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International RUFZ - SoapBox
DL4MM, Mathias Kolpe’s RUFZ Ver. 3.2, 22 April 2003
A great program for your contest training!
Click here to download the latest version !!!
(198 kB zipped)
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RUFZ SoapBox

SoapBox 1999

IK1SLE 1999-Dec-27
I don’t belive!! I’m starting to understand CW!!
Merry Christmas. Ciao Carlo, IK1SLE
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IZ4APU 1999-Dec-06
I always enjoy with Rufz3.1, every days, when homeworks let me enough free time, I do my exercises. Perhaps my scores is hard to take it over hi...

Dear Matt, I have two questions asking to you: first is if RUFZ3.1 does run under Windows 98. I’m upgrading my computer support and in a week or two I’ll get a newer and speder Pentium. I’ll be sad if RUFZ cant works there.

Second question is just a curiousity, I wornder if you are working for a new version of that sotware or other similar... I geve all who read me, my best 73 and 88 for yls.

[DL4MM]: No Problem, RUFZ 3.1 is running under Windows 98, but for reliable work RUFZ must be executed in pure WIN98-MS-DOS-Mode, not in the DOS-Box.
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IZ1BPR 1999-Dec-06
Hi Math, I’m enjoing a lot with RUFZ... It’s a fantastic game and day by day I’m improving my CW... Thanks a lot and I hope to send you a new best score as soon as possible.
73 Fausto, IZ1BPR
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HAØGK 1999-Nov-01
I have the pleasure to test the RUFZ program and I can say congratulation. I like it very much. I like CW and QRP. Now the propagation on 10 m is not so good, so I choise RUFZ. Hoply in the near future with better results, I send here my last top result.
Mni 73’s and DX de Viktor Farkas, HAØGK
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DJ1YFK 1999-Oct-04
I still can’t believe...
DJ1YFK 66063 480 595 487 7027115
Ciao! Fabian, DJ1YFK
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DL4KG 1999-Sep-27
Hello folks,
After moving my QTH I found time to use RUFZ again. I got no new high score but a new top speed ..
Hope to be back with new top score soon.
Best regards, Gerald - DL4KG now in JN48OU (Stuttgart)
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YU1UO 1999-Sep-06
Great stuff, I like it!
Will improve, hope to hear You
73 de YU1UO
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LA7MFA 1999-Jul-19
I have also some comments on the programme. I whish there were more stations from EU one could listen. After all they are the most active in real contests. So far I have not heard any SP, LZ, LY, ON, YU, SM, S5. Now every time I hear SP in the beging of the call I am sure it is HP, hi! It would be more fun if the calls were the calls which are really active in the contest + some more special calls. Now I dont know most of the calls, but after some weeks of training I am sure I will start guessing the calls anyway. At least I would suggest more normal callsigns. After all one memorize the callsigns so it is the best to memorize the callsigns one would expect in the real contest. So the program will also make you fit for the real thing, not only focus on QRQ CW. I would suggest less HP and more SP, less 4K and more VK, less 5N and more SN. Or maybe the random routine is not working properly. Seams like 5W, A22, A35, 5N, 5R, 4K are all very active!

[DL4MM]: Yes, I think there are really not too much EU calls inside, and especially the mentioned number 4K and HP-calls should be reduced compared to VK and SP-calls. I believe there are also a lot of very old and sometimes no longer existing calls. Well known new calls should be added. It is very difficult to get a very balanced call-database, opinions are very different, what kind of calls should be inside. And of course a frequent change of call-database would not be advantageous. But I think, now after a quite long period of same calls it could be time to modernize call-file. I’m thinking about how to do this and make new scores comparable to the existing ones. Please stay tuned ...

At least I managed to listen LA7MFA, hi, and I made a mistake in the number (such a shame!).

[DL4MM]: Hi .. this makes RUFZ so exciting ...

After all nice program, but I whish it could be easier to correct the call while listening, keybord is almost shut off during sending of the call. Using a DEL key is a nightmare.

[DL4MM]: I’m not sure if you are using latest RUFZ-version 3.1. With this version RUFZ shows typed characters while CW-output. Additional you can change over between Insert and Overwrite-mode, and you can use both DEL and BACK-key.

73 de Lech, LA7MFA
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DL4KG 1999-Jul-19
After going through a deep and frustrating valley with less points and low speed for approx. 2 weeks I got a new high score. Thanks for a fantastic program with a lot of fun.
Gerald, DL4KG
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OE5OHO 1999-Jun-28
After a short break I played again a bit with RUFZ - well, funny, this run seemed like the others to me "not enough to beat my own highscore", but when I finally looked at the result - hey! I made it :)
RUFZ is full of surprises - a genius program!!
Oliver, OE5OHO OE-CW-G #25
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Gabriel & Cristina 1999-Jun-28
Hi ledies and gentilemans who run on rufz-top list.
Special hello for IZ1BPR and IK4MTF, you are my next opponents hi.hi
I’ll take you.
Best 73 and always enjoy with RUFZ.
73 from me and 73/88’s from my sister Cristi (see the setcion A).
Greetings from Porto Garibaldi (FE) NE Italy.
Gabriel & Cristina
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DL4KG 1999-Jun-28
Here is my next step to the top of the list.
More will follow.
73 de Gerald - DL4KG
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DL4KG 1999-Jun-21
Hi, I have no new high score but reached a new personal top speed:
357 characters
Will go on to improve speed and score. RUFZ is a really great software.
Best wishes, Gerald - DL4KG
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N5NU 1999-Jun-21
Now I have to make a bigger score...
Jason, N5NU
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WA5BDU 1999-Jun-07
RUFZ is exactly like a good video game where the enemy ships come at you faster and faster and the tension makes you want to jump out the window.

I didn’t like it at first because I didn’t realize what I was dealing with, but now I’m addicted.

I really like the ease of use and the scorekeeping provides incentive to keep coming back. The TopList on the web is a great incentive too.

73, Nick, WA5BDU
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4N7RGH 1999-May-24
Hi to all of RUFZ folks. Like you can see I was off for a long long time, and now somehow I managed to get a computer, and to give a call to you. I’m very soory for not participating in HST99. I saw in results many, many nice and very high results, so congrats to all especialy to RV9CPV and RX9CFO and offcourse to all golden RUFZers from italy.

I hope next time I will be able to participate and make the competition more interesting than it was, altought it was full of new records. I am still not ready to make new nice scores but soon I hope to be again in the old, and maybe better shape. so that’s about it for this time.

Ones again 73 to all of you and cu soon after long long time - 4N7RGH
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K5VUU 1999-May-17
Thank you for such a great program. This is my 40th year as a Ham. I started using CW in the Military in 1956 but we usually operated at about 18 wpm. I became very active again in the last 2 years and I am determined to get my Extra Class this year! That means getting back up to 20 wpm.

I try to get on the air as much as possible using CW......but many operators just send the minimum number of characters to confirm the contact and my speed has been hanging around 15 wpm for about 3 months now.

I have only used your RUFZ program for about 2 days and 3 sessions and can really feel the difference. I am back to typing characters 2 or 3 after they are sent and this really helps. I didn’t realize that I was concentrating too hard on copying each character as soon as sent and missing the first part of the next one!

Thanks again.....73/K5VUU/George
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DL1CW 1999-May-17
Not enough for a better place, but confirmation of old experience:
Have a business trip to China = Score improvment :)
Have fun with RUFZ...!
73, de Arno - DL1CW
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IK1SLE 1999-Apr-26
I’m at the beginning in CW !! I’m doing a lot of exercise and I hope to send you soon better score.
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DF9IK 1999-Apr-26
This is my second Update. RUFZ is a very nice programm, so I can log callsigns, I’d never heard with my SW-Station hi hi
Greetings Ralf, DF9IK
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IZ4APU 1999-Apr-19
Hello to all RUFZ fellows from Gabriel IZ4APU.
I always find this RUFZ more and more enjoyable. Finally, with my 16345 score, I can leave the fourth column of the toplist.
Now I have another goal: Be over 30.000 points.
AND..... IK0HBN be frighted hi... hi... hi
I will take you as soon as possible... hi...
73 to all,ciao ciao de Gab
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ON4CIV 1999-Apr-19
It really is a wonderful program. I use it every day, my score is still quite low (5000), but I do hope to improve it.
Nico, ON4CIV
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IK1SLE 1999-Apr-12
I’m at the beginning in CW !! I’m doing a lot of exercise and I hope to send you soon better score.
Bye - Carlo, IK1SLE
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VE7VAF 1999-Apr-12
We are still improving! This is a great program!
Trev McIvor, VE7VAF
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OE5OHO 1999-Apr-12
Hab heute zum ersten mal die neueste version von dir ausprobiert, scheint soweit zu funktionieren... Die Aenderung mit einfuege / Ueberschreibmodus finde ich sehr gut...
Vy 73 und DX de Oliver...
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I2WIJ 1999-Apr-06
Done! The first goal is now back my shoulders!
Break also the 20K pts.
Now my new list:
1- be in the Top 20
2- break the 25K
3- be in the top 10
It will be hard... but challenging!
Bob, I2WIJ
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PY7OJ 1999-Apr-06
FB program. I will try more and more.
73... João DIAS de Araujo Filho, PY7OJ
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I2WIJ 1999-Mar-29
RUFZ contest is fun. Now my first goal is to be the FIRST Italian in my category. (I2BLZ - be careful!) Then I’ll look for another one.
Bob, I2WIJ
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DH8DAP 1999-Mar-08
Here is my personal score. I used RUFZ only 8 times and I was surprised about my speed in listening callsings. I hope to make more speed in using this nice program. Mni tnx to the authors. We will use this program in the Amateur Radio Club of Ennepetal, DOK O27, to build speed for lis-tests.
Frank, DH8DAP
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