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SAC 2000

 SAC 2000 CW - Claimed Scores

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                 Scandinavian Activity Contest -- 2000

      Call:      OH1F
      Category:  Multi Single
      Power:     High Power
      Band:      All Band
      Mode:      CW
      Country:   Finland


   80 CW        234      40      499
   40 CW        397      57      902
   20 CW        494      69     1135
   15 CW        396      63      974
   10 CW         66      36      155
 Total CW      1587     265     3665
 Total          3665 * 265 = 971,225

All reports sent were 59(9), unless otherwise noted.

Operator List:

Timo Pohjola, OH1MDR/OH0MDR
Timo Klimoff, OH1NOA/OH0NOA

Equipment Description:
FT-1000 MP + PA
TS-850SAT + PA

80: inv-vee, GP
40: 3-el yagi
20: 4/4-el, 4-el yagis
15: 4/4-el, 4-el yagis
10: 6-el yagi

Soapbox comments by OH1NOA:

"OH1MDR arrived to the site only 10 minutes before 1200z.
He came from funeral, dressed in black - that I call a cool
contest dressing!

Unfortunately our 2 PC network was not functional, so the first
hour went by MDR setting up/changing another PC and NOA doing
single op/single band 15 meters ... Fortunately pileup was quite
good that time! Then we found out that K1EA's latest version 9.50
sends serial numbers by bands not like a running number of total
qsos - in the DXpedition mode which we used. Later we changed to
the old 9.37 version which sent numbers correctly ... we worked
K1EA during the contest, fortunately (to Ken) it was CW not SSB
contest ...

DX propagation was really bad. Only a handful of US stations
worked on 80-15m - nothing heard from NA on 10 meters. On 80m we
worked K5ZD and W1FJ (who was real 599) + PY2YU, 9X1A, JY9NX.

On 10m only one weak JA: JG1ILF. Maybe band was better to JA
from the east. But, oh boy, it was a looooong night:
02-06z qso rates: 24, 21, 15, 24, 29 ...

We had a very aggressive tactic of moving multipliers. It is a
real must in SAC nowadays. I remember when I started in the 80's
everyone just shouted CQ during the SAC and not moving to
anywhere for mults, hi!

In the multi-single class a 10-minute-rule limits sometimes
comparing to SOAB - many times you "can do it" only with 2 bands
with a multiplier. Unfortunately this year our 265 mults seem
not to be enough to beat 8-men-giant in Paksalo ... =) or =(   "

Club Affiliation: CCF, Contest Club Finland

This is to certify that in this contest I have operated
my transmitter within the limitations of my license and have
observed fully the rules and regulations of the contest.

                             Signature 31.10.2000 Timo Pohjola


                 OH1F c/o Timo Pohjola
                          Kissalinja 29
                          28400 ULVILA

E-mail: OH1MDR, Timo Pohjola

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This page was created November 2 2000
Most recent revision November 2 2000

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