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 SD Version 9 Revision History
Super-Duper by Paul, EI5DI
From version 9.10 to version 9.19
9.19   9.18   9.17   9.16   9.15   9.14   9.13   9.12   9.11   9.10

 Version 9.19
8 August 1998 

SDV - RSGB 144 MHz cumulative contests:
  • SDV supports new scoring - 5 points for UK QSOs with District codes and 1 point for other QSOs. Select Type 2 (District Multipliers) and 5 points per QSO.

All Contests - Partial Prefix Window:

  • You can easily and quickly retrieve any call shown in the partial prefix window (but not calls already worked on the current band and mode).

    Simply use Up Arrow from the callsign field. Then use the arrow keys to move around the window. Enter will retrieve a callsign and return you to the logging line.

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 Version 9.18
3 August 1998 

Radio Control - all HF programs:
  • The STEP (frequency change) feature is now disabled except when the callsign field is empty. The default STEP is 0 (no frequency change). The previous arrangements could give unwanted frequency changes when editing callsigns.


  • The auto partial prefix window showed conflicting information at times. Fixed.

RoPoCo (RSGB) Contest - SD/SDX Type 11:

  • You’re asked for your initial Postcode - it’s used by the keyer.

DOS command - all programs:

  • All programs now check you’re in the correct directory before you return to logging by EXITing from DOS. Previously, if you had changed directory in a DOS shell, your log would be split across 2 directories.

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 Version 9.17
20 July 1998 

Icom Support - all HF programs:
  • Control files are supplied for most Icom HF radios. The link has been tested on IC-735, IC-746 and IC-756.

Radio Control (HF) - Icom, Kenwood, Yaesu:

  • Transient comms errors no longer break the link. A reminder that if you need to break the link, to temporarily log on another band or mode, the command LINK toggles the link ON and OFF. Please refer to HISTORY.DOC (V9.13) for other link features.

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 Version 9.16
1 July 1998 

Wildcard Characters - all programs:
  • The characters * and ? may be entered in place of missing callsign characters. However, ** or ?? at the beginning or end of a callsign crashed the programs. Fixed.

RSGB Field Day - SD Type 7:

  • On 160 m and 10 m the maximum score per QSO is 12 points. The first character was carried over to the next QSO, displaying 14 points for a 4 point QSO. Fixed. (The log was not affected).

SDCHECK - UBA Field Day:

  • Multipliers were not listed or shown on the Summary Sheet. Fixed.

SDVCHECK - VHF post-contest program:

  • Key file discrepancies fixed. They prevented some registered users from having full facilities in SDVCHECK.

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 Version 9.15
10 June 1998 

SD and SDX:
  • Some ZL and VK domestic contests are split into two or more periods. You’re permitted to work the same station once in each period without later QSOs counting as dupes. The command SETDUPE resets dupe checking and auto partial prefix checking.

    This feature works correctly only if you do not exit SD, and consistency is not enforced on edits of earlier QSOs.

SDV. (8 June):

  • In contests with district multipliers, edits to previously logged QSOs which added or removed a district code crashed the program. Fixed.

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 Version 9.14
6 June 1998 

SDV V9.13 crashed when reloading some logs. In contests with district or locator multipliers, any QSO with no district or no locator logged caused the problem.
Thanks for error reports from GW8OQV and GØOZS.

It’s fixed in V9.14 available from:

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 Version 9.13
1 June 1998 

SD.KEY - Key File:
  • SD, SDC, SDU, SDV and SDX are now supplied as single .EXE files licensed to DEMO - with restricted facilities. They will be updated monthly (or more often) with bug fixes and enhancements, and uploaded to my website at The corresponding date (month and year) is stored internally.

    Registered users are supplied with SD.KEY, an encrypted file holding Callsign, expiry date (month and year) and registration class - HF, VHF or both.

    When the programs are started they look for an SD.KEY file in the same directory. If found, you’re asked to enter your registered callsign. When the callsigns match, and the program date is not later than the key file expiry date, the programs will have full facilities enabled, and will display the licensed callsign rather then "DEMO".

    The .EXE files may be freely downloaded and distributed. Registered users are licensed to use the key file(s) supplied. All such key files remain my property and they may not be distributed or made available to third parties.

SDV - F4 - Countries Worked Display:

  • Caused crashes when returning to logging. Fixed.
    Thanks G7NBP, GØAEV.

All HF programs with radio control enabled.
(Tested only on Kenwood):

  • You can QSY to any frequency by entering the kHz in the callsign field. Thanks G4BJM.

    Your original frequency is stored in Quick Memory so that you can easily return to it.

    Formerly, the only effect of entering a number in the callsign field was to take you to that QSO for editing. If there’s a possible conflict between QSYing and Editing, you’re asked to choose.

    When the callsign field is empty, Left Arrow and Right Arrow change frequency LF and HF in steps determined by the STEP command. The default is 3 kHz. Mimimum step is 1 kHz and the maximum is 1000 kHz (1 MHz).

SDL - Type 9, 10:

  • QSOs with countries not included in the chosen .CTY files now score 0 points.
    Thanks I121171.

SDCHECK - WPX Multiplier list:

  • The multipliers are now sorted before printing.
    Thanks VE3ZZ.

Type 11 RSGB .LOG files creation:

  • Some exchanges without serials crashed the program. Fixed.
    Thanks GW3SB.


  • PRINT option fixed. Thanks G4SEU.

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 Version 9.12
2 April 1998 

SD - Field Day contests:
  • SD now directly supports UBA scoring in addition to RSGB and IARU Region 1 scoring.

SD - Type 11 mixed-mode contests:

  • The commands to change band and mode, such as 80C, 20S etc. didn’t work. Fixed.

SDL - for Listeners:

  • Problems reported with edits in WPX, and inability to reload. Caused by using binary, rather than ASCII, fields for the Time in QSO records. SDL and SDLCHECK modified for 100% ASCII logs.

  • Callsign Worked could not be edited. Fixed.

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 Version 9.11
27 march 1998 

SD - Type 10: Country and Area multipliers:
  • Band edits on non-area QSOS, using F1 or F2, caused crashes. Fixed.

SDI - IOTA Contest:

  • Address Line 1 in SDCONFIG.TXT was wiped each time SDI or SDIOTA was run. Fixed.

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 Version 9.10
19 March 1998 

SDL (Super-Duper for Listeners):
  • Edits to previous QSOs corrupted the time and date fields. Fixed. SDL is available as FreeWare from

  • SWAP command not working - fixed.

SDCHECK - Type 11 RSGB contests other than RoPoCo:

  • Formatting errors in .LOG file fixed.

SDC - Commonwealth Contest:

  • The auto-prefix check identifies dupes in advance of entering the full callsign. However, broken code meant that dupes could be worked, and NOT flagged, on any band other than the first band you worked the station in question. Fixed.

  • Non-Commonwealth QSOs were scored as 5 points. Now 0.

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