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Super-Duper by EI5DI

Contest Loggers for everyone!

The SD group of programs set the standard for fast, simple logging and editing in the main international contests and in dozens of others worldwide. They’re intended for single-operator unassisted entries and they run on any PC with MS-DOS or Windows 3.11, 95 or NT.

There’s no single contest logger that’s good for all contests. Software that tries to do everything is often user-hostile, feature overloaded, or riddled with compromises - and sometimes all three!

Here’s the lineup of SD contest loggers.

EI5DI has supplied custom programs for "difficult" contests that no other loggers score correctly.

SD - Many HF Contests
SDX - as SD but 11.000 QSO capacity on a 486DX (or better)
SDC - RSGB Commonwealth Contest
SDIOTA - as SDI but 11.000 QSO capacity on a 486DX
SDU - UBA and REF Contests (both sides)
SDL - Many HF Contests for SWLs
SDV - Many VHF Contests

You can download them all at:

SD directly supports the following contests:
  • SAC - both Scandinavian and DX sides
  • ARRL DX contest - both W/VE and DX sides
  • ARRL 10m contest
  • CQWW, WPX and CQ 160m
  • All RSGB contests (both sides) including IOTA, Commonwealth and CW/SSB Field Day
  • IARU HF World Championship
  • IARU Region 1 CW and SSB Field Day
  • European Sprint
  • European HF Championship (Slovenia)
  • OK/OM
  • UBA Contest - both sides
  • PACC
  • Helvetia
  • King of Spain
  • ARI
  • CQ-M

[ How to setup SD ]

SD uses country multiplier reference files (.CTY) and area multiplier reference files (.MLT) that can be edited with a text editor to suit many other contests.

Registered users receive a key file that enables full facilities with downloaded programs, for HF, VHF or both. The key file expires after 12 months, but programs downloaded within this time will continue to run with full facilities.

SD programs all offer instant access to your complete log, and you can edit any QSO at any time - during or after the contest. After any edit, whether simple or complex, your log is checked for consistency of dupes and multipliers on all bands, and is rescored instantly - no matter how many QSOs may be affected.

Would you use a spreadsheet that wasn’t instantly updated and balanced after every entry or edit? Probably not, and yet no other contest logger meets this basic standard.

SD "Highly recommended, even for the newcomer".

RadCom (RSGB) review, September 1993.

With some loggers, you’re likely to need a Computer Science degree to get started. All SD software is easy to use, with no need for multiple keystrokes for any logging or editing functions. You always use what you might expect to enter data - the Enter key! The HF programs link to Kenwood and Yaesu radios (Icom soon) to follow band and mode changes, and to give instant frequency changes.

Have a look at the SD REVISION HISTORY:
From version 9.80 to version 9.89
From version 9.70 to version 9.79
From version 9.60 to version 9.69
From version 9.50 to version 9.59
From version 9.40 to version 9.46
From version 9.30 to version 9.39
From version 9.20 to version 9.29
From version 9.10 to version 9.19
From version 9.00 to version 9.09
From version 8.10 to version 8.19
From version 8.00 to version 8.09

LATEST RELEASE: Super-Duper - Ver. 11.33 (13 July 2005)

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