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International RUFZ - SoapBox
DL4MM, Mathias Kolpe’s RUFZ Ver. 3.2, 22 April 2003
A great program for your contest training!
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RUFZ SoapBox

SoapBox 2003

LA5EKA 2003-Dec-22
I have been banging my head against the wall now for several days, until suddenly I made progress. It seems that every time I start getting fed up, my score suddenly jumps up a couple of thousand, and I spend several days "filling in the gap".
73 and Merry X-Mas de LA5EKA, Gisle in Norway.
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Charles P. Cohen 2003-Dec-08
I downloaded RUFZ a few days ago. I recently passed my 5 word-per-minute Morse exam. I want to increase my speed to do some real QSO’s using CW. Thank you for the RUFZ program! It is very effective - very stressful, too. But I can see that my speed is increasing, so the pain is worthwhile.
Charles P. Cohen, Vancouver, BC Canada
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LA5EKA 2003-Dec-08
It’s been a while, but now I am at it again. This is great fun ! New score coming next week :)
Gisle, LA5EKA in Norway
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LA5EKA 2003-Dec-08
Hope it makes it to this weeks list :) Who knows, perhaps there will come even one more today, since I am feeling lucky :)) My previous hiscore was made on friday. I tried many times this weekend without improving, then suddenly today I got it right !
73 de LA5EKA, Gisle in Norway...
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F8BPN 2003-Nov-24
Training, training, all is in the training!
73 de Mau, F8BPN
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DL1NKS 2003-Oct-06
Please read interesting training report by DL1NKS !
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SMØHPL 2003-Aug-25
I will practice more and be back...
73’s Anders SMØHPL
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IZ3ERJ 2003-Aug-04
Before I got my actual Amateur Radio class A licence I applicate to RUFZ with my SWL callsign that was I3-3073VE, that is also now present in the toplist at position 347 of D category.
Thank you very much.
Best 73 de Paolo IZ3ERJ
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K5UV 2003-Jul-21
... 350 is my goal, but seems like I was lucky to reach the 320 again, but I did manage a new score and will keep working on it.
Thank You & 73 Mike K5UV
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K5UV 2003-May-19
Thanks for the nice program, however you might consider adding a WARNING!!! This Program may be ADDICATIVE!!!
Thanks and 73 Mike K5UV
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YT7AW 2003-Apr-28
Well Mat I think you should change the version again... This one is too slow hi hi.
73 Goran YT7AW
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DJ7BA 2003-Mar-03
This is my first time to turn in my results. I like RUFZ and I will continue to try and to improve.
73 Hans DJ7BA
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LA9DFA 2003-Mar-03
This is fun.... Thought my CW was better than this, but I have to start training again. I’m a bit rusty...hihi. Will soon return with another score. This is more fun then I ever would dreamed of !! ;-)
73 Morton LA9DFA
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LA5EKA 2003-Feb-24
Slowly working myself up the list :)
73 and tnx fer nice program...
de LA5EKA...
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LA7MFA 2003-Feb-17
It is not enough to climb the list, but I am on my way to 70K. I can feel it! If I did not made so many stupid mistakes at the and I could made 70K today. I am so exited. This is real fun. Now I am ready to go to my contest QTH for the ARRL contest. I only hope we can run this contest in peace.
73 de Lech, LA7MFA
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LA5EKA 2003-Jan-27
Tried out your fine software, and found it very entertaining. Here is mye score after a couple of days trying: - - -
73 de LA5EKA, Gisle in Norway
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F5PLC 2003-Jan-27
The best scores on the list are very big and impressive for me. Congrat’s to best CW OP RUFZ toplist. RUFZ give me a good help for contest, and now no problem with QRQstations...
Best wishes and 73 Mike F5PLC
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