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Pennsylvania QSO Party

The Nittany Amateur Radio Club adminsters and runs the
Pennsylvania QSO Party 2006

Every year during the second full weekend of October, Hams in Pennsylvania take part in one of the most enjoyable QSO parties in the country, the Pennsylvania QSO Party. Many Rovers, mobiles, and portable stations enjoy getting out to operate in the beautiful Fall weather in Pennsylvania as well as many operators from home and out of state who participate.

This year, we are adding RTTY and PSK31 to our traditional CW, SSB, and FM modes. There has been a clamor for digital modes in recent years, so we will give it a try. We’re looking forward to hearing you on the air this fall - don’t miss it!


 Operating periods:

1600 UTC October 14 to 0500 UTC October 15, 2006 and
1300 UTC October 15 to 2200 UTC October 15, 2006

 Suggested frequencies:

SSB: 1.850, 3.980, 7.280, 14.280, 21.380, 28.480, 50.125, 146.55 (12, 17, 30, 60 meter and repeater QSOs NOT permitted).

CW: 40 KHz up from the bottom and 1810 Khz.

PSK: 3.580, 7.080, 14.07015, 21.080, 28.120, 50.250.

RTTY: 3.580, 7.080, 14.080, 21.080, 28.080.

RTTY users: be considerate of other partyers, let RTTY be a one year experiment. 80, 40, and 20 meter RTTY move up to avoid interference if PSK is in use there.

160 METERS - Try at 0300Z Sun. Follow 160 Band Plan, CW -1.800-1.830, SSB -above 1.850.

HIGH BAND ACTIVITY PERIODS - Sat & Sun: 10m - 1800Z, 15m - 1900Z, 20m - 2000Z, SSB on the hour, CW on the half hour.

MOBILE WINDOW - 5 kHz below listed frequencies. KEEP CLEAR FOR WEAK MOBILES.


Sequential SERIAL NUMBER plus COUNTY or ARRL or Radio Association of Canada (RAC) section.

Stations on county lines will give out ONE serial number per contact but all counties may be counted as multipliers.

Work stations once per band and once per mode.
Work mobiles and Rovers again as they change counties.

 Scoring - QSO POINTS:

  • CW on 160 and 80 - 2 points
  • Other CW - 1.5 points
  • SSB/FM - 1 point
  • PSK - 2 points
  • RTTY - 2 points


Pennsylvania Stations: ARRL sections + RAC sections + PA Counties + 1 for DX. (152 total possible mults).

Out-of-State Station mults: Pennsylvania Counties (67 total).

 Final score:

Total Points × Total Multipliers.

 QRP Bonus Multiplier:

Multiply your final score by 2 if less than 5 watts output.

 PA Mobile Bonus Points:

If mobile, add 500 points for each county operated from with a minimum of 10 QSOs.

 PA Rover Bonus Points:

Add 500 points for each location operated from with a minimum of 10 QSOs.

 Mobile & rover division:

Mobile stations must be truly mobile. Rover division stations MUST use a portable antenna and must travel more than 5 miles between stops. 500 point bonus for each county/location with at least 10 QSOs.

Submit a summary for each county as well as an aggregate summary. Stations should identify by using /M or /R on CW and by adding "ROVER" or "MOBILE" on SSB.

Only single transmitter entries eligible for awards.

Remember, many county lines are on tops of mountains.

 Bonus Station:

Each year, a different Pennsylvania Club will set up and operate a special event station as part of the contest.

The Wireless Association of South Hills - N3SH, is this year’s special event station. N3SH will operate from multiple counties on 160 through 10 meters and VHF.

Add 200 points to your final score for each QSO with N3SH after all other bonuses have been taken.

 Entry divisions:

  • Single op medium power (150 W)
  • Single op QRO
  • QRP (5 W)
    Note: QRP means all contacts from any radio running 5 Watts or less
  • Single OP CW Only - 150 watts max
  • Multi-single
    Note: Single Ops and Multi singles - only one signal on the air at any one time
  • Multi-multi
  • Portable single op or multi-single only:
    - Mobile
    - Rover


Plaques to top scorers in all entry divisions plus single op out-of-state (OOS), Eastern, Central, and Western Time zones, OOS Medium Power and OOS QRP, top Canadian entry, Single op med & high power EPA, single op med & high power WPA, plus others as warranted. Plaque in "Rover". Certificates to county and section winners. Trophy to Club winner.

Plaque for top first time entrant
Intended to encourage new contesters, a plaque will be awarded to the top single operator from Pennsylvania who enters the Party for the first time. If you got your feet wet logging or operating briefly at a multi-op station you're still eligible. This is not an award for "Big Guns" from other Contests!

All 67 counties plaque
If you work all 67 counties during the Party, a special plaque can be awarded in recognition of that feat. QSOs will be verified by the committee from log information. To order, submit a special summary sheet (in addition to your entry summary) listing county, call of station worked, date and time of QSO and numbers sent and received. Please enclose a check for $25.00 made payable to "NARC".

Participation coffee mugs
Anyone who makes 100 QSOs or more during the Party is eligible for a PA QSO Party Coffee Mug personalized with your call. To order, submit your log showing 100 or more QSOs and a check for $15.00 made payable to "NARC".

Participation T-shirts
Anyone participates in the Party in any way is eligible for a PA QSO Party participant T-shirt. To order, submit a log and a check for $12.00 made payable to "NARC". Be sure to indicate your shirt size.


Entry materials
consist of log and dupe sheets and must be submitted with an official summary form or reasonable facsimile. One hundred points will be deducted for each dupe found. All materials can be downloaded from the web site.

Entry materials must be received by November 15, 2006 in one of three ways:

  1. Paper copies
    Paper copies of all materials may be sent via US Mail.

  2. Logs
    Logs on CD may also be mailed to the above address.

  3. Electronic logs
    Logs may be submitted electronically via e-mail to:


    Mail to:

    Mailing address:
    PA QSO Party 2006
    c/o NARC
    P O Box 614
    STATE COLLEGE, PA 16804-0614

All Stations must submit a completed paper summary form via US Mail regardless of the method used to submit log and dupe sheets.

A donation of 2 dollars or more along with your entry will help to cover printing and mailing costs associated with the party, and will be greatly appreciated.

Important notice!

A log submitted without a summary sheet will be treated as a check log. This includes mobile and Rover stations without an aggregate summary sheet.

Logging software can differ in handling official summary sheets. Make sure that yours has all the features of the summary sheet that we provide, or for complete compatibility, use our summary sheet.

Our new summary sheet is in PDF form, which you can fill out online, or download and fill out at your convenience. The new form will calculate your score from the info that you enter.

Fill it -Print it -Mail it! Easiest way ever to do your Summary sheet.

 QSO party computer logging programs:

 Additional info:

PA QSO Party web site: - For latest info!

The PA QSO Party reflector:
- To subscribe, send a two word message "subscribe paqso" to "".

PA QSO Party Chair:
Michael J. Coslo - KB3EIA email

PA QSO Party Co-Chair:
John Passaneau - W3JXP email

To check on party activity regarding mobiles, portables, rovers and general information, there will be a net on Friday October 13 at 0000Z 75 Meter SSB - 3910 LSB +/

Date of info: October 11, 2006 Source: Pennsylvania QSO Party Web Site
- 2006 Official Rules
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Pennsylvania Counties

Pennsylvania County Abbreviations
( 67 counties )

ADA Adams   ELK Elk   MTR Montour
ALL Allegheny   ERI Erie   NHA Northampton
ARM Armstrong   FAY Fayette   NUM Northumberland
BEA Beaver   FUL Fulton   PER Perry
BED Bedford   FOR Forest   PHI Philadelphia
BER Berks   FRA Franklin   PIK Pike
BLA Blair   GRE Greene   POT Potter
BRA Bradford   HUN Huntingdon   SCH Schuylkill
BUX Bucks   INN Indiana   SNY Snyder
BUT Butler   JEF Jefferson   SOM Somerset
CMB Cambria   JUN Juniata   SUL Sullivan
CRN Cameron   LAC Lackawanna   SUS Susquehanna
CAR Carbon   LAN Lancaster   TIO Tioga
CEN Centre   LAW Lawrence   UNI Union
CHE Chester   LEB Lebanon   VEN Venango
CLA Clarion   LEH Lehigh   WAR Warren
CLE Clearfield   LUZ Luzerne   WAS Washington
CLI Clinton   LYC Lycoming   WAY Wayne
COL Columbia   MCK McKean   WES Westmoreland
CRA Crawford   MER Mercer   WYO Wyoming
CUM Cumberland   MIF Mifflin   YOR York
DAU Dauphin   MOE Monroe      
DCO Delaware C   MGY Montgomery      
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