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SL Contest 2006
The aim of the contest is to increase the activity among the
Swedish SL-stations.


Regler på svenska
(Rules in Swedish)


 CW: Saturday 13 May 2006, 1100 - 1200 UTC
SSB: Saturday 13 May 2006, 1230 - 1330 UTC

 CW: Saturday 11 Nov 2006, 1100 - 1200 UTC
SSB: Saturday 11 Nov 2006, 1230 - 1330 UTC

 Frequency bands:

CW: 3510 - 3560, 7010 - 7035 kHz.

SSB: 3700 - 3750, 7060 - 7090 kHz.


  • Class A: SL-stations

  • Class B: SM and other stations

CW and SSB are separate parts with separate number series.




RS(T) + number + LOCATOR (eg JP7ØPT)

SL_FRO, SL1FRO, SL2FRO, SLØFRO etc will send RS(T) + number + FRO
(just that, only FRO, no locator)


Every station may be contacted once per band in each part - CW and SSB.

  • SL-stations: 5 points
  • Others: 1 point

QSO with station that has NOT sent in its log will count, IF the call is found in at least five submitted logs.


Every contacted square (JP7Ø etc) will give one multiplier per band.

SLØFRO, SL1FRO etc will give one multiplier each per band and district.

Listen especially for our Baltic neighbours on eg 7 MHz.

 Final score:

The QSO-points are multiplied with the number of squares.

 Winners 2006:

Total winner in class SL and in class SM + others will be found after the fall contest.

Points = The sum of Spring (CW + SSB) + Fall (CW + SSB).
It will be wise to take part in all four parts!


The station in class A and in class B that have the highest score in CW or SSB will win great honour.

The station in class A and in class B that have the highest total score in Spring (CW + SSB) + Fall (CW + SSB) will be awarded a nice prize.


Separate logs for CW and SSB.


  • UTC - Band - Stn - Rcvd msg - Sent msg - QSO-points - Square.

Dupes shall be marked 0 (zero) points in the log.

Uncompletely written and too late logs will count as check logs.

 Address for logs:

The logs shall be dated within two weeks from the contest day.

We prefer e-mail logs. Please send .xls, .rtf or .txt files. No .adi!

E-mail logs to:


Snail logs to:

Postal address:
SL Contest
Lars R Nordgren, SMØOY
Lindvägen 19

Date of info: 10 May, 2006 Source: FRO Web Site - SL-Test 2006 rules
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