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Midwinter Contest
The Dutch YL Committee organizes this HF-contest every year in the second full weekend of January, which is January 8 and 9 in 2005.

The contest time is as following:

CW: Saturday 8 January 2005, 1400 - 2000 UTC

SSB: Sunday 9 January 2005, 0800 - 1400 UTC



80, 40, 20, 15, and 10 meter band (no crossband).

To make your calls in SSB pse use the following frequency segments: 3.600-3.650, 7.080-7.090, 14.270-14.300, 21.270-21.300, 28.470-28.500 Mhz. This is useful so you will sooner meet other contest stations instead of scanning the entire contest-segment for YL’s.

Only single stations and single operators can participate in this contest. There are 5 categories in which you can participate:



In SSB YL’s call "CQ midwintercontest", and OM’s call "CQ YL’s".

In CW pse use "CQ OMS" or "CQ YLS", to avoid any mixups with OM and YL countries.


Call, RS(T) and sequence number. OM’s start with 001 and YL’s start with 2001.

Both SSB and CW part should start with 001/2001.


  • Every QSO with an YL = 5 points

  • Every QSO with an OM = 3 points

A station can be worked once on every band.

For example: PA3YLC may be worked on Saturday in CW on 80, 40 and 20 meter band and on Sunday in SSB on 80, 20, 15 and 10 meter band. For the CW part this will count for 3x5=15 QSO points and for the SSB part 4x5=20 QSO points.


Every worked DXCC-country counts as multiplier (that is the total number of countries on all bands for CW or SSB, not per band).

For example: If you work I, DL and F on 20 meter band and DL, OH and G on 15 meter band, that would make 5 multipliers (not six).

 Total score:

Points of all bands together times multipliers.


Every heard YL counts for 5 points, multipliers as above. The log should also contain the QSO partner.


For CW and SSB separate logs and separate points!
The log should also contain: Time, band, date and YL or OM.

Logs that are not filled in right, unclear or unreadable can be ignored by the manager, and if so, do not compete as contestlog.

In every category, places 1, 2 and 3 will be rewarded with a certificate.

Logs should be sent before the end of February 2005 (date postmark) to the following address:

Paper entries should be mailed to:
PA3GQG - Contest Manager Midwinter Contest
Keulenheide 1


E-mail entries to:

Date of info: 28 December, 2004 Source: Jos Koekkoek, PA7DW
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