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 SD Version 8 Revision History
Super-Duper by Paul, EI5DI
From version 8.00 to version 8.09
8.09   8.08   8.07   8.06   8.05   8.04   8.03   8.02   8.01   8.00

 Version 8.09
5 August 1996 

SD - Country (.CTY) and Area (.MLT) multiplier files:
  • In Type 4, 9 and 10 contests, you can select the relevant multiplier files. When asked for multiplier file names, simply press Enter to see a list of all the files you may choose from.

SDV - Locators:

  • SDV used to insist on 4 or 6 characters before you could move on. Now you can enter any number of characters and TAB to the next field. You must complete (or clear) this field before logging the QSO.

SDVCHECK - Multiplier Lists, Type 7:

  • Country multipliers were omitted from the listing. Fixed.

  • The .LOG file format has been updated to the new RSGB VHF contest format to be published in RadCom in September 1996.

SD Multi-mode contests - Types 3, 4, 9, 10:

  • You can do simultaneous band and mode changes as follows. (These commands are taken from SDI):

    80C changes to 80m CW 20S changes to 20m SSB etc.

    If you prefer MHz to Metres, then:

    7C changes to 40m CW 28S changes to 10m SSB etc.

    For 80 and 160 metres, use 35C, 35S, 18C, 18S.

    In single mode contests, these command will change band only.

    The standard band change commands B10, B15 etc. have been augmented with B28, B21, B14, B7, B35 and B18.


  • Summary and print options fixed.

  • Average Points per QSO added to Rate display. Can be a high of 15 (all islands) and a minimum of 2 (all own country).

  • The relative value of an extra multiplier versus an extra QSO has been recalculated. In general, most multipliers are 15 points, whereas QSO points are assumed to be the average. This shows, in practice, that multipliers are more valuable than you might think. The value is recalculated and displayed after every QSO.

  • Spurious Island references occurred under the following circumstances.

    1. You entered a callsign of an island station which would be a dupe.
    2. You press enter in the empty serial field to choose not to log the dupe.
    3. The island reference is carried over to the next QSO. Fixed.

  • IOTA References: The combination of typing an alphabetic character followed by Enter followed by Backspace (Del) crashed the program. Fixed.

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 Version 8.08
19 May 1996 

SD - Contests with Serials:
  • Due to broken code in 8.07, you could not enter serials. Fixed.

SD - Contests with variable points:

  • Code broken in 8.07. Fixed.

SD - LST Reference Files - display:

  • Code broken in 8.07. Fixed.

SDCHECK - Post-contest processing:

  • CW Field Day (IARU). Fixed.

  • Sprint. Fixed.

SDVCHECK - VHF Type 3 with Country Multipliers:

  • Summary and print options fixed.

  • In the .LOG file, the word "Mult" for flagging country multiplier overwrote the first 2 characters of the Notes (if entered). Fixed by using "M".

DOS Command and Link to Radio - All Contests:

  • Summary and print options fixed.

  • The DOS command, and other related commands such as DUMP and FASTDUMP, caused SD to crash when exiting DOS if the link to an external radio was enabled. Fixed.

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 Version 8.07
23 April 1996 

IARU HF Championship - SD Type 3:
  • National Society HQ stations count as multipliers. Now you simply enter the Society initials given, to indicate a National Society and have the QSO marked as a multiplier.

    Maximum length of this field is 4 characters.

    You have the option to specify double points for CW QSOs as used in the 1996 World Radio Team Championship.

Callsign Field - All Contests:

  • Spaces in the Callsign are removed when you use Enter as a terminator.

SDCHECK - All Contests:

  • Monochrome option (with - in front of contest name) now works correctly again.

  • RoPoCo Option: Print option now separates RST and Postcode.

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 Version 8.06
9 April 1996 

SD - Sprint Contests:
  • In Sprints, you exchange Serial and Name, but no RST. Type 12 is dedicated to Sprints.

  • As before, use SDCHECK to prepare your entry on disk or to print your log.

    Note: I’ve had to rearrange SD’s record layout to accommodate Sprints and you will not be able to import all data in your Sprint logs directly into other loggers, even if they offer an SD import option.

SDCHECK - WPX Contest:

  • In the 7.07 rewrite, the maximum number of prefix multipliers was reduced from 3000 to 400. Fixed.

RTTY Support:

  • Errors in SD and SDCHECK fixed.

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 Version 8.05
10 March 1996 

Kenwood Radio Link. All Contests:
  • SD/SDV link to Kenwood radios so that Band and Mode will be the same on both the radio and the PC. Note that the PC follows the radio. The link can be toggled (broken/restored) with the LINK command.

    Should you change band or mode on the PC, it will be changed again to agree with the radio. To deliberately separate the two, use LINK to disable the link.

    Default parameters are 4800,8,N,2. These may be changed with the following commands.


    These parameters have been added to the configuration files SDCONFIG.TXT and SDVCONFG.TXT.

    A later version will extend this control to other manufacturers radios.

REF Contest:

  • A second QSO with any station giving a Departement lower than 10 caused problems. Fixed.

  • F9: Display of QSOs for a given callsign.
    In certain cases, not all QSOs were displayed. Fixed.

Extra Modes:

  • SD now lets you record FM or RTTY in addition to SSB and CW.

COLOUR/COLOR Command - Background Colours:

  • All programs offer a background colour other than black (colour 0). The default is now Grey (7).

  • The RESET command restores all colours to their default values.

  • A separate program RESET.EXE will reset the colours from the DOS prompt if necessary.

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 Version 8.04
19 December 1995 

SD - Serial Numbers:
  • V5.35 allowed you to record data other than serials (maximum 4 characters) in the Serial Received field. The code was broken at some stage. Fixed.

RAC Canada Winter Contest:

  • When you select Type 10 and CANADA as your Country Multiplier files, SD will score Canadian stations with the RAC suffix as 20 points.

  • Callsign edits adjust QSO points as necessary.

SD - Contests with Received Serials:

  • When no serial is given by the other station, you enter 0 (Zero). This now appears as blank, rather than 000, when you log the QSO.

SD Type 10 - Where "Area" stations don’t give a serial:

  • The previous serial recorded, from "non-Area" QSO, was carried over. Fixed.

SD - Area/Zone Multiplier display:

  • The display was not refreshed after edits which which changed the multipliers. Fixed.

Dupe Checking - all contests:

  • Dupes of the following types are now trapped.

    G9ABC and EI/G9ABC
    EI/G9ABC and G9ABC/EI
    EI/G9ABC and G9ABC/P/EI

Dupe Sheets: - all contests:

  • The dupe sheet option in SDCHECK/SDVCHECK now gives you the choice of lists by individual bands or a single list irrespective of band.

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 Version 8.03
4 November 1995 

HF Contests - Variable RST Sent selected:
  • In certain cases the band change commands would not work consistently. Fixed.

All Contests - Variable RST Sent selected:

  • The internal keyer now keys the actual RST Sent. Previously it would send 599 only.

    Use the #T parameter in SDCONFIG.TXT to enable this feature.

SDV - VHF Contests:

  • The commands B12 and B24 are equivalent to the B1200 and B2400 band change commands.

MLT & CTY Files:


Program SDCHECK:

  • At times, the print file created by Option 5 would be corrupt or empty. Fixed.

QUICK MEMO - all contests:

  • If you quit the Quick Memo display with any key other than a special character (or space) the appropriate character is retained in the callsign field.

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 Version 8.02
16 October 1995 

All Contests - data input options:
  • I’ve added alternative keystrokes for many of SD’s data entry functions. This should make it easier for users of other contest loggers to adapt to SD. As all the alternatives involve multiple keystrokes they may not be of interest to existing SD users.

CW Keyer Options:

  • To facilitate the data entry functions above, I’ve had to remove the Ctrl-ZXC memory keyer playback options. The choices are now F1 to F9 (with Caps Lock off) or Alt-F1 to Alt-F9.

    Note that there are now only 9 keyer memories - a bonus being that F10 (Quick Memo Recall) is always available.

UBA Contest - SDU:

  • The rules have changed again. Belgian stations now send a serial (just as they did 2 years ago). SDU now lets you choose whether or not you receive serials from ON stations.

IOTA Contest - SDI:

  • After running SDI, your window colour would revert to blue. Fixed.

VHF Contests - SDV:

  • Points/QSO added to Rate Analysis table. Updated as each QSO is logged.

SD - RSGB SSB Field Day (Type 8):

  • Band edits on previously logged QSOs could cause those QSOs to be erroneously flagged as multipliers. Fixed.

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 Version 8.01
12 September 1995 

Monochrome Screens:
  • In V8.00, the Configuration File colours took effect at all times, which meant that the monochrome display option was ignored. Fixed.

COM Port - for CW keyer:

  • If you’re not using the keyer, you may set the COM Port to 0. This way, you’ll not tie up a serial port.

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 Version 8.00
8 September 1995 

Permanent Configuration File - All contests:
  • All your selected parameters are now held in the file SDCONFIG.TXT. This file is created initially with SD’s default values. Whenever you exit from SD, the file is updated with the current values.

    All user selectable values including screen colours, CW speed and weight, COM Port etc. are recorded. SDCONFIG.TXT replaces SDKEYER.MSG which held only your keyer messages.

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