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 GEN LOG by Dave Mascaro, W3KM

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Latest update: Version v5.51 (20 January 2004)

GEN LOG is a freeware program designed to do contest logging and some general logging. It is not a general logging program with award tracking etc. but is mainly a contest logging program.

Logs >230 HF/VHF Contests
Logs any band DC to light
County Hunter Logbook
CW Memory/keyboard keyer
Digital Voice Keyer
PTT Transmitter control
Quick band change
Logging without using the mouse

Sample screen layout - 2002 TOEC WW Grid Contest
Sample screen layout - 2002 TOEC WW Grid Contest


  • Free software runs in Windows 9x/ME, 2K, NT, XP.
  • Requires at least a 100-MHz machine with 32 Mb RAM.
  • 32-bit version available, for CW under Win9x and NT type OS.
  • Does not control radios or rotors, no networking or Packet.
  • Use this software for contests and as a general logger and SWL also.
  • Logs 41 VHF/UHF contests not supported by VHF LOG.
  • Shows Counties/States/Sections worked, to be worked.
  • Grid Square distance/headings, plus US, SA and Europe maps.
  • Selectable partial callsign search, using your own datafiles.
  • Writes ASCII and Cabrillo Log files, plus exports ADIF files.
  • Writes EDI Log files for R1 VHF Contests.
  • Imports ADIF files into the General and County Hunting modes.
  • Automatic CW message with incremented serial number.
  • CW keyer - Memory and keyboard CW, w/ TX PTT.
  • Burst CW - multi-speed contest messaging.
  • DVK - Call the working station in your voice.
  • Windows style HELP. General and for each contest.
  • Manual and automatic file back-up.
  • Is a contest logger, not ’Awards’ software.

Supported Contests: (20 January 2004)
- More than 230 Contests supported by Gen Log -

General logging
  • General Logging
  • General SWL Logging
  • County Hunting

Supported CW/SSB contests:
  • 10-10 Day Sprint
  • 10-10 Fall QSO Party
  • 10-10 Spring QSO Party
  • 10-10 Summer QSO Party
  • 10-10 Winter QSO Party
  • 2-GHz and Up W-W uWave Contest
  • 9KCC 15-Meter Contest
  • AGB NEMIGA Contest
  • AGB NYSB Contest
  • AGB PARTY Contest
  • AGCW QRP / QRP Party
  • AGCW QRP Summer Contest
  • AGCW QRP Winter Contest
  • All Asian Contest CW New!
  • All Asian Contest SSB New!
  • ARI International DX Contest
  • ARRL 10-GHz + Cumulative Contest
  • ARRL 10-Meter Contest
  • ARRL 160-Meter Contest
  • ARRL Field Day
  • ARRL International DX Contest CW
  • ARRL International DX Contest SSB
  • ARRL International EME Competition
  • ARRL November Sweepstakes CW
  • ARRL November Sweepstakes SSB
  • ARRL Straight Key Nite
  • Atlantic QSO Party
  • Baltic Contest
  • Bermuda World-Wide Contest
  • CIS Contest CW New!
  • CIS Contest SSB New!
  • Colombia Independence Day Contest
  • Commonwealth Contest
  • CQ W-W 160-Meter DX Contest CW
  • CQ W-W 160-Meter DX Contest SSB
  • CQ World-Wide DX Contest CW
  • CQ World-Wide DX Contest SSB
  • CQ World-Wide WPX Contest CW
  • CQ World-Wide WPX Contest SSB
  • CQ World-Wide VHF Contest
  • Croatian CW Contest
  • Czebris QRP CW Contest
  • DARC W-W Millennium QSO Party
  • DDFM 50-MHz Contest
  • DIE Contest
  • Dutch PACC Contest
  • EA DX Contest
  • ES Open HF Championship
  • European HF Championship
  • EU Autumn Sprint CW
  • EU Autumn Sprint SSB
  • EU Spring Sprint CW
  • EU Spring Sprint SSB
  • Fall All-Band VHF Sprint
  • Generic 6-Digit Contest
  • Generic 50-MHz Sprint
  • Generic 144-MHz Sprint
  • Generic 222-MHz Sprint
  • Generic 432-MHz Sprint
  • Generic 903-MHz & up Sprint
  • Generic Microwave Sprint
  • German Telegraphy Contest
  • Helvetia Contest
  • High Speed Club CW Contest
  • Holyland DX Contest
  • Hungarian DX Contest
  • IARU HF World Championship
  • IARU Region-1 160-Meter Contest
  • IARU Region-1 Field Day CW
  • IARU Region-1 Field Day SSB
  • IARU Region-1 VHF/UHF Contest
  • Internet 6-Meter DX Contest
  • Japan International DX Contest CW
  • Japan International DX Contest SSB
  • King of Spain Contest CW
  • King of Spain Contest SSB
  • Lario Six Meter Contest
  • LZ DX Contest
  • LZ Open CW Contest
  • Major Six Club 6-Meter Contest
  • MARAC County Hunters Contest
  • Marconi Memorial Contest
  • Millennial Microwave Contest
  • NA Meteor Scatter Contest
  • North American QSO Party CW
  • North American QSO Party SSB
  • North American Sprint CW
  • North American Sprint SSB
  • Nova Scotia ARA Contest
  • Oceana DX Contest CW
  • Oceana DX Contest SSB
  • OK/OM DX Contest
  • Old New Year Contest
  • ON Contest CW
  • ON Contest SSB
  • Ontario QSO Party
  • Original QRP Contest
  • Portugal Day DX Contest
  • QRP ARCI Fall QSO Party
  • QRP ARCI Fireside Sprint
  • QRP ARCI Holiday Homebrew Sprint
  • QRP ARCI Hootowl Sprint
  • QRP ARCI Milliwatt Field Day
  • QRP ARCI Spring QSO Party
  • QRP ARCI Summer Daze SSB Sprint
  • QRP ARCI Summer Homebrew Sprint
  • R1 Children`s Contest New!
  • R1 Easter Contest New!
  • R1 March Contest VHF New!
  • RAC Canada Day Contest
  • RAC Winter Contest
  • REF 160m Contest New!
  • REF Contest CW New!
  • REF Contest SSB New!
  • RMG Cumulative Contest
  • RSGB IOTA Contest
  • RSGB Jubilee Contest
  • Russian District Award Contest
  • Russian DX Contest
  • Scandinavian Activity Contest CW
  • Scandinavian Activity Contest SSB
  • School Club Roundup
  • Scottish-Russian Marathon New!
  • Six Club 6-Meter Sprint
  • Six Club 6-Meter Winter Contest
  • SMIRK 6-Meter QSO Party
  • SP DX Contest
  • SP QRP Contest
  • Spartan Sprints
  • Spring Microwave Sprint New!
  • Spring VHF/UHF Sprints (4) New!
  • Stew Perry TopBand Challenge
  • TOEC World-Wide Grid Contest
  • UBA DX Contest CW
  • UBA DX Contest SSB
  • UBA Spring Contest CW
  • UBA Spring Contest SSB
  • UK DX Contest CW New!
  • UK DX Contest SSB New!
  • Ukrainian DX Contest
  • Ukrainian Field Day
  • Venezuela Independence Day Contest CW
  • Venezuela Independence Day Contest SSB
  • W/VE Islands Contest
  • Weak Signal Activity Weekend
  • Worked All Germany Contest
  • WW Locator DX Contest
  • WW South America DX Contest
  • YO DX HF Contest
  • YU DX Contest
  • Yuri Gagarin DX Contest

Supported State QSO Parties:
  • Alabama Heart of Dixie QSO Party
  • Alabama QSO Party
  • Alaska QSO Party
  • California QSO Party
  • Connecticut QSO Party
  • Delaware QSO Party
  • Florida QSO Party
  • Georgia QSO Party
  • Great Lakes QSO Party
  • Hawaii QSO Party
  • Illinois QSO Party
  • Indiana QSO Party
  • Kansas QSO Party
  • Kentucky QSO Party
  • Louisiana QSO Party
  • Maine QSO Party
  • Maryland-DC QSO Party
  • Massachusetts QSO Party
  • Michigan QSO Party
  • Michigan QRP 4th of July CW Sprint
  • Michigan QRP Good Friday CW Sprint
  • Michigan QRP January CW Contest
  • Michigan QRP Labor Day CW Sprint
  • Mid-Atlantic QSO Party New!
  • Minnesota QSO Party
  • Missouri QSO Party
  • Nebraska QSO Party
  • Nevada QSO Party
  • New England QSO Party
  • New Hampshire QSO Party
  • New Jersey QSO Party
  • North Carolina QSO Party
  • Ohio QSO Party
  • Ohio Winter QSO Party
  • Oklahoma QSO Party
  • Oregon QSO Party
  • Pennsylvania QSO Party
  • Rhode Island QSO Party
  • South Dakota QSO Party
  • Tennessee QSO Party
  • Texas QSO Party
  • Vermont QSO Party
  • Virginia QSO Party
  • Washington Salmon Run
  • West Virginia QSO Party
  • Wisconsin QRP QSO Party
  • Wisconsin QSO Party

Supported PSK31 Contests:
  • 070 Club 160m Pumpkin Sprint
  • 070 Club 80m Autumn Sprint
  • 070 Club Firecracker Sprint
  • 070 Club PSKFEST
  • 070 Club Three Day Weekend
  • 2 Weekends for 6 Meters New!
  • Anatolian ATA PSK31 Contest
  • CCCC PSK31 Contest
  • EU PSK DX Contest New!
  • MDXA PSK-31 Death Match
  • PSK31 Rumble
  • QRP ARCI End of Summer PSK-31 Sprint
  • QRP ARCI Summer PSK-31 Sprint
  • Russian PSK WW Contest
  • YO International PSK31 Contest

Supported RTTY Contests:
  • ARRL RTTY Roundup
  • CIS DX Contest RTTYNew!
  • North American RTTY Sprint
  • Russian RTTY WW Contest
  • UK DX Contest RTTYNew!

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RTTY by WF1B - RUFZ by DL4MM - Super-Duper by EI5DI
TLF by PAØRCT - TR Log by N6TR - WriteLog by W5XD

Software info
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LOGic 5
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