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 LOGic Revision History

LOGic 5 for Windows 95/98 by WN4AZY
© 1989 - 1999 by Personal Database Applications

From Build 80 to Build 5.0.228

(Last updated August 23, 1998)

The following changes and bug fixes were made to LOGic 5.0, and are included in the 5.1 update:

Build 5.0.228 May 20, 1998

  • SafetyLog™ feature saves a copy of each QSO entered or updated to an ASCII file. To enable, go to Tools/Setup/Misc Ham Setup and click on the General tab. Specify a file name. You should choose a drive that is physically separate from the hard drive containing LOGic 5’s data. This way, if the if LOGic 5’s hard drive fails, you still have a copy of your data. A Zip drive works well. A floppy may be used too, but it is rather slow.

    The file buffers are flushed after every write. Our tests on Win 95 show that no SafetyLog data is lost on a power fail. However, you should conduct your own tests if it is imperative that you lose no data. It is possible that some drivers use buffering methods that cannot be flushed.

    Output to a printer is no longer supported, as Windows buffers printer output until a complete page is available to be printed. With no SafetyLog, LOGic usually loses at most the last two or three QSOs, so the buffered printer output of no benefit.

    SafetyLog output is in ADIF-compatible format so that it may be easily imported with LOGic 5’s ADIF import. There are two minor deviations from the ADIF standard. Look at the beginning of the SafetyLog file for info, especially if importing into a program other than LOGic 5. Notes and addresses are not written to the SafetyLog.

  • Index to foreign-language file LANGUAGE.DBF is now automatically rebuilt after doing a clean or installing an update.

  • Duplicate (copy) a QSO function. Great for working mobiles on a county line. Rest the mouse pointer on top of the Add button for instructions.

  • Displays description (country name, continent name...) in the spot log.

  • New compression routines. You will see a new progress indicator display when you back up, restore, install the QSL Route list, or make a QSL Submission file. This fixes problems that a few customers were having with the backup/restore utility and installing/submitting QSL data.

  • New hot keys in Windows menu.

  • Bug fix: "File is use" error when closing the run report window after running certain reports. Japanese users reported problems in prefix lookup in Japanese versions of windows. This fix may affect other languages as well. I think that’s all we found to fix this time!


Build 193 contains: April 8, 1998

  • Fixed problem with crashing when selecting certain items from the log for dropdown list boxes, primarily counties. You may notice that there are a few blank entries throughout the dropdown list. This is normal.

  • New driver for Icom 781 rig. This rig apparently returns the wrong address. The 781 driver is just like the standard Icom driver, except that it ignores the address returned with the rig. Running multiple Icom radios will not work with this driver.

  • Automatically adjusts "time warps" (daylight savings time, etc.) when changing UTC offset in Tools/Setup/Station Info.

  • Changing color, etc. on Other QSOs and Spot Log now works.


Build 183 contains: March 23, 1998

  • Bug fixes related to customizing the forms. Previously we would sometimes get errors when for instance changing the color or moving fields then immediately quitting LOGic.

  • Will now perform packet spotting when not connected.

  • Callbook lookup so that it will not overwrite copy from prev QSOs in name and QTH.

  • Polling of rigs disabled when using CW keyer to eliminate speed changes some were experiencing. (Yaesus do not automatically send update status).

  • Fixed problem with SLOW scrolling of the browse form when displaying a user-defined date field.


Build 129 contains:  

  • When importing ADIF data, you are prompted for a contest ID.

  • Fixed editing on setup of Subawards 2 thru 5. It was reporting a syntax error when there was none.


Build 127 contains:  

  • Fixed problem scoring contest where multiple modes may be worked but multiplers count per-band only.

  • Fixed problem reading VFO B on FT990.

  • Fixed CLEAN command. It was not clearing the .TMP files from the LOGDATA folder. (These contain the choices for drop-down user-defined fields).

  • Two shortcut keys for keyer function key shortcuts were not working. Fixed.


Build 122 contains:  

  • Support for Paragon added.

  • Tested JST-245 interface. No filter buttons yet because of the weird implementation of them in the rig.

  • Added VIA and QSL SENT as options for the user-defined columns on progress reports.

  • Some new contests, also available in the LOGDATA subdir of the LOGic 5 FTP site.

  • Fixed problem where leaving the log form to do something else would save the QSO. Now it waits until the last possible time to save and update time off and awards progress.

  • Other QSOs window will update properly even if it is not open when the QSO is entered or the QSO is displayed on the log form.


Build 80 contains:  

  • Support for QRZ callbook CD-ROM.

  • Also changes that may not be on your original CD-ROM:
    • New misc utilities to import LOGic 4 awards and QSL routes.
    • Support for 1998 Radio Amateur Callbook.
    • New misc utilities to install THE PDA QSL Route List and extract data for submission to THE List.

  • Address label reports that were omitted.

  • Fixed Other QSOs window.

  • Corrected error when setting frequency with ICOM driver.

  • Corrected errors quitting application from FILE menu.

  • Corrected errors when doing two sequential backups or misc utilities.

  • Corrected error in ZAP LOG misc utility.

  • Corrected submitted card count in reports.

  • Fixed QSL Route form so that most recent route for a station shows on top.

  • Fixed INFO form problem of not displaying info when a hyphen is in the DXCC field. For example, FR-G.


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