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Russian PSK WW Contest
Sponsored by:
Russian Central Radio Club (RCRC)
Moscow club SSTV "MsstS"

Organized and run by Moscow club SSTV "MsstS"

(ref UA3AJT)



Last full week-end of February

23 February 2003

 Contest period:

From 0000 Sunday to 2400 UTC Sunday
(24 hours)


PSK31 only.


80, 40, 20, 15, 10 m.


  • A. Single Operator, All Band
  • B. Single Operator, Single Band
  • C. SWL

 Message exchange:


Russian station send: RST + 2 letters to identify their oblast.


Count each DXCC country and each Russian oblast on each band (Band Multipliers).

 QSO points:

  • Count 5 points for QSO with stations on your continent
  • Count 10 points for QSO with stations not on your continent.

 Final score:

Total QSO points x total mults.

SWL rules apply as above.


Use separate log sheets for each band.

Logs must show: BAND, DATE and TIME in UTC, CALLSIGN, MESSAGE sent and received, country multiplier and point clamed.

Log must be sent no later than 23 March 2003.

Mail logs to:

Mailing address:
Eugene Suhoverhow
Avangardnaja 11-134
MOSCOW, 125493

E-mail logs to:


Date of info: 21 February, 2003 Source: WA7BNM Contest Calendar and Web Site
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