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IPA Radio Club Contest
The International Police Association Radio Club (IPARC) invites all radio-amateurs of the world to take part in the IPARC-Contest which takes place every year on the first weekend in november.


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 1. Modes and times:

 CW: 5 Nov 2005, 0600 - 1000 UTC and 1400 - 1800 UTC

SSB: 6 Nov 2005, 0600 - 1000 UTC and 1400 - 1800 UTC

 2. Bands:

   Bands          CW                  SSB
   -----   -----------------   -----------------
    80 m    3500 -  3560 kHz    3700 -  3800 kHz
    40 m    7000 -  7040 kHz    7040 -  7100 kHz
    20 m   14000 - 14060 kHz   14125 - 14300 kHz
    15 m   21000 - 21100 kHz   21155 - 21300 kHz
    10 m   28000 - 28100 kHz   28250 - 28600 kHz

After QSY it is obligate to stay 15 minutes on the new band.
There are no contest-QSOs allowed outside of the above-mentioned frequency ranges!

 3. Classes:

  • A - Multi Op / Multi TX
  • B - Multi Op / Single TX
  • C - Single Op (no help by another person)
  • D - SWL (without licence which allows participation)

Remarks: No differentiation between members of IPARC and non-members. The class must be seen from the log. Winners are the first three stations of each class.

 4. Calling:

CQ IPA Contest.

 5. Exchange:

RS(T) + current number, each mode beginning with 001.

Members of IPARC in addition "IPA", IPARC-members of USA also their state.

Exchanging a rapport is allowed once on every band and in every mode.

Exchanging a rapport with the operator of a clubstation is allowed for awardhunting, but does not count for the contest.

 6. Points:

QSO-points: Each QSO 1 point, each IPARC-station 5 points.

Multiplier: Each DXCC with IPARC-station / US-State with IPARC-station 1 point on each band.

Score: Each band: Summary of QSO-points multiplied by summary of multi-points.

Final result: Summary of all bands.

 7. Closing date:

31 December 2005 (date as per postmark).

 8. Contest Manager:

Mailing address:
Uwe Greggersen, DL8KCG
Hurststr. 9



 9. Remarks:

The list with the final result will be published in Packet Radio, Internet or is available against SAE + IRC.

This contest is a good chance to work the Sherlock-Holmes-Awards and Sherlock-Holmes-Trophies. It is not longer required to work the awards step by step!

More infos are available from the awardmanager: Frank Reichelt, DL6JFR, Raumweg 4 A, D-08541 Mechelgruen, GERMANY.

Date of info: October 30, 2005 Source: IPARC Web Site
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