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LOGic 5 for Windows 95/98

LOGic 5 for Windows 95/98

Personal Database Applications - PDA proudly presents LOGic 5 for Windows 95, 98 and NT 4.0 written by Dennis Hevener, WN4AZY. This brand new version of LOGic combines the latest and greatest in the partnership between ham radio, software, hardware, and internet technology.

A screenshot from Logic 5

Here is a short list of some of the new features in LOGic 5:

New User Interface:
The first thing you will notice about LOGic 5 is its all-new Windows-95/NT4 interface - but users of LOGic 4 will feel right at home, because we have kept the best features...

  • Two-view screens with data and browse windows
  • User-selectable font sizes and colors
  • Full mouse support
  • Keyboard support for all major functions
  • ... even more flexibility than ever before

  • Customizing your screens is easier than ever

  • Setting up user defined fields has also been simplified

  • You can specify different wallpaper backgrounds for your screens

  • Two new ways to access your data have been added to the Browse window
    • LOGic’s new user-defined index feature lets you sort by nearly any column
    • a new incremental search feature has been added

  • The radio interface is now a graphical representation of the rig on a toolbar

  • Up to two rotors may be operated simultaneously

  • Improved packet spotting
    • DX spotting may be done from the OH2BUA and JA WebClusters, or Telnet, or all three
    • Internet spotting may be done simultaneously with PacketCluster spotting
    • voice announcement has been improved

  • New Packet/Digital terminal interface

  • The CW Keyer has an all-new user interface

  • Online tracking of subcategories of awards is now supported

  • The Awards tables have been incorporated into a new Lists Screen

  • Contesting is as powerful as ever
    • now with real-time scoring and QSO-rate display
    • drop down menus of field names make setting up your own contest easier

  • Setup is greatly simplified

  • The QSL Manager section has been totally revamped

  • LOGic 5 is networkable using standard Windows networking. This is a great feature for multi-operator contests.

  • ADIF - Amateur Data Interchange Format support

  • New printed manual and help file

Contesting with Logic 5

LOGic 5 includes a comprehensive, flexible contesting system that will automatically dupe and score nearly any contest.

The contesting system makes full use of LOGic 5’s previous QSO data copy feature. The items you choose to copy from past QSOs need not come from a contest of the same type, or from a contest QSO at all! Suppose that the contest rules require that you log name and 10-10 number. LOGic 5 will look for these items in all previous QSOs, be they ragchew QSOs or from any previous contest.

As with normal logging, you may also automatically log items such as DXCC or zone from the prefix table. Dupes are checked while logging in real-time, or in batch. Should you attempt to log a dupe, the computer will notify you by beeping and displaying the duped QSO in a window. A real-time multiplier list makes it easy to see if you need a hard-to-find multiplier.

LOGic 5’s automatic scoring lets you specify up to four multipliers and five point levels. LOGic 5’s real-time scoring and the report writer uses this information to score the contest. Dupes are marked and new multipliers are indicated. You specify the rules for the contest - what comprises a duplicate QSO, which fields are to appear on the screen (no need to have the ones not used), the next serial number to be assigned, etc.

For multi-operator contests, LOGic 5 is networkable and multi-user, using standard PC networking hardware. If you cannot network, several LOGic 5 contest databases may be combined into one so that a log for multi-transmitter (and multi-computer) contests may be duped and printed. LOGic 5’s other features such as awards tracking, beam headings, etc. are all available in contest mode.

LATEST RELEASE: LOGic 5.1 (August 1998)

Have a look at the LOGic Revision History:
From Build 80 to Build 5.0.228

System Requirements:
Pentium, 12 Mb RAM, Windows 95, 98, or NT 4.0.

LOGic 5 is available only on CD-ROM.

LOGic 5 is authored by Dennis Hevener, WN4AZY,
and distributed by
PDA - Personal Database Applications

Visit their Web Site for additional information!

Personal Database Applications
1323 Center Dr.
AUBURN, GA 30011-3318

770-307-0760 Fax

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