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Maryland/DC QSO Party
Sponsored by The Antietam Radio Association, Inc.

The MDC QSO Party has been described by some as the contest they like the best because it’s so much fun.

This is a contest that emphasizes both aspects of its name. It is a contest, that encourages you to actually spend time in a QSO with the participants.

We encourage you to join us in "The Fun Contest".

It’s right around the corner ...



August 10 1600 - 0400 UTC August 11, 2002
1600 - 2359 UTC August 11, 2002


Non MDC stations must work MDC stations for score.

MDC stations may work stations from all over the world.

No net or packet QSOs allowed.

Club entries must be for a single QTH. Club entries from outside MDC are included in the General WorldWide logs.

 Phone and CW:

CW in CW sub-bands only.

Stations may be worked once per band using each mode.

Stations that change MDC counties or state lines may be worked again for QSO points as different stations.

Non MDC stations must be single Operator.


QTH and Major Category of entry. QTH is County for MDC stations; State, Country or Canadian Province for others.

 Major categories:

  • CLUB

Stations should send the category that reflects THEIR HIGHEST POINT VALUE to the station worked.

 Suggested Frequencies:

Phone: 3.92, 7.23, 14.268, 21.37, 28.38, 50.15, 145.55, 146.58 MHz.

CW: 3.643, 7.07, 14.055, 21.115, 28.055 MHz.

Try CW on odd half hours.

 QSO points:

  • 10 points per CLUB station
  • 5 points per MOBILE station
  • 4 points points per QRP or US Technician station
  • 3 points per CW QSO
  • 1 per all other QSOs

Remember: Only the highest single point value applies per QSO.



Add up points and multiply by the sum of the multipliers. Multipliers may be claimed once each. They do not repeat from band to band.


Send Logs + Scoring Summary with a SASE or equivalent by September 20, 2002 to:

Mailing address:
Antietam Radio Association
P O Box 52
HAGERSTOWN, MD 21741-0052

You can e-mail your log in plain text format to the contest chairman:


Note: An optional Scoring summary sheet is also available for a SASE sent to W3CWC at the address above. If you have specific questions you may e-mail WA3EOP, your contest chairman.


Certificates are awarded to all stations with 50 or more QSO Points in their entry.

Many certificates are awarded including:
  • 10 best MDC Single Ops
  • Best Score for each state and DX Country
  • Best MD YL
  • Best Technician Entry each state
  • Best QRP Log per state

  • High score from a station outside MDC
  • High score from a Maryland Mobile
  • High Score from a MDC Single Operator station
  • High Score from a MD Club
  • High Score from a Technician Class ham (including Novice)

 Special Award:

The Worked All Maryland Multipliers Award has yet to be claimed. Last year W3LRC almost did it with 24 of 25 worked. WA3HAE accomplished that the year before! WHO WILL BE THE FIRST PERSON TO DO THIS?

The only stipulations are:

1) all contacts must be made from a single QTH
2) all contacts must be made during a single year’s QSO Party


An optional Scoring Summary Sheet including a list of the MDC "Counties" is available for a SASE sent to W3CWC at the address above and on ARA Web Site. There is also a reference list of the multipliers available if needed.

Your MDC QSO Party Committee:

Questions about the Party? Send an e-mail to:

We are in the process of developing another website specifically for the MDC QSO Party. As soon as it is ready, we will post its URL on ARA Web Site.

WA3EOP, QSO Party Chairman

 Special thanks:

The Antietam Radio Association, primary sponsor of the Modern Day MDC QSO Party, wishes to thank the Foundation for Amateur Radio for its support. They finance many of the plaques awarded in the Fun Contest.

(Donations towards the continued operation of this activity are always welcome and may be sent along with hard copy entries to the primary sponsor).

Date of info: 21 May, 2002 Source: Page Pyne, WA3EOP - MDC QSO Party Chairman
and the Antietam Radio Association, Inc. Web Site
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The 25 Maryland-DC counties are:

Allegany ALY   Anne Arundel ANA   Baltimore City BAL
Baltimore County BCT   Calvert CLV   Caroline CLN
Carroll CRL   Cecil CEC   Charles CHS
Dorchester DRC   Frederick FRD   Garrett GAR
Harford HFD   Howard HWD   Kent KEN
Montgomery MON   Prince George PGE   Queen Anne’s QAN
St. Mary’s STM   Somerset SMR   Talbot TAL
Washington WAS   Wicomico WIC   Worcester WRC
Washington, DC WDC            

USA States

The 49 other states
(outside Maryland-DC) are:

Alabama Alaska Arkansas
Arizona California Colorado
Connecticut Delaware Florida
Georgia Hawaii Idaho
Illinois Indiana Iowa
Kansas Kentucky Louisiana
Maine Massachusetts Michigan
Minnesota Mississippi Missouri
Montana Nebraska Nevada
New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico
New York North Carolina North Dakota
Ohio Oklahoma Oregon
Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina
South Dakota Tennessee Texas
Utah Vermont Virginia
Washington West Virginia Wisconsin

This contest directly supported by

by W3KM

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