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International RUFZ - SoapBox
DL4MM, Mathias Kolpe’s RUFZ Ver. 3.2, 22 April 2003
A great program for your contest training!
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RUFZ SoapBox

SoapBox 1998

4N7RGH 1998-Nov-30
I am thinking what will Mark and Hein say on my next result of 85k? (hi)
73’s de Goran, 4N7RGH
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S53ZO 1998-Nov-23
Nice program, training for CQWW CW!
73 Simon, S53ZO
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4N7RGH 1998-Nov-23
Well it’s me again... I made a concusion out of this. When I am bad in school, I am good in RUFZ.. (hi)
Here it is FINALLY over 80k
Lucky me... cu all soon again
73’s de Goran, 4N7RGH
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ZS5K 1998-Nov-23
The reason I have so many tries is that I use RUFZ for straight CW practice. It is very useful for that purpose, as most pressure is on the CW operator when he is trying to get the other guy’s call, and that is what I like to practise.
73, Greg, ZS5K
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KK7GW 1998-Nov-09
Well, here’s my first score over 25000, gotta get up to 30000 next.
David, KK7GW
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SM7MXO 1998-Nov-09
In a long time I have made no RUFZ at all! Shame on me!
Then a friend told me that a fellow Scandinavian had beaten me!
So I had to make a new highscore!
Hans, SM7MXO
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I8VKB 1998-Nov-02
There is a people that go way year 2000
I am going way 10.000 pts.
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KK7GW 1998-Oct-26
Wow! After not using RUFZ for a few months, I got back on, and I’m amazing myself at my scores!

23k isn’t enough to beat N5NU and Goran, but I’m working on it!

73 David Jones, KK7GW
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XE1RGL 1998-Oct-26
Congratulations on a fine program, I use it at least once every day and it has helped me improve my CW copying skill. The program is excellent, but I wish it would also indicate the average and lowest copying speed.
73 es gud DX de XE1RGL
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4N7RGH 1998-Oct-26
Well Mat I think I know the answer to you question. If I am lucky that’s me. Today in late afternoon I received 625... like the last time here is evidence (again score was very SMALL).

4N7RGH  46374  625  625  77  6863261

That’s enough for this time...

73’s de Goran, 4N7RGH
[DL4MM]: Incredible performance, congrats for NEW SPEEDRECORD !
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4N7RGH 1998-Oct-19
This was the question of yesterday, but today I ask you what do you think about 568... I just tested myself and result was speed 568 and on 595 one mistake betwen k and x... Here are some evidence about it (again nr of pts was small)

34  4N7RGH  55387  568  568  57  6806087

I am totally happy with that speed. That is about it for this time Mat.

73’s de Goran, 4N7RGH
[DL4MM]: Congrats Goran! That is current Topspeed!
Hi Guys, who is the first one can break 600?
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4N7RGH 1998-Oct-19
What do you think about 520? I have that speed over a month but no good score with it. It was about 45k or something. anyway see you soon with I hope over 70k result...
73’s de Goran, 4N7RGH
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4N7RGH 1998-Oct-19
I’m back in action after long time... Time to catch 9A6KTS & N5NU... Isn’t anyone interested in first place?
Goran, 4N7RGH
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I8VKB 1998-Oct-19
Walking Walking I am going ahead bye.
Enzo, I8VKB
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RU3RQ 1998-Oct-19
I find your RUFZ software VERY enjoyable.
Thank you! === QRQ 4ever === RU3RQ
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9A6NHH 1998-Oct-12
I’m back in action after long time... time to catch 9A6KTS & N5NU...
73 de Hrle, 9A6NHH
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ES2RR 1998-Oct-12
Got exactly the same score twice, hi!
Toivo, ES2RR
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G4GIY 1998-Sep-07
After a long time I have just managed to improve my score a little. My holiday must have been good for me!
Regards Robin Harris, G4GIY
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OH6EI 1998-Aug-31
I’m very inspired by Rufz now, so I try get my score better. I have to say those top scores are incredible.
73, Tomi, OH6EI
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K5OT 1998-Aug-24
Another score update ... I am looking forward to the changes you have planned on the web page !
73 Larry, K5OT
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4N7RGH 1998-Aug-24
Yes, it would be more interesting to make a separation by rules of IARU, and also to have the list of everyone mixed, that we have now...
73s Goran, 4N7RGH
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Gabriel, Porto Garibaldi, Italy 1998-Aug-03
My congratulations for your fine program that make me enjoy and help to improving my cw.
Many tnx and best 73 from Gabriel in Porto Garibaldi (FE) Italy.
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DH8DX 1998-Aug-03
Ich habe meinen Punktestand zwar nicht weltbewegend verbessert, aber dafuer ist es eine "glatte" Zahl geworden.

DH8DX 12000 231 231 1328798

73/DX de Daniel DH8DX
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DL1EFD 1998-Aug-03
Nach langer Abstinenz und umzugsbedingter Antennenlosigkeit konnte ich meinen Score mal wieder etwas aufmoebeln.

Bis ich wieder ne Antenne habe, komme ich vielleicht noch etwas hoeher. Mal schauen.

Beste 73 etc. de Carsten, DL1EFD
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VO1MP 1998-Jul-27
I guess with a bit of practice the score should improve !!

It is a very challenging program !!

Gus, VO1MP
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DL7KAM 1998-Jul-27
Nice program, just tested version 3.0 the first time.
Vy 73 de Andy, DL7KAM
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DH8DX 1998-Jul-27
Ich habe mir vor 3 Tagen aus dem Internet das Programm RUFZ 3.0 geholt.

Ich bin echt fasziniert von diesem Programm, man hat kaum bzw. gar keine Zeit mal Luft zu holen, hi.

Da ich nur am Wochenende zu Hause bin und auf den KW-Baendern CW machen kann, ist RUFZ ideal fuer mich, um die Woche ueber im Training zu bleiben und das Tempo weiter zu steigern.

Mal sehen ob ich mich in der Topscore-Liste im laufe der Zeit noch etwas voranhangeln kann, hi.

Daniel, DH8DX
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DL1CW 1998-???-??
You need a country where you can not be on air so easy, a notebook with RUFZ, two beers before and it leads to a improvement of your own scoring... - for sure!
73 de Arno, DL1CW
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PA3AOT 1998-???-??
Remarks, what I mis is average CW_speed calculation over the 50 calls.... Thanks for nice program...
Greetings de PA3AOT, Ter Apel
[DL4MM]: Ok, I will thinking to apply this feature in next update.
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4N7RGH 1998-???-??
Hi youngsters.

Well, I am born on 01.05.1983 so hrvoje, you are 2 days older than i am... anyway my best result is next:

On the toplist is my 54k score, but I also have another one. I think it is 57180 pts with speed of 462... that seems like a good speed and also good sum for 15 years old ham...

Well soon I hope there will be a toplist only for us youngsters which will made RUFZ-ing more interesting to young hams. Than we will see who is the best from youngsters (hi)..

73’s and all the best to all of young hams that are in RUFZ.

Goran, 4N7RGH
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9A6NPM 1998-???-??
I just want to write that I support Goran, 4N7RGH in his idea about special RUFZ HISCORE LIST....

Greetings !!!

73 de Marko, 9A6NPM
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DK8UE 1998-???-??
Zunaechst vielen Dank fuer das hervorragende Programm RUFZ. Es macht einen riesigen Spass, damit zu ueben.

Anbei mein erstes Ergebnis fuer die Topliste:

vy 73 de Walter, DK8UE
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4N7RGH 1998-???-??
Thank you for the soapbox message. So I decideed to drop you a line because I’m under 16 years old. One month ago I became 15 year old boy, and I’m a little bit better than N5NU (just abt 10k).

The suggestion is that maybe you and JE1CKA could make a special list for youngsters but below 20 years old. That would be very interesting stuff, not just for me, but to all young RUFZ-ers.

It is a bit crazy to deal with such a great guys like HA3OV, DF4PA and others. We are just too joung for that. So think about the suggestion and let me know if you like it.

I’m sure that there are a lot of young people that like RUFZ but cannot go to the top of the list.

73;s and see you soon Mat.

Goran, 4N7RGH (15 yrs old)
[DL4MM]: Yes, Junior-Toplist - interesting idea, please QRX.
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9A6NHH 1998-???-??
I saw you were searching for youngsters...

Well here I am...I’m 15 yrs old for abt 1 mounth... my date is 28th April 1983...

Anyhow ... I must give you my new score made about 1 mounth ago... I sent that score to 9A3UF but I think he didn’t send it to you... Why?... That only God knows... Anyhow now I have 35023 378 378 17 3598165... so I got N5NU’s speed... Now I need points... Main problem is that I was reciving RUFZ last time hmmm mounth ago... and problem is that I removed SoundBlaster because I put inside SCC card which I use for PR... and today’s problem is that I’m not in mood for putting phones connected to PCspeaker... Well we will see...

Ok my friend... it was all for now ... Anyhow my nickname is Hrle... real name is Hrvoje but I prefer to call me Hrle... pse... hi...

Ok pal... stay cool and catch you later...

73’s es GL fm 9A6NHH, Hrle
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ON4KLG 1998-???-??
.. During my exercises, I reached one time a max speed of 290. So, I work speed and I hope I will still improve my RUFZ 3.0 score soon. Looking at the top of the list, I am really admirative in front of those very high scores ... They are really Champions.
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KK7GW 1998-???-??
I really appreciate your program. It has really helped my ability to copy call signs for DX/contests.

I’ve gone from 15 WPM to a top of about 40 WPM.

David Jones, KK7GW
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K5FO 1998-???-??
I have this week off from travel and work, so will spend some time all week trying to up the score.

Have been catching up on sleep and rest so am doing much better. I think I can do the 525 again and possibly beat the 100K mark. I’ll be trying with great gusto this week. Thanks for an exciting program and contest. It is a challenge.

dit dit de TX es USofA. Chuck Adams, K5FO
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ON4KLG 1998-???-??
Since I sent you my last score (20612 pts), I was very motivated to improve. I train about half an hour every day and I use 3 differents softwares. MSLCW (to improve the speed) ; Morse Academy (to improve my mind memory) and PED (to train my mind in "confusing" environment). When I feel ready, I make a test with RUFZ 3.0. I don’t know if it’s a good method but it seems to work as I again improved my high score and my maximum receiving speed.

Here it is: Points: 23111 Max Speed: 312 Check Sum: 2452162

I still hope to improve as I feel I can do better. At this time, I make confusions between H and 5; V and 4; B and 6.

All the best 73’s dear Mathias.

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ON4KLG 1998-???-??
Please find my last score at RUFZ 3.0. For information, during my exercises, I realized 21472 points with a max speed of 337 (I am happy about that) and a check sum of 2556385.

But here follow my top score at RUFZ 3.0 for the time being: Points: 26174 Max Speed: 297 Check Sum: 2478583

Thanks again for RUFZ, I enjoy each session. Even when I go to work, I listen to cw. I recorded some cw on an audio cassette. If someone was beside me, there is no doubt he think I am crazy....hi

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W2UP 1998-???-??
After being in a slump, and doing no RUFZ for several weeks, I came back with a bang. Had a few new high scores for me, including the above. Will probably be a long time until I can do better, hi.
73 Barry, W2UP
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K5FO 1998-???-??
K5FO 90233 543 543 15 8060871 if I read the screen correctly.

I had another work in progress when I got the stupid "Speed Alarm!" message. Should I worry about that one? Tell HA3OV that his score is in serious trouble. I have a vacation this next week and won’t have the computer with me to keep on working at it, but I’ll take a small receiver and listen for QRQ stations. I think I can get back to the 625 speed that I had on the old program if I can catch two small calls back to back. :-) This is fun.

Too bad I have to work for a living.

Ciao dudes, I was listening some guys on 40M last night going at 60wpm. Sounded like they were doing 30 wpm. :-)

dit dit Chuck, Adams K5FO
[DL4MM]: Congrats Chuck !! Incredible performance !
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EA8YU 1998-???-??

I am back on a question I sent you a mail about before. I am trying to reach a specific speed level, that is I want to always be able to catch a call sign at that speed. I would guess that I am not alone in this. To see my progress I am interested not so much in the maximum speed I reach each time but in the minimum one. I understand that there are reasons for not putting the minimum speed in the result list - but perhaps it would be possible to delay the change of screen at the end of the run for 5 or 10 seconds to enable the user to read the screen with the last data. As it is now, when I hear the didadidadit I look up but the it is already too late to see my lowest speed. If I look during the run I miss out on concentration.

Saludos Goran, EA8YU
[DL4MM]: I’m thinking to implement this feature in next update.
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JK2PNY 1998-???-??
VS6BG showed me this fascinating software in Beijing when we attended the 10th IARU Region 3 Conference in September. Since moving from Hong Kong to Tokyo, I have no opportunity to enjoy HF. So I asked him to send this software by E-Mail. Here is my current best score, which I am sending with respect to the programmer and data keepers. Thank you for giving me this fun opportunity.
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????? 1998-???-??
.. as PR does not seem to be reliable, I will send you my new next scores via Internet.
[DL4MM]: To all users: Pse send your scores via Email (if you can). Email is much more reliable than Packet Radio.
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