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REF Contest
The Reseau des Emetteurs Francais (REF)
invites the radio amateurs worldwide to participate in
the REF Contest, the Championnat de France.
Object of this contest is to establish as many contacts as possible between radio amateurs around the world and French radio amateurs.



CW - Each year on the last full weekend of January.

2004: January 24 and 25

SSB - Each year on the last full weekend of February.

2004: February 28 and 29


From Saturday 0600 UTC to Sunday 1800 UTC

Single operator is limited to 28 hours with a minimum of 8 hours rest (max 3 rest periods of minimum 1 hour).


Foreign stations work as many French stations as possible once per band.

French stations are:

  • Stations in France (mainland) or Corsika (F, TM, TK)
  • Stations in the Overseas Territories
    (FG, FH, FJ, FK, FM, FO, FP, FR, FS, FT, FW, FY, TO)


  • Single operator
  • Multi operator, one TX
  • SWL

For the multi-operators, 15 minutes are necessary between 2 band changes.


80, 40, 20, 15, 10 m (IARU contest subbands).


Given by French stations:
  • Mainland and Corsica: RS(T) + department number
  • Overseas stations: RS(T) + own prefix
  • F6REF, REF official headquarter station: RS(T) + 00

Given by foreign stations:

  • RS(T) + serial number

Foreign station are only allowed to contact french station.


  • 1 point for a contact with a station located in the same continent
  • 3 points otherwise


On each band, departments, 00, and overseas prefixes.

  • French departments (96)
    [ Ø1 - 96 ]
  • F6REF (1)
    [ ØØ ]
  • Corsica (TK) departments (2)
    [ 2A, 2B ]
  • Overseas prefixes (13)
    [ FG, FH, FJ, FK, FM, FO, FP, FR, FS, FT, FW, FY, TO ]

Multipliers are counted per band.
(A total of 112 multipliers/band).

 Final score:

Sum of contact points by sum of multipliers.

 Rank listing and awards:

By continent.


Please apply log before February 24 (CW) or March 28 (SSB) to:

Mailing address:
F5LBL, Gerard Karpe
Chemin des Roses Malerargues

or by E-mail to:



 INFORMATION via E-mail:


Date of info: 19 October, 2000 Source: Luc Favre, F6HJO - REF-Union Contest Manager.
Date of info: 25 January, 2000 Added info about F5MZN software and SD.
Date of info: 26 January, 2000 Added info about multiplier abbreviations.
Date of info: 25 December, 2002 Deleted TP2CE as multiplier - Source: Vincent Lecler, F5OIH
Date of info: 20 January, 2004 Source: REF UNION Web Site
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This contest is known to be supported by

by RZ4AG
by W3KM
by LX1NO

Ham System
by EI5DI
by I8VKB
by VE6YP

How to setup SD
for this contest

Olivier, F5MZN, writer of the contest log software EDITEST, has written a new FREEWARE Windows version of his software to manage the DX side of the French Championship. It has CT-like commands, Cabrillo and ADIF export, a huge database of french stations etc...
You can download it at:

Go to SM3CER Contest Service Software Page

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