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Russian DX Contest

Translated by RX9TX


 1. Organizers:

The "Soyuz Radioljubitelej Rossii" (Union of Radioamateurs of Russia), SRR is pleased to announce the 11th International Russian DX Contest.

 2. Contest Period:

1200 UTC 20 March - 1200 UTC 21 March 2004

The 3rd full weekend of March is fixed for this contest.

 3. Categories:

  • SOAB–MIX - Single Op, All Bands, MIXED
  • SOAB–MIX-LP - Single Op, All Bands, MIXED, Low Power 100 watts
  • SOAB–CW - Single Op, All Bands, CW
  • SOAB–CW–LP - Single Op, All Bands, CW, Low Power 100 watts
  • SOAB–SSB - Single Op, All Bands, SSB
  • SOAB–SSB-LP - Single Op, All Bands, SSB, Low Power 100 watts
  • SOSB - Single Op, single band, MIXED
    (6 different band entries, separately 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, 10 m)
  • MOST - Multi Op, All Bands, Single transmitter, MIXED

All bands, 1.8 through 28 MHz, except for WARC bands.

3.1 The participant can operate and enter in two different single band categories. This allows a station, for example, to enter a log for 10m and 80m and have both count towards awards.

3.2 Single Band entrants who operate other bands during the contest are encouraged to submit logs for more that one band to aid in the log cross-checking process.

3.3 All entry separate by World, European Russia, Assiatiac Russia.

 4. Team Competition:

4.1 OBLAST COMPETITION (Russian entrants only). The OBLAST score is calculating as sum of top ten stations score from OBLAST.

4.2 CLUB COMPETITION - between contest clubs and groups, separately for Russian and foreign entrants.

4.2.1 CLUB consists of stations within 500 km diameter circle, with HQ station in the center. Exception: Russian DX Contest expeditions to other countries or oblasts.

4.3 Check logs will be counted for OBLASTS and CLUBS competition.

 5. General Rules:

5.1 Transmitters and receivers must be located within a 500 meter diameter circle. All antennas used by the entrant must be physically connected by wires to the transmitters and receivers used by the entrant.

5.1.2 All categories of entrants are allowed to use packet and WEB clusters.

5.1.3 The use by an entrant of any IP net for the remote transceiving, including web radiostations is unsportsmanlike and the entry is subject to disqualification.

5.1.4 Self-spotting is not allowed. Soliciting contacts by telephone, telex, internet, packet mail during and before the contest is forbidden.

5.1.5 The use of other callsigns for the following - keeping the working frequency on the other bands, making schedules, DX-spotting, moving the multipliers to the other bands - is prohibited.

5.1.6 The use by an entrant of telephones, telegrams, Internet, packet to solicit contacts during the contest (self-spotting) is not allowed and forces to disqualification of an entrant.

5.2 Single Operator participants may change bands, modes without restrictions. Only one signal can be transmitted at any given time.

5.2.1 Single Operator: Those stations at which One person performs all of operating, logging, and spotting functions.

5.3 MOST stations are limited by the "10 minute" rule. Start time will be determined on the first QSO made on that particular band. Only one signal can be transmitted at any given time. Exception: two signals on different bands are allowed if and only if the station on another (only one) "multiplier" band picked up a new multiplier. This "multiplier" band should also be changed on "10 minute" rule. Contacts, violating both rules, should be shown in the log, they will neither be counted nor penalized for an entrant, but counted for the station contacted.

5.4 All of MIXED categories entrants can work the same station both CW and SSB. CW contacts on SSB portion of the band, and SSB contacts on CW portion of the band are prohibited.

 6. Exchange:

6.1 Non-russian stations: signal report + QSO number, starting with 001.

6.2 Russian stations: signal report + oblast code (two letters). Alternative oblast codes are allowed.

 7. QSO Points:

7.1 Russian stations:
  • QSO with your own country (Russia on your continent) – 2 points
  • QSO with Russia on another continent – 5 points
  • QSO with a different country on your continent – 3 points
  • QSO with another continent – 5 points

7.2 Non-Russian stations:
  • QSO with Russian station – 10 points
  • QSO with your own country – 2 points
  • QSO with a different country on your continent – 3 points
  • QSO with another continent – 5 points

7.3 Kaliningrad (UA2) is a separate DXCC entity and a separate Oblast, but points for QSO with Kaliningrad are counted as for European Russia.

7.4 /MM stations are not the multipliers, but worth 5 points for any participant.

7.5 SWL stations must copy one or both exchange numbers, points are scored on common rules.

 8. Dupes:

8.1 Dupes are contacts made with the same station on the same band and mode. If the first contact between stations is valid, dupes have 0 points value. If the first contact is not valid, second (dupe) contact is accepted.

8.2 Dupe contacts are not penalized; one does not have to mark them in the log submission. Moreover, entrants are strictly recommended to leave DUPES in the log file. DO NOT DELETE DUPES!

 9. Multipliers:

9.1 Two types of multiplier will be used:

  • A multiplier of one (1) for each different oblast contacted on each band.
  • A multiplier of one (1) for each different country contacted on each band.

9.2 Different Russian Oblasts are: Franz Josef Land (R1FJ), Malyj Vysotskij Island (R1MV) and Russian stations in Antarctica (R1AN).

 10. Final Score:

All stations: the final score is the result of the total QSO points multiplied by the sum of your oblast and country multipliers.

 11. General Log Submission Requirements:

We need electronics logs! The RDXC Committee requires an electronics log for any possible high-scoring log.

11.1 Submit your log in the CABRILLO format created by all major logging programs.

11.2 All times must be in GMT.

11.3 All send are received exchanges are to be logged.

11.4 Filename for the log should be yourcall.log.

11.5 A plain-text file format is also acceptable.

11.6 Log submissions in MS Word, Excel or UUE-coded files may force disqualification of an entrant in case of wrong file conversion to plain-text format.

11.7 In the header part of the electronic log submission you MUST specify a category of entrance and the full postal address for dispatch to the participant RDXC results, trophies, awards and certificates. A written declaration is not necessary.

11.8 Submit your log in the Cabrillo file format by e-mail or on IBM, MS-DOS compatible computer disk.

11.9 The hand-written log can be made in chronological order or have separate sheet for each band. Each QSO must contain call sign, time, band, RS(RST), exchange number (both sent and received - even for check logs).

11.10 Points and final score calculations are not necessary for all type logs; final score calculations are done by our software.

11.11 Dupes should not be marked or deleted.

 12. Log Submission Addresses and Terms:

12.1 Logs must be submitted to the organizers within 45 days (no later than May 7 2004).

12.2 Electronic logs must be submitted via E-mail to:

E-mail entries to:

Be sure to put the station call sign and the category in the "Subject:" line. The server will automatically acknowledge your e-mail log within 48 hours.

12.3 Paper logs must be sent to:

Paper entries should be mailed to:
Russian DX Contest
P O Box 88
119311 MOSCOW

 13. Awards:

13.1 1st, 2nd and 3rd place certificates will be awarded in each category listed under Section 3. Special plaques from sponsors to the participants who have won 1st place in different categories were founded.

13.2 Every participant from Russia and Europe will receive a certificate of merit for the following:

  • Multi-band and single band 20 and 15 m entries – 300 and more QSO
  • Single-band 160, 80, 40 and 10 m entries – 150 and more QSO

13.3 Every NA, SA, AF, AS, OC and AN participant will receive a certificate of merit for the following:

  • Multi-band and single band 20 and 15 m entries – at least 200 QSO’s
  • Single-band 160, 80, 40 and 10 m entries – at least 100 QSO’s

13.4 Non-Russian participants: 1st place certificates will be awarded in each category listed under Section 3 in every participating country, but the log must contain at least 50 QSO’s.

13.5 SWL stations, will be awarded a certificate (13.2, 13.3).

13.6 Oblast competition: only oblasts represented by 5 or more stations will be awarded.

13.7 Clubs competition: only clubs represented by 5 or more stations will be awarded.

TROPHY - 2004

The official list can be seen at:

Entry Donor
Single Op All Bands MIXED World RZ3AA
Single Op All Bands CW World UA6LV
Single Op All Bands SSB World UAØANW
Single Op 100 watts All Bands MIXED World RN6BY
Single Op 100 watts All Bands CW World UAØAGI
Single Op 100 watts All Bands SSB World UA4CC
Multi Single All Bands World UA3AB
Contest Expedition RW1AC
Club competition (none Russian clubs) Russian Contest Club

Entry Donor
25 ZONE single operator OVERALL score RUØAT
25 ZONE Multi-Single op All band OVERALL score Vladivostok Contest Club

Entry Donor
14 ZONE single operator OVERALL score Central Siberia DX Club
14 ZONE single operator 100 watts OVERALL score RNØCT

Entry Donor
Single Op All Bands MIXED North America RN6BY
Single Op All Bands CW North America UA2FZ
Single Op All Bands SSB North America RA6LBS
Multi Single All Bands North America UA3AB
North America Clubs Competition RA3AUU
03 ZONE single operator OVERALL score RU1A Contest Club

Entry Donor
Single Op OVERALL Score RD3AF

Entry Donor
Single Op All Bands CW HP EUR UA1DZ Memorial
Single Op All Bands SSB HP EUR RNØCT
Single Op All Bands MIXED LP EUR RA9JX
Single Op All Bands CW LP EUR RA9JX
Single Op All Bands SSB LP EUR UAØSC
Multi Single All Bands EUR UA3AB

Entry Donor
Single Op All Bands MIXED ASR RK3FA
Single Op All Bands CW ASR RD3AF
Single Op All Bands SSB ASR RA3AUU
Single Op All Bands MIXED LP ASR RK3FA
Single Op All Bands CW LP ASR RD3AF
Single Op All Bands SSB LP ASR RN3OA
Multi Single All Bands ASR RZ3AA

Entry Donor
Oblast competition (Russia ONLY) RN6BY
Special contest expedition russian region RA3AUU
Single Op All Bands MIXED Ukraine UT5UDX

 14. Russian Districts Award (RDA):

The Russian Districts Award (RDA) (, sponsored by Tambov Award Group (TAG), is issued for contacts with specified numbers of districts of the Russian Federation according to the RDA list of districts. The basic RDA certificate can be obtained for working at least 100 districts. Generally, award application is based on the QSL cards received.

But: Starting in 2003, the participants of RDXC are able to fulfill RDA award in 24 hours. No QSL cards needed, every participant will be sent a list of confirmed Districts for RDA award together with so-called UBN-file (errors list), generated by QSO crosschecking program. One can send an RDA award application, based on the confirmed Districts list. All crosschecked logs and confirmed Districts list will be forwarded to the RDA Award Committee, so if a participant is interested in the RDA award, only an application and payment should be sent to the award committee. Of course, this confirmed Districts list can also be used as an addition to application, based on the received QSL cards. All RDA award related qustions should be sent to Roman Novikov

 15. Contest-Related Information:

15.1 All "Russian DX contest" and related information (Rules, claimed/confirmed scores, FAQ, additional information) is posted on RDXC official Website

15.2 A color booklet with contest results, next years RDXC Rules and additional information will be sent to every participant along with the certificate.

15.3 Every participant, who sends his log submission via e-mail, will be sent a UBN-list with his claimed/confirmed results separately by bands/modes and QSO list, containing his errors and errors of worked stations. Also "RDA" confirmed Districts list would be sent.

15.4 Any RDXC related questions would be sent via e-mail to

 16. Analysis:

RDXC 2004 will be made with total computerized control followed by each QSO’s computerized analysis.

 17. Penalties:

Penalties are counted as tripled good QSO points.

  • QSO is penalized for the following:
    • incorrectly logged calls (Bad Call)
    • incorrectly logged exchange numbers
    • QSO is not confirmed in the other station’s log (NIL)

  • QSO neither counted nor penalized for the following:
    • other station incorrectly logged entrant’s call
    • other station incorrectly logged entrant’s exchange number
    • QSO time in entrant’s log and other station’s log difference is more than 3 minutes (except systematic computer errors)
    • QSO bands or modes in entrant’s log and other station’s log differ
    • dupe QSO which is not in the other station’s log

17.1 RDXC Contest Committee decisions are final.

RDXC Contest Committee invites all the radio amateurs from Russia and foreign countries to take part in 11th Russian DX Contest, which became one of the most popular contests in the world.

Date of info: 17 March, 2004 Source: Russian DX Contest Web Site
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How To Prepare And Send The RDXC Log
The official page can be seen at:

 A checklist for sending Logs by e-mail:

  1. Your callsign and category must be in the message subject and in the log.

  2. Your log is prefered in Cabrillo format.

  3. All time must be in GMT.

  4. All sent and recieved exchanges are to be logged. (Cabrillo by N6TR without sent numbers, please use our programm on the site).

  5. The log begins with START-OF-LOG: and has both dashes with a colon at the end.

  6. The last line in the log is END-OF-LOG:

  7. The contest name in the log looks like this: CONTEST: RDXC
    Be sure a space follows the colon.

  8. The category is one of the standards shown on the expanded Cabrillo Information page:

    • SOSB-1,8 or SINGLE-OP 160M
    • SOSB-3,5 or SINGLE-OP 80M
    • SOSB-7 or SINGLE-OP 40M
    • SOSB-14 or SINGLE-OP 20M
    • SOSB-21 or SINGLE-OP 15M
    • SOSB-28 or SINGLE-OP 10M
    • MOST
    • SWL

  9. Clamed score is NOT INPORTANT (you cannot count points and multipliers).

    Thank you to everyone for your cooperation and assistance in this transition. Please use our special programms for change all formats to Cabrillo formats.

    If you don’t know how to put it in Cabrillo or aren’t sure the format is correct, send your log anyway. If you get an error message, send E-mail to for help.

 Example of log in Cabrillo format:

RDA-SECTION: ( only for Russian station )
OPERATORS: [required for multi-op stations]
SOAPBOX: [add lines if needed]
QSO: 21010 CW 2004-03-20 1200 VE3DZ         599 001    RL3A          599 MA
QSO: 14256 PH 2004-03-20 1201 VE3DZ         59  002    YM2ZF         59  005
QSO: 21010 CW 2004-03-20 1202 VE3DZ         599 003    RA1ARJ        599 SP
QSO: 28530 PH 2004-03-20 1205 VE3DZ         59  004    EM1U          59  010
QSO:  7012 CW 2004-03-20 1205 VE3DZ         599 005    WA6MIC        599 001
QSO: 21010 CW 2004-03-20 1200 RL3A          599 MA     VE3DZ         599 001
QSO: 21012 CW 2004-03-20 1200 RL3A          599 MA     RM0A          599 KK

 This is a template for the QSO portion of the log:

                           --------info sent------- -------info rcvd--------
QSO: freq  mo date       time call          rst exch   call          rst exch
QSO: ***** ** yyyy-mm-dd nnnn ************* nnn ****** ************* nnn ******
QSO: 21010 CW 2004-03-20 1200 VE3DZ         59  001    RL3A          599 MA
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Oblast’s list (92)
Suffix Oblast name Abbr.
R1A, R1B, R1D,
R1F, R1G, R1J,
R1L, R1M
Saint-Petersburg SP
R1C Leningradskaya obl. LO
R1N Karelia KL
R1O Arkhangelskaya obl. AR
R1P Nenetsky AO NO
R1Q, R1R, R1S Vologodskaya obl. VO
R1T Novgorodskaya obl. NV
R1W Pskovskaya obl. PS
R1Z Murmanskaya obl. MU
R2F, R2A-R2Z Kaliningradskaya obl. KA
R3A, R3B, R3C Moscow city MA
R3D, R3F, R3H Moskovskaya obl. MO
R3E Orlovskaya obl. OR
R3G Lipetskaya obl. LP
R3I Tverskaya obl. TV
R3L Smolenskaya obl. SM
R3M Yaroslavskaya obl. YR
R3N Kostromskaya obl. KS
R3P Tulskaya obl. TL
R3Q, R3O Voronezhskaya obl. VR
R3R Tambovskaya obl. TB
R3S Ryazanskaya obl. RA
R3T Nizhegorodskaya obl. NN
R3U Ivanovskaya obl. IV
R3V Vladimirskaya obl. VL
R3W Kurskaya obl. KU
R3X Kaluzhskaya obl. KG
R3Y Bryanskaya obl. BR
R3Z Belgorodskaya obl. BO
R4A, R4B Volgogradskaya obl. VG
R4C, R4D Saratovskaya obl. SA
R4F Penzenskaya obl. PE
R4H, R4I Samarskaya obl. SR
R4L, R4M Ulyanovskaya obl. UL
R4N, R4O Kirovskaya obl. KI
R4P, R4Q, R4R Tatarstan TA
R4S, R4T Mary-El MR
R4U Mordoviya MD
R4W Udmurtiya UD
R4Y, R4Z Chuvashiya CU
R6A, R6B, R6C,
Krasnodarskiy kray KR
R6E Karachaevo-Cherkesia KC
R6H, R6F Stavropolsky kray ST
R6I Kalmykiya KM
R6J Severnaya Osetiya SO
R6L, R6M, R6N,
Rostovskaya obl. RO
R6P Chechnya CN
R6Q Ingushetiya IN
R6U, R6V Astrakhanskaya obl. AO
R6W Dagestan DA
R6X Kabardino-Balkariya KB
R6Y Adygeya AD
R8T Ust-Ordynsky Buryatskiy AO UO
R8V Aginsky Buryatsky AO AB
R9A, R9B Chelyabinskaya obl. CB
R9C, R9D, R9E Sverdlovskaya obl. SV
R9F Permskaya obl. PM
R9G Komi-Permyatsky AO KP
R9H, R9I Tomskaya obl. TO
R9J Hanty-Mansiysky AO HM
R9K Yamalo-Nenetsky AO YN
R9L Tyumenskaya obl. TN
R9M, R9N Omskaya obl. OM
R9O, R9P Novosibirskaya obl. NS
R9Q, R9R Kurganskaya obl. KN
R9S, R9T Orenburgskaya obl. OB
R9U, R9V Kemerovskaya obl. KE
R9W Bashkortostan BA
R9X Komi KO
R9Y Altaysky kray AL
R9Z Gorno-Altayskaya AO GA
RØA Krasnoyarsky kray KK
RØB Taymyrsky AO TM
RØC Habarovsky kray HK
RØD Evreyskaya obl. EA
RØE, RØF Sakhalinskaya obl. SL
RØH Evenkiyskiy AO EV
RØI Magadanskaya obl. MG
RØJ Amurskaya obl. AM
RØK Chukotsky AO CK
RØL, RØM, RØN Primorsky kray PK
RØO Buryatiya BU
RØS, RØT Irkutskaya obl. IR
RØU Chitinskaya obl. CT
RØW Hakassiya HA
RØX Koryaksky AO KY
RØZ Kamchatskaya obl. KT
R1AN Antarctica AN
R1FJ Franz Josef Land FJ
R1MV Malyj Vysotskij Isl MV
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This contest is known to be supported by

by RZ4AG
by W3KM
by LX1NO
by UT2UZ

Ham System

by EI5DI
by HA1AH
by N6TR
by I8VKB

by W5XD
by VE6YP

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