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 SD Version 8 Revision History
Super-Duper by Paul, EI5DI
From version 8.10 to version 8.19
8.19   8.18   8.17   8.16   8.15   8.14   8.13   8.12   8.11   8.10

 Version 8.19
4 August 1997 

On-Line Help - all contests:
  • The HELP window was hard-coded and limited to one page. Now, all the help text is in the file SDHELP.TXT. This file may be edited or extended by users.

    Type H or HELP to see the Help window, and then Page Up or Page Down as appropriate.


  • QSOs/Mult calculation did not ignore dupes. Fixed.

  • In calls of the type DL1ER/W or W/DL1ER, the country was wrongly identified. Fixed.

SDV - VHF Contests - Locators:

  • You can set a standard of 4 or 6 character locators for the contest when entering your own locator.

    If you enter it as 4, then that’s what you record for each QSO. In this case, distances and bearings are calculated from the centre of your square to the centre of the square logged.

    If you enter your own locator as 6 characters, you may record 4 or 6 characters for each QSO. If you record 4, bearing and distance is calculated from your own 6-character locator to the nearest point on the perimeter of the 4 character locator logged.

SDV - VHF Contests - Scoring Options:

  • In addition to 1 pt/km and radial ring, you may now choose points/QSO within the range 1 to 99.

IARU HF Championship - SD Type 3:

  • HQ multipliers caused SD to crash when reloading IARU logs. Fixed.

  • Improved real-time tracking of multipliers when you edit the Zone field to add or delete HQ multipliers.

HF Contests with mixed-mode options: SD Types 3, 4, 9, 10:

  • You can specify whether or not you’re actually working mixed-mode. If yes, you can select whether or not it’s OK to work the same station on more than one mode (on the same band) for the purposes of controlling dupes and keeping the partial call display correct.

    NOTE: SD does not track multipliers when they count on BOTH CW and SSB. Only the first such QSO on each band is marked as a multiplier. Use SDCHECK, after the contest, to flag any missing multipliers before creating your contest entry log and Summary Sheet.

    You can use the commands S and C to change modes, as alternatives to SSB and CW. To enable this, I’ve changed the abbreviation for SWAP, in SDL, to SW.

All HF Contests:

  • You can use MHz or Metres to choose band, when selecting initial band or when changing bands.

    For example, 20M, 14M, B20 or B14 will change band to 20 metres. For 80 metres use 3 or 35. For 160 metres use 1 or 18 - 35M, 1M etc.

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 Version 8.18
2 July 1997 

SDIOTA - F9: List previous QSOs by callsign:
  • F9 would crash SDIOTA, but not SDI. Fixed.

RSGB CW Field Day:

  • Callsign edits representing changed continents did not adjust points. Fixed.

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 Version 8.17
12 June 1997 

Random RST Sent - all contests:
  • The RANDOM command will generate random RST Sent values between 33(9) and 59(9). They revert to 59(9) when you repeat the command.

RSGB Multi-Op contests:

  • Option to record new operators disappeared due to broken code in V8.14. Fixed.

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 Version 8.16
18 May 1997 

SDV - VHF Contests:
  • Scoring Option now defaults to Points/Km rather than Radial Ring.

SDVCHECK - VHF Post Contest Cover Sheet:

  • Cover Sheet includes all data required in RSGB VHF Contests including "Best DX", Callsign, Locator & Distance.

Print Option:

  • Serial Sent went missing in V8.15. Fixed.

WPX Contest:

  • When reloading your log, SD gave spurious error messgages about "Problems with prefix". Fixed.

  • SDCHECK - the Summary Sheet listed all WPX QSOs as 10 metres. Fixed. When I fixed this, it introduced a bug in the WPX multiplier list. Fixed.

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 Version 8.15
28 March 1997 

CW Weight Control - all programs:
  • The weight range has been extended from 30% to 80%.

SD - King of Spain Contest - Type 4:

  • You could not log dupes where the area code (Province) was a single character. Fixed.

SDC - Commonwealth Contest:

  • Complete overhaul. There’s now seamless recording and recognition of HQ stations while logging or editing. In either case, they’re added automatically to your BERU.CTY file.

SD - RSGB Contests - Type 9:

  • Type 10 for RSGB contests allows you to record additional data, in addition to Serial, that may be received from non-UK stations.

    I was asked to provide this feature in RSGB Type 9 contests, in particular for the RSGB 7 MHz Contest, where UK stations work DX only. The mod turned out to be more complex than I expected, so I’ve implemented a workround. UK entrants should choose Type 10 in RSGB contests, whether or not you’re working DX only. When you select 5 points per QSO, SD will give the correct scoring, according to Continent, for the 7 MHz contest.

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 Version 8.14
3 March 1997 

SD - Types 4,9,10 - All contests with Country or Area multipliers:
  • You can now choose whether multipliers count "Once Only" or "By Band".

SDI - IOTA Contest:

  • The analysis of multipliers by band and by continent has been simplified.

SD - Type 10, AFS and similar contests:

  • If you enter one or two numeric characters, SD assumes you’re entering a Serial and inserts 1 or two leading zeros as appropriate.

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 Version 8.13
2 February 1997 

SD: Edits to previous code:
  • Broken code in V.10 (Type 10, RSGB contests) meant that you couldn’t edit previous QSOS in some contests. Fixed.

SD Type 10 Contests:

  • The feature whereby you can record any additional data sent by non-UK stations is now restricted to Type 10 contests where RSGB.MLT is selected.

Minus - Abandon QSO or Edit:

  • Underscore _ has been added as an alternative to minus -

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 Version 8.12
23 January 1997 

Internal Keyer - all programs:
  • At times the keyer speed on Pentium processors is very much greater than the indicated speed. Now, keyer speed change commands alter speed up or down by 4% rather than 1 wpm. This gives fine control over a wide speed range.

    In logging mode, the semicolon (;) key reduces keyer speed by 30% to effect an instant QRS. Pressing semicolon again returns speed to normal.

F7 - Sked or Memo - all programs:

  • Any callsign entered is preserved after using F7 to enter a Sked or Memo.

ADIF - Amateur Data Interchange Format:

  • ADIF makes it easy to transfer logs between different logging packages. You can get more details from

    SDCHECK now supports ADIF - you can generate your contest logs in the ADIF format. If you use a general-purpose logger that doesn’t already support ADIF, please encourage its authors to do so.

    Please encourage the RSGB HF and VHF Contests Committees to accept ADIF entries.

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 Version 8.11
12 December 1996 

IARU HF Championship - SD Type 3:
  • HQ multipliers gave trouble when re-loading Type 3 logs - due to broken code in 8.10. Fixed.

  • SDCHECK - Multiplier lists. HQ multipliers not listed in full, 1st two characters only. Fixed.

Dupes in Type 10 Contests:

  • Broken code in V8.10 meant that dupes could not be logged. Fixed.

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 Version 8.10
29 November 1996 

SD - Contests with Zone/Area multipliers. (Type 4 and 10):
  • The upper limit for area multipliers per band has been increased from 104 to 200. The OKOM.MLT multiplier file can now be used.

RSGB 1.8MHz contest for UK entrants - SD Type 10:

  • You can now record any additional data sent by non-UK stations as required by the rules.

SDR - Callsign Edits:

  • Certain edits caused SDR to crash. Fixed.

ARRL DX Contest for W/VE entrants - SD Type 0:

  • SD now allows you to record different power levels, on different bands, for the same station.

RSGB 7 MHz Contest. SD Type 9 with RSGB as CTY multiplier file:

  • After logging a dupe, the points shown for individual QSOs had a trailing 0, although totals were calculated correctly. Fixed.

SDV - 4 character Locator codes:

  • Since 7.06, SDV has accepted 4 character Locator codes and calculated the distance to the nearest point on the perimeter of the square. In the meantime, broken code has meant that SDV crashed on 4 characters. Fixed.

SDCHECK - Type 10:

  • Multiplier analysis broken. Fixed.

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