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SARL HF Contest
SARL HF Phone and CW Contests

The rules need to be read in conjunction with the General Rules contained herein and will remain unchanged for the years 2003, 2004 and 2005.


 1. Aim:

The aim of the HF Contests is for participants to contact as many amateurs in southern Africa as possible on the 20, 40 and 80 m amateur bands.

 2. Dates:

SSB: First Sunday in August

CW: Last Sunday in August

 3. Times:

From 14:30 to 18:30 CAT

(From 1430 to 1830 UTC)

 4. Frequencies:

SSB: 14,125 to 14,175 MHz; 7,040 to 7,080 MHz; 3,600 to 3,650 MHz

CW: 14,030 to 14,060 MHz; 7,010 to 7,035 MHz; 3,510 to 3,560 MHz

 5. Categories:

  • Single Operator
  • Multi Operator

Individual competitors and club stations are encouraged to compete.

 6. Exchange:

RS(T) and consecutive serial numbers starting at 001.

 7. Scoring:

SSB contacts count 1 point.
CW contacts count 2 points.
Count two points for each area (see below) on each band.
Count 2 points for each stations contacted on all three bands.

Area 1: ZS1
Area 2: ZS2
Area 3: ZS3
Area 4: ZS4
Area 5: ZS5
Area 6: ZS6
Area 7 (eastern group): 3DA, 7P, 7Q, 9J, C9, Z2, ZS8
Area 8 (western group): A2, D2, V5, ZD9, ZS7

 8. Awards:

Certificates are awarded to the first three places and the highest single band score in each contest.

There is also a trophy for the highest combined score in both contests.

A trophy is awarded to the CW contestant in his or her first year of CW achieving the highest score. Candidates for this trophy must state the date of the issue of the licence on the summary sheet.

 9. Sponsor:

Bloemfontein Radio Amateur Club.

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SARL General Contest Rules

 1. General:

a) These contest rules apply to all SARL contests with effect from 1 January 2003. Contestants shall also comply with the specific rules of each specific contest.

b) The contests are open to all licensed amateurs in southern Africa unless otherwise stated.

c) Complaints or suggestions regarding rules may be submitted in writing to the Contest Manager. Submissions will be collated and considered for possible future revision.

d) All operations must be conducted in accordance with the limitations of the entrant's licence and with the rules and spirit of the contest.

e) All equipment for stations must be located within a diameter of 500 m or within the property limits of the station licensee, whichever is the greater.

 2. Paper entries: Log sheets and Summary Sheets:

a) The official SARL Log sheet, or a reasonable copy thereof is preferred in all contests. The log sheet shall contain all the required information. An example of the official log sheet is contained herein or log sheets are available from SARL head office or local radio clubs and can be found on the SARL Website.

b) Log sheets shall contain the following information: Date, time in CAT, call sign of station contacted, exchange (i.e. RST and/or serial sent and received), points claimed for each contact and, in the case of VHF contests, grid locator or physical location of the station contacted and the distance worked.

c) A separate chronological log must be submitted for every frequency band worked. For contests requiring serial numbers, a single consecutive numbering sequence must be used for all contacts. However, a multi-operator station transmitting on several bands simultaneously may use separate number sequences for each band.

d) In all contests, the official SARL Summary Sheet, or a reasonable copy thereof, is preferred and all information required on Summary Sheet shall be completed. A copy of the official Summary Sheet is contained in this Manual or is available from SARL head office or local radio clubs and can be found on the SARL Website.

e) Summary Sheets shall contain the following information, where applicable: contest date, call sign used, category entered, call signs of all operators, a breakdown of points claimed and details of the contact person (name, address, telephone and/or fax numbers and email address) and a signed declaration as detailed below. Other information such as details of equipment used (antenna, transceiver & power etc.), SARL membership status, club if any and longest distance worked for each band can also be included.

f) The declaration to be included on the summary sheet must state:

I declare that this station was operated in accordance with the Amateur Radio Regulations, Terms of my Licence and the Rules of the Contest. I accept the decision of the Contest Committee.

Signed at .............................. this ............... day of ............................ 200 ...

Signature .........................

 3. Electronic Logs and Summary Sheets:

a) Participants may submit text file logs and summary sheets instead of written logs, by disk or email. The received log shall be capable of being viewed and printed using Microsoft® Notepad/Wordpad. The summary sheet shall include the declaration specified in paragraph 2 e). The Contest Committee may request a signed paper copy.

b) QSOs shall be separated by a carriage return, and each QSO must include the information as specified for written QSOs in point 3 above.

 4. Closing Date, and Announcement of preliminary and final Results:

a) Entries shall be postmarked or emailed not later than 14 days after the contest has ended.

b) The Contest Committee shall meet no more than five weeks after the contest and compile a list of claimed scores submitted. This list shall be emailed to all entrants for whom email addresses are available, and submitted to the SARL Webmaster for publication on the Web site. Written objections and comments must be lodged with the SARL Contest Manager within one week of publication.

c) The Contest Committee shall compile final results and forward them together with a contest analysis to the SARL Contest Manager, the SARL National Bulletin compiler and to the Editor of Radio ZS for publication. It is also recommended that the Committee email the final results to all participants for whom addresses are available.

 5. Locators:

In all contests where stations must transmit their location as part of the exchange, the Maidenhead Grid Locator System shall be used. This shall consist of the full 6-digit system.

 6. Dispute Resolution:

a) Written objections shall be submitted to the SARL Contest Manager within 14 days of the announcement or publication of the list of claimed scores for the contest concerned. The Contest Manager will convey the objection to the relevant Contest Committee for comment.

b) The Contest Committee shall present its decision to the SARL Contest Manager within seven days of receipt of such objections, and its decision shall be final.

 7. Definitions:

Single operator: A contestant operating alone and without aid from another person, whether present or via remote communication.

Equipment: Includes both station equipment and antennas.

Fixed Station: A station which is operated from, and located at, the registered main station address of a licensee as shown on a radio station licence, regardless of the call sign being used for the contest. Except in the case of stations normally shared by several licensees (e.g. relatives), only one call sign may be used for the duration of the contest.

Portable / Field Station: A temporary station, operated from a location other than that of the registered main station address of a licensed amateur.

Antennas may not be supported by any permanent man-made structure or building. The power for the station must be drawn from a source other than the normal mains supply, e.g. batteries, portable generator, solar power, wind power or some alternative source of power. Storage batteries may be recharged during the contest by any of the above alternative power sources, including a motor vehicle, but a mains supply may not be use for this purpose.

 8. Penalties and Disqualification:

a) Any entrant found to be operating in contravention of the Rules or in any way not operating within the spirit of the contest may be disqualified. The Contest Committee's decision in this regard and in the interpretation of any other rule shall be final. Reports of persistent poor signal quality or poor operating practice shall be deemed to fall into this classification.

b) Unmarked duplicate contacts or contacts containing incorrect or invalid times, call signs, grid locators or exchanges will be removed from the entrant's log. In addition, the Contest Committee may impose a penalty of three valid contacts of equal value for every contact removed from the entrant's log. A reduction in claimed score of more than 20% shall result in exclusion from the results.

c) Any entrant excluded in terms of this rule may appeal to the contest committee in writing within 14 days of notice of, providing full details of reasons to overturn the decision. The Committee must announce its final decision no later than seven days after receipt of the appeal.

d) Entries that do not contain the required information on Log and Summary Sheets, or that are illegible may be rejected or reclassified as check logs, not eligible for awards.

 9. Limitations:

Operators of a multi-operator Field or Portable Station may not be claimed as contacts.

 10. Official Contests:

The following are the Official SARL contests:
  • SARL VHF/UHF Contests
  • SARL Hamnet 40 m Simulated Emergency Contest
  • SARL 80 m QSO Parties
  • SARL HF Phone Contest
  • SARL HF CW Contest
  • SARL Field Day Contest
  • SARL Kids Day

 11. Proposed Events or Contests:

Proposals for any new contests or other on-the-air activities may be submitted to the SARL Contest Manager by 31 October annually for inclusion in the following year’s Official Calendar of Events. A copy to SARL Headquarters is also recommended.

 12. Address for Contest Entries:

Entries must be submitted to the SARL HQ for attention of the relevant Contest Committee for the contest concerned. The relevant address for contests is:

Mailing address:
P O Box 1721

or alternatively by email to:


Date of info: 29 August, 2003
Original rules uptated: 14 April, 2003
Source: SARL Web Site
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