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International RUFZ - SoapBox
DL4MM, Mathias Kolpe’s RUFZ Ver. 3.2, 22 April 2003
A great program for your contest training!
Click here to download the latest version !!!
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RUFZ SoapBox

SoapBox 1997

ON4KLG 1997-???-??
As far as I will still improve them...... Please find below my latest top score dated from Thursday the 4th of December. I did it just at the first attempt when I came back from work.....hi.

POINTS: 29546 MAX SPEED: 320 CHECK SUM: 2830767

The 30 000 points barrier is now very close and I hope to break it very soon. Thanks for your info about the F8 function key at score window. Now, I introduced 999.

[DL4MM]: To all users: Pse use <F8> at score window to increase max. number of attempts (up to 999 !), or <F9> to set number of same calls for score-list.
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AD5Q 1997-???-??
It has been at least 2 months since I played RUFZ. Got on today and did a new high score on first attempt.
Roy AD5Q
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LY2BTA 1997-???-??
Your program accept own call sign only 11 times and I don’t know what to do. May I try again?

How to put my own LY2BTA call in the program? How to reset all results in program scores list???

[DL4MM]: Pse use Functionkeys at score window:
  • <F3> to clear a single scoreline
  • <F2> to clear complete scorelist
  • <F8> sets up 999 attempts for each call
  • <F9> shows each call up to 999-times in the list
Try it out !
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N4GN 1997-???-??
I forgot to mention what happened to me the first time I tried 3.0.

I was very near my max speed and got some horrible call starting with VP2M/. So I hit F6, and it turned out to be my own old call -- VP2M/KJ4VH !!!

What a terrible call sign -- I couldn’t even copy it myself!

73 Tim, N4GN
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N4GN 1997-???-??
Hi guys!

Finally got around to downloading 3.0 -- it’s really great! Only made three quick tries so far. Here’s my best score:

N4GN 20913 277 277 2020065

Know I can do a lot better, so I’ll be sending higher scores once I get some time to play with it a bit more!

73 Tim Totten,
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HB9ARF 1997-???-??
It was a good Monday morning to increase the score.
Best 73’s, HB9ARF
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IT9VDQ 1997-???-??
Hello to all, it is very unbelievable, but I increased my score and my maximum speed!

I made 28528 and 357, but for sure, I will try again!!!!

Ciao de Gius, IT9VDQ - KB6FBD - K6F
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DL4MM 1997-???-??
Had to change my database-software to add HA3OV’s 104k-score.

I never believed, that anybody would be able to get more then 99999 points.

.. never say never ..

73 Mat, [DL4MM]
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GMØWDF 1997-???-??
Hi thanks for info for forwarding RUFZ. Find the program amazing. In just 1 month my receiving of call signs has improved greatly, although compared to others it is still a feeble score, hi.
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GIØRTN 1997-???-??
I have RUFZ at work now, and am working a lot of overtime, but most of it is spent sitting around waiting for things to happen - so I play RUFZ and look at the OH2BUA Web Cluster and drool over what I’m missing :)

Thanks for the excellent software.

Gerard, GIØRTN
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PY2YP 1997-???-??
It’s getting hard to brake my own record. I have to study more.
Cesar AC Rodrigues, PY2YP
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F5PHW 1997-???-??
First many thanks for create this software RUFZ it is really funny to use it. I think that is a good way to progress in CW. I am very surprised to see how the high scores are big!!!! Each evening I try to make a better score but it is not very easy!!!!

Good luck for the future and mni tnx to diffuse the high score on packet.

Best 73 es DX CU IN TEST

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SM7MXO 1997-???-??
Sorry about the mailbombing!

Just couldn’t keep away from RUFZ, so I got a new score that was a bit better then the last one!

Enough for tonight!

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SM7MXO 1997-???-??
I just made an entry in RUFZ 3.0 list the other day. However I now have a new and better result. I am still trying to beat my friend and colleauge SMØTXT. We work at the same place so you can expect more entries from me!

73:s and thanks for a very nice lil program!

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9A6NPM 1997-???-??
Thanks, and greeting on excellent program !!!
73 de Marko, 9A6NPM
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MØBLK 1997-???-??
Many thanks for such a great program! It is really great fun and competition.
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9A6NPM 1997-???-??
With training I could do better, but I am no threat to the top scorers!
[DL4MM]: Not yet :-;
73, Dave Sumner, K1ZZ
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N5NU 1997-???-??
I was just wondering if there were any more young hams that do RUFZ. Hope to have a little more time to practice when school’s out.

Best score is 45025 ... at age 14.

Jason, N5NU
[DL4MM]: Hi RUFZ-youngsters, just drop me a line! Who is below 16?
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