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Pile Up! by G4ZFE

Pile Up! by G4ZFE

Pile Up! program written by Richard Everitt, G4ZFE is a program which simulates a Morse Code pileup using a Sound Blaster card. The greater the number of voices used by the Sound Blaster card the more difficult it is to read individual callsigns.

The idea is based on tapes used at Amateur Radio Conventions to test people’s CW skills. Pile Up! is good practice before a contest and also helps improves keyboard skills.

The callsigns sent are those worked by M6A and M7A in 1996 and 1997 CW contests to add realism.


  • Up to 9 stations calling at once (3 can be enough!);
  • The speed and volume of each calling station is random to simulate the "layering" of stations found in a pileup;
  • The tone (frequency) of each calling station is random to simulate the spread of stations in a pileup;
  • Competition mode.
    50 callsigns are sent. As each callsign (or partial callsign) has been copied it should be typed into the keyboard. At the end of the session a list of received and transmitted callsigns is displayed and your score calculated. I find this mode useful for indicating the characters in callsigns which I have most difficulty in reading (e.g S/H, D/B etc);
  • Practice mode.
    Callsigns are sent and then displayed on the screen.
  • DL4MM RUFZ mode.
    Emulation of the popular RUFZ program.
  • "Internet Ready". Ability to send high score over Internet as well as receive the top 5 high scores (see on-line help for further details).
  • Two callsign data files. Callsigns are from the logs of M6A and M7A.
  • As the data files are text files you can create your own data files for your favourite contests.

Pile Up! requires:

  • Windows 95. The program will not work on Windows 3.1 or Windows NT;
  • Sound Blaster compatible card.

Have a look at the
Pile Up! by G4ZFE Revision History:
From version 0.5 to version 1.10

Pile Up! High Scores page:

Pile Up! is FREEWARE,
so you are welcome to download it from:

(or follow the links from his main page

and have a look at more helpful web-applications
available free to download).

Please report any bugs, suggestions, comments to:


LATEST RELEASE: Pile Up! - Version 1.10 (2 Feb 1998)

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