOEC Grid Contest
  • UBA Contest
  • Ukranian Contest
  • WAE
  • WAG
  • Wisconsin QSO Party
  • WRTC 2002
  • World Wide Locator
  • XMAS
  • YO DX
Other contests can probably be operated by adding a few commands to the LOGCFG.DAT file.

Have a look at the TR WISH LIST

Have a look at the TR REVISION HISTORY:
Version 6.70
From version 6.60 to version 6.69
From version 6.50 to version 6.59
From version 6.40 to version 6.49
From version 6.30 to version 6.39
From version 6.20 to version 6.29
From version 6.10 to version 6.19
From version 6.00 to version 6.05
From version 5.90 to version 5.99 +5db
From version 5.80 to version 5.89
From version 5.66 to version 5.79
From version 5.50 to version 5.65

Try the TR Contest Logging Program for FREE!
N6TR has created a free version of his software. This free version has all the features of the full release. This version is a full operating program, including rig control, CW keying, and DVK support. It supports all of TR LOG’s advanced features, including advanced post-contest log processing and analysis. The only difference is that the free version supports a limited number of contests.

FREE Version Supports::

  • ARRL Field Day
  • Region One Field Day
  • Japanese International DX Contest
  • New Zealand Field Day
  • South American World Wide Contest
  • ...and CW Simulator Mode!

If you cannot wait for the next contest, use the built-in CW contest simulator to learn TR LOG’s powerful CW features. It’s the ultimate Amateur Radio computer game! Try it out today and discover just how an intuitive and powerful logging program, TR LOG, can make your contesting more enjoyable!

Download the FREE version of TR LOG, based on the version 6.69 release (2 July 2002), here!

Download TRFREE669.ZIP (510 kB)

Download POST Version 6.56. This is a free version of the TR LOG post-contest log processor, that supports the new Cabrillo log format, and may be useful for those with older versions of TR LOG.

Download the FREE version of POST Version 6.72a here!

Download POST672A.ZIP (181 kB)

You’ll need PKUNZIP to decompress the files after downloading. If you need the PKZIP software package, you can get it here!

Download PKZ204G.ABC (197 kB)

N.B. The server provider has excluded the possibility to download EXE-files directly from the server, so here is what you have to do after downloading the PKZ204G.ABC file: Rename the file PKZ204G.ABC to PKZ204G.EXE before you execute the file.
- That’s it!

The latest complete manual is available for download. This manual also covers the freeware version.

If you would like to purchase the latest version of TR Log, please see below.

Manual for Version 6.71b - In PDF format:

Latest Manual for V6.71b - PDF format - 8.5" x 11" (1,12 MB)
Latest Manual for V6.71b - PDF format - A4 (1,09 MB)

Download - 8.5" x 11" (958 kB)
Download - A4 (931 kB)

To read the PDF-file you need to have
Adobe Acrobat Reader installed in your computer!

Get Adobe Acrobat Reader


TR Logging Program - Ver. 6.74 (31 August 2003)

Order the latest version at:

In Europe order the latest version at:

In Japan order the latest version at:

In Australia/New Zealand order the latest version from
John F. McRae VK5PO at:

Join the TR Reflector
mailing list archive:
Feature Wishlist:

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TR log - Sweden
TR Log - Sweden

TR Contest Logging Software by N6TR

Here you will come to the site of SM3OJR/Jonathan,
the European distributor of TRLog.

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