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 • March 15, 1998 Source: Bruce, WA7BNM 

International DX Convention
May 1 - 3, 1998

The preliminary program has the following sessions of possible
interest to contesters:

* Contest stations from the government, presented by AA6EG/N6IJ

* Truth in antenna advertising, or when is a dB not a dB?
  presented by W1ICP

* Antenna testing, presented by N0AX and K7LXC

* CW pile up contest

* Contest forum, moderated by K3EST and K6ZZ

The Southern California Contest Club will meet at noon, Saturday, May 2.
Anyone interested in contesting is invited to attend.

More information about the convention, including a list of
hotels, a registration form and the complete preliminary program,
can be found at:
E-mail any inquiries to: 73 de Bruce, WA7BNM ( )

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 • August 16, 1997 Source: Gunnar, BV2/SM3SGP 

TOEC Mail Reflector
Mainly for Swedish Contesters
16 August 1997


Nu finns det en ny mail-reflektor att vara med på.

Där kan vi snacka lite om svensk contesting och hålla kontakten på ett enkelt sätt. Sprid ut detta till alla svenska contesters ni känner... 73 de Gunnar, BV2/SM3SGP Ordförande TOEC - Top Of Europe Contesters och W4AN, Bill (ex. KM9P) som fixat till oss.
(English translation of the text above): Hello, Now there is a new mail reflector to join.

There we can talk about Swedish contesting and easily keep in touch with Swedish contesters in Sweden and abroad. Spread this message to all Swedish contesters you know... 73 de Gunnar, BV2/SM3SGP President TOEC - Top Of Europe Contesters and W4AN, Bill (ex. KM9P) who's fixed this for us.
From: To: Date: Sat, 16 Aug 1997 01:43:02 EST Welcome to the TOEC mail reflector! To post a message to the list address it to To subscribe, send a message to In the body of the message type:
subscribe TOEC <Your Callsign>
To unsubscribe send a message to In the body of the message type:
unsubscribe TOEC
This will remove you from the list. This is not a majordomo list. Simply putting 'subscribe' in the body of your admin message will get you a bounced email. This service is provided as a donation by Akorn Access, Inc. and Bill Fisher, W4AN 73 Bill

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 • August 9, 1997 Source: Contest Reflector 

Contest Station Descriptions 6.0
By Scott Tuthill/K7ZO
Now Available!
8 August 1997

I am pleased to announce the Version 6.0 of my Contest Station 
Descriptions files are now available. Since the release of 
Version 5.0 last February, the data in the files has continued to 
expand. I now have references for 619 US/Canada and 295 DX 
contest stations, an increase of 175. Additionally, almost 200 
other records have been updated or checked since the Version 5.0 
release.  All in all, the files are developing into a great 
reference work for the inquisitive contester. You will find band 
by band descriptions of antennas, rigs and amps, e-mail 
addresses, and contesting software used. New to this version is 
the addition of the contester's name to the database. For any of 
you rolling your own TRMASTER.DTA files, this might come in 

As with the last releases, the files are available for FTP 
downloading.  If you have FTP capabilities I highly recommend you 
obtain your copies of the files this way. The particulars are:

* FTP Server:
* Username: k7zofile
* Password: k7zofile

(You should find yourself in the directory /users/k/k7/k7zofile. 
I know this looks funny, but what I am doing is using an e-mail 
address as a FTP file drop. This is something that my ISP, Micron 
Internet Services, has figured out as a way to offer their 
subscribers simple FTP capabilities. It worked well with Release 

* File names and types:
  CONTXL4.ZIP   Excel 4.0 Format      110KB (322KB unzipped)
  CONTXL5.ZIP   Excel 5.0 Format      115KB (317KB unzipped)
  CONTWD2.ZIP   Word 2.0A Format      100KB (475KB unzipped)
  CONTXL7.ZIP   Excel 97 Format       108KB (338KB unzipped)
  CONTWD7.ZIP   Word 97 Format        125KB (1,096KB unzipped)
  CONTWP51.ZIP  WordPerfect 5.1 Format 77KB (570KB unzipped)



The native file format I use to collect the information is Excel 5.0 in Windows 3.1. The first three files above were created with Windows 3.1 versions of the apps. The next two Office 97 versions were created by reading the Excel 5.0 file into Office 97 apps running on a NT 4.0 Client, and then saving them off in their standard file formats. They should also work on a Windows 95 client with Office 97 as well. If not let me know. I have no idea why the Word 97 file is so large. I was surprised myself when I saved it off. The WP5.1 version was created with a SAVE AS option in Word 2.0A on Windows 3.1. I have not been able to check it, as I do not have WordPerfect 5.1 (DOS). So, it might work. It might not. The spreadsheet formats are much more usable than the word processing formats. Spreadsheets let you easily move around the records from cell to cell. Because of the way the text falls in the tables, the word documents are now 60 pages long and are not the most convenient way to review the information. I am also working with Bill/W4AN to make the files available on his excellent Contesting web site. Bill and his team did a great job with version 3.0. Not only did he host the FTP access but they also converted the file to HTML to make it viewable from your favorite web browser and provided an Abode Acrobat version. Hopefully this version will be available in these formats as well sometime in the future. So stay tuned to (Currently, the version 3.0 files available on are a year old, be careful if you download those versions.) If you don't have FTP access or don't have a friend that has FTP access, and can't wait until they appear at, send me an e-mail and we will see what we can do. I hope you enjoy looking through these files. In case you are wondering where I get this information, I get it from your postings to Someday I would love to convert this to a full CGI driven web site so you can make your own updates. My ISP, now offers a package to their subscribers that would let me do it. But, I don't have the time or money to make it happen right now. So, for now, my goal is to aim for 2 or 3 releases a year in this file based format. As always, if you can add or correct anything or just have a suggestion, please send me a message. ============================================================ Scott Tuthill/K7ZO Boise, ID -- CQ-Contest on WWW: Administrative requests:


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