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 Contest Links

Please send me a message if any of the links is broken. Also, if you know of any link that will match these pages - send me an e-mail with the URL, and I will put it in. I will be grateful for any help!


Contesting On-line
Contesting On-line - The ultimate site for radio contesting information!
Internet’s #1 Amateur Radio Community.
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ADIF Specifications
Amateur Data Interchange Format 1.0 (ADIF) Specifications.
Cabrillo Standard Summary Sheet Proposal V2.0
A site by Don, AA5AU, dedicated to RTTY mode contesting using WriteLog for Windows.
RTTY World Ranking List
Created and managed by DK3VN.
World RTTY Contest Scene
Database for international RTTY results by Siegfried Semba, DJ3NG.
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3830 Scores
CQ World Wide DX Contest Official Page
CQ WPX Contest
JIDX Contest Official Page
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Ham’s Net
NW7US Amateur Radio Command Center.
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CT1EFL Web Site
RS232 Transceiver Interface for Kenwood.
DF4OR Web Site
Hardware schematics for level converters and information on the ICOM CI-V remote control interface.
Remote controlled station
By N5ZC. Lots of good pictures and interesting info about his remote controlled station. Also a description of N5CQ remote controlled station.
W5BBR Web Site
Lots of help pages and links by Bill Holbert, W5BBR: PSK-31 - RTTY - SSTV - TNC Tutorials/Help - Packet Radio - Serial Cards - Sound Card Interfacing - RTTY Interfacing - Rig Interfacing - Log Book Programs - Radio/TNC Wiring ...
Writelog Soundcard Survey Results
By John, WA9ALS.
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AC6V’s Amateur Radio and DX Reference Guide
Featuring over 700 amateur radio topics and over 6.000 links.
3-4.000 categorized ham links.
John’s Galaxy HamRad
Link pages.
N3TLJ’s Ham Radio web site
Lot’s of links.
Rufzeichen.Net - German Amateurradio Database
Callsign Database - Amateur Radio Callbook - Dealer Database - Grid Calculator.
The DXZone
Ham Radio Internet Guide.
W5WWW’s Top Ham Sites List
PLEASE CLICK ON THIS LINK if you would like to cast your vote for this website!
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CQ-Contest Magazine
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Amateur Vanity Call Sign Headquarters
Bafoofnik Search Engine
Buckmaster Publishing
Ham Radio Callsign Database.
K4UTE Prefix Finder
K4UTE Quick QSL Manager Lookup
Ham Radio Callsign Database.
60.000 HAM Email addresses by Karl, OE500-674 and Boris, T93Y.
WM7D dot Net
Amateur Radio Callsign Database /USA & Canada/.
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AMSAT GridSquare Conversion
Convert Latitude and Longitude to Grid Square Locator or vice versa.
Calculate for free’s download page
FREE calculators of any kind to download.
EchoLink software allows licensed Amateur Radio stations to communicate with one another over the internet, using voice-over-IP (VoIP) technology.
Linking the world by radio.
"What if you had the chance to travel back in time and change just one event in your life? In the mind-bending thriller Frequency, director Gregory Hoblit (Primal Fear) presents a fresh and original take on time travel... Science fiction, mystery and a poignant story of family connection blend together in a tale about the entwining of past, present and future.".
Ham Gallery by K8CX
Photos of Ham Radio Operators, Ham Shacks, Antenna Farms, Contest Stations, Ham Collectibles, and anything related to Amateur Radio.
HamStuff by W7NN
Keyboard overlays for CT-9/NA and RTTY by WF1B.
Information on licensing abroad for radio amateurs by OH2MCN
N4DA, "The Radio Doctor"
NG3K - Amateur Radio Contest/DX Page
Announced DX Operations - ARRL DX Bulletins - DX News Letter by DJ5AV/DL7VOA - Ohio/Penn Dx PacketCluster DX Bulletins - Amateur Radio Contesting Resources and Information - ARRL Propagation Forecast Bulletins - DXCC Information - Territories, Prefixes and Suffixes of the Former USSR Amateur Radio Callsigns.
Swedish-English Lexicon
Swedish to English and also English to Swedish.
TeleAdapt Online
Telephone and power plug adaptors of all kind and for almost all countries around the world.
Time Ticker
What’s the time in...??? Here you have the answer! You can also use this site to set your computer’s clock before the contest.
Winlink 2000
Enhanced Digital Messaging for Amateur Radio
W7FG Vintage Manuals
Free E-Mail and Homepage space to all Amateur Radio Operators. Universal Currency Converter
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 WRTC - World Radio Team Championship

WRTC Coverage by NCJ - National Contest Journal.
On K6XX Web Site - The original stuff is still there and I hope it will for historic reasons...
WRTC-96 Web Site
An article: "The 1996 World Radio Team Championship - Part 3" by The WRTC-96 Committee.
WRTC-2000 Web Site
WRTC-2002 Web Site
WRTC-2006 Web Site
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Contest Links
Calendars - Contest Clubs - Contesters - Hardware - DX-Info
Publications - QTH Rental - Software - Miscellaneous

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Contest Links

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