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International RUFZ - SoapBox
DL4MM, Mathias Kolpe’s RUFZ Ver. 3.2, 22 April 2003
A great program for your contest training!
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RUFZ SoapBox

SoapBox 2002

ON6NL 2002-Dec-30
It will be an honour to be in your top-list! I admire those real HSCW masters especially after seeing them at the 1991 HSTC in Neerpelt Belgium I was
73 Anton ON6NL
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F6IRF 2002-Dec-9
This is my first claimed score submitted to the toplist, thanks to Philippe F6ETI who motivated me for this challenge...

Knowing that more or less 300wpm was my upper speed limit, 30k was my "realistic" objective. Started around 17k, and it costed me hundreds of attempts before I could crack the 25k barrer, and another few hundreds to reach my objective.

Fully share the comments expressed by DL7MFA 2 years ago about the over-represented / absent prefixes in the callsign list... too many exotic prefixes are making this game a bit peculiar compared to real traffic, and it is one of the reason why many attempts are required before you can reach a score representing your QRQ skills.

But at the end you get use to the numerous C3 (average 3 /attempt) FOØ, 8Q7 and HP prefixes, and you are able to cencentrate on the suffix, which is one of the "secret" of this game (sorry I am still looking for the other ones!). Another factor is luck... get a few "well known" or "easy" callsigns at the best moment (when you reach you -speed limit-), and you are "on" for a good run...

Sure will never reach the top "E.T." scores but doesn’t matter... It is fun!

73’s - Patrick F6IRF
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LA7MFA 2002-Nov-25
It has been almost 2 months since my last record. I have been working hard every day, and was close to beat it several times. The problem is really to control my nerves. When I get goot run, I get so nervous at the end. Again I deliberatly did not look at the score during my run. When I finished, I knew it was my best score ever, but I did not expect it to be over 60K points! I guess this one is also possible to beat. I made many stupid mistakes at the end, and I could have done better.

This is really fun! Combination of CW and computer game! I guess I am ready for CQWW this weekend!

73 de Lech, LA7MFA
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LA7MFA 2002-Oct-07
Training pays off! I made 58,4K points at my first try today. New record! It helped when I stopped looking at my score. It feels nice to beat a couple of well known Germans on the toplist.
73 de Lech, LA7MFA
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OK1FCJ 2002-Oct-07
First time I broke 20k score :)
Peter OK1FCJ
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LA7MFA 2002-Sep-30
Here is my latest score. I have been working hard for many months now, and I feel my average speed is improving, but I can not handle the press of last 10 QSO’s. When I see good result after 40 callsigns, I get so nervous I spoil everything. I was very close to improve my best score many times, but finally managed to improve it with just a few points.

I also got a best max speed of 480 today, and was very close to get 500. So me and Andreas LA8AJA have the same max speed again. But I will not give up now. I can feel that my CW is still improving. I have almost 50 runs with over 50K points, and 500 speed is just around a corner!

RUFZ is a great software! It helped me to make 1800 QSO in SAC contest last weekend with very modest antennas. If you don’t have a great signal you have to make an attention by creating a pileup, hi.

Thank you once again for sharing RUFZ with us.

73 de Lech, LA7MFA
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SP5UAF 2002-Sep-16
Some days ago I sent my score (I broke 32k points). Then, after a few days I made my new personal record breaking 34k pts. Still far away from the top scores but also still better and better.
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SP5UAF 2002-Aug-26
After some time I can submit my score again. I broke the 30000 points so it is the next step for me. Now I am located at rank number 118. I am very glad to move some positions up soon.
Kindest regards Tom SP5UAF
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SP5UAF 2002-Aug-05
Some days after I submitted my score for the first time I can send my next record. Not so big comparing to the top scores but... step by step, who knows...
Kindest regards, Tom SP5UAF
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LA8AJA 2002-Jun-24
Finally, after over a year, I finally beat my old score.
73 de Andreas, LA8AJA
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LA8AJA 2002-Jun-24
My hunt for LA7MFA seems closer than ever...
Only 4k away.
73 de Andreas, LA8AJA
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LA7MFA 2002-Jun-24
It has been over a year since my last best score. Now I had to work hard for a couple of months to get back. I have only improved my result with 700 points, but it is a good beginning.
Thanks to Andreas LA8AJA for providing the competition ....
and motivation.
73 de Lech, LA7MFA
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OE3CJB 2002-Jun-24
I will try to get better ;-)
Christian OE3CJB
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N6AN 2002-May-06
I am still at it! Although I sometimes cannot practice RUFZ for weeks at a time, my goal is to do two or three runs a day.
Morse code weight lifting! :)
Attached is my latest top speed of 431. Lately I can reach 403 most times so I sense a breakthrough coming soon.
What a thrill it will be to break 50k!
Thanks and 73, David, N6AN
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SM5NBE 2002-Apr-15
I had a very nice weekend!
Pick two times new max-speed and I’m now very happy because of 70 wpm result.
73 Erkki SM5NBE
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KQ2M 2002-Mar-04
I was amazed that I copied correctly at 431! I know that compared to others it is not very high, but for me to think that I copied a call correctly (in a different run) at 86.2 wpm is unimaginable!
73 Bob KQ2M
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SM5NBE 2002-Mar-04
Very funny...
Will begin learn HSC again after long times inactivity.
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SM7MXO 2002-Feb-11
I have been very lazy lately! Have not done any RUFZ for a long time. It took me some time to beat my old high-score but I finally did!
73:s Hans SM7MXO or sometimes also SMØMXO
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3073VE 2002-Jan-07
Thank you and congratulations for your software, it's useful and marvellous! I like it very much. I hope to improve my Morse codifing using it.
73 de 3073VE Paolo (SWL)
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