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International RUFZ - SoapBox
DL4MM, Mathias Kolpe’s RUFZ Ver. 3.2, 22 April 2003
A great program for your contest training!
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RUFZ SoapBox

SoapBox 2001

DO5ARD 2001-Oct-29
Nun wieder verbessert, RUFZ macht suechtig, hihi !!!!
73! de Sven DO5ARD
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VE7NH 2001-Oct-29
Sure have a long way to go to get back up to the top speeds again. My days of 90 wpm are long gone now, but will keep playing with the RUFZ programme. I enjoy it.

My birthday date is .. making me just over 73 !!

73 Doug VE7NH
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XE1/AA6RX 2001-Aug-13
I have a new high score to announce, and proudly at that! ;-)
Feels SO good!
73, David XE1/AA6RX
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XE1/AA6RX 2001-Jul-23
It has been four months since I submitted my last high score. Breaking through gets harder and harder, but feels, OH, so good! Also, the BCC PED contest has been a distraction. But I think the two disciplines complement each other training-wise. Now I am in the 40k/400 club all in the same score. Super!
73, David XE1/AA6RX
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N2MG 2001-Jul-09
Fifteen updated entries (in the Males >20) from the US this week. Good to see activity so far in advance of contest season!
73 Mike N2MG
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9A5TO 2001-May-07
Unfortunately I still havent new one....but I dont surrender!
73 de Tom, 9A5TO
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LA8AJA 2001-Apr-30
This is fun. I’m climbing the list.....
73 Andreas, LA8AJA
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LA8AJA 2001-Apr-23
I’m enjoying this more and more :-)
Broke 30k a week ago, now I’m halfway to 40k.
73 Andreas, LA8AJA
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PY7OJ 2001-Apr-09
Nice program. It’s my permanent hobby.
73... Dias PY7OJ
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LA8AJA 2001-Apr-09
Finally broke my old record, and reached the 30k level.
It’s been long time since last time.
A few years I think, but now I’m back :-)
73 Andreas, LA8AJA
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LA8AJA 2001-Apr-09
Broke my score once again. This if fun.....
BTW, while training, I heard a funny call A15AA.
Type error in the callsign file or???
73 Andreas, LA8AJA
[DL4MM]: A15AA was a DX’pedition by DJ6SI to Abu Ail Isl. in 1990. This is an "deleted DXCC-entity" in between.
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AP1RIL 2001-Apr-02
Hello Mats, this is my latest RUFZ-Hiscore

> 1 AP1RIL 289063 657 657 1 17968563<

I know it’s still not very good, and I will have to practice a lot until next 1st of April...

Vy 73, OM Fool, AP1RIL
[DL4MM]: Hi Fool, congrats for your fb score, you are doing vy fine, I’m looking forward to meet you in QSO next April 1st.
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9A5TO 2001-Mar-19
Ivana, 9A5AIS, made new score. In one hand I’m happy about her new result, but in the second hand I’m not happy with that, because now she have more then 1/2 points of my best score...

Now is my turn, but it isn’t easy to do it.... So I use "new one" method for training RUFZ.... almoust every day I run few Kmeters Mkilometers..... also preparing for ARDF-championships..... but nothing speccialy, hihi

73’s de Tom, 9A5TO
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AA6RX/XE1 2001-Mar-19
I have been waiting since December to submit a new highscore. Finally I am able to do so. One week after my birthday the 40k score barrier at last falls! Now I am in the 40/400 club for sure! Judging by how long it took me to reach this level, I won’t crack 50k for at least 4 to 6 months. Whew! But I am impressed by how much easier I can handle a pileup on PED or my improved contesting ability during the February NA Sprint. Thanks again for the months of torture! ;-)
73, David, AA6RX/XE1
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9A5TO 2001-Feb-19
I am again in top form.... not much better result but it is NEW!!
73 & CUL de TOM 9A5TO
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AA6RX 2001-Feb-05
I am less than 500 points away from cracking the 40k ceiling. One of these days...
In the meantime my 400 topspeed barrier fell today. I managed to jump to 416!
Thanks for keeping me off the streets and out of trouble, hi!
73, David AA6RX
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OM2DX 2001-Jan-22
After 2 dcl of french wine my score raised by almost 2000 points. I wonder what will happen after 1 liter of wine, hi hi hi. I will try it.
Mike, OM2DX
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