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ES Open HF Championship
ES hams welcome you to participate in
ES OPEN 2005 on April 16th 0500-0859 UTC!

Foreign winners in all categories get very nice trophies from ERAU and there is a special LP trophy by LRSF.



Saturday 16 April 2005, 0500 - 0859 UTC

(Third Saturday in April)


80 m and 40 m simultaneously.



3530 - 3560 kHz
7010 - 7030 kHz


3600 - 3650 kHz
3700 - 3750 kHz
7040 - 7090 kHz


  • A - Single Operator, CW and SSB (Mixed Mode)
  • B - Single Operator, SSB only
  • C - Single Operator, CW only
  • D - Multi Operator, CW and SSB, only one signal on air regardless of band
  • E - SWL

There is a special trophy for the highest scoring SO Low Power station. Trophy is sponsored by LRSF - Lithuanian Radio Sport Federation. To be eligible for the trophy a station has to indicate clearly in his submitted log that he has used 100 W or less output power.

Estonian stations can work all the stations who participate in the contest (both ES stations and non ES stations).

Non ES stations can work only ES stations.


RS(T) and serial number, starting with 001.
Serial number is continuous, not separate per band!


Contest consists of 4 equal periods:

  • 1st Period 0500 - 0559 UTC
  • 2nd Period 0600 - 0659 UTC
  • 3rd Period 0700 - 0759 UTC
  • 4th Period 0800 - 0859 UTC

Duplicate QSOs (i.e. QSOs with the same station) on the same band are allowed only in different periods regardless of the mode.

A station can work a certain station 2 times within a period - once on 80 m and once on 40 m and thus 8 times in total during the contest.

 QSO points:

CW QSO = 2 points and SSB QSO = 1 point.


ES region prefixes (ES1 - ESØ) on each band and mode. (max. 40 for A, D and E classes and 20 for B and C classes).

For ES stations their own region is not a multiplier and maximum multipliers are 36 and 18 respectively.


Final score is the sum of QSO points collected on 2 bands times total multiplier.


The logs should be presented on standard international contest log-sheets accompanied by a summary sheet with necessary data about the participant. (Please indicate your class!).

Time is in UTC - maximum allowed time discrepancy is 5 min.

Most of the contest logging programs can be easily used for logging. For example TR with WPX configuration as different prefixes are all multipliers. Just clean up the Dupe Sheet after every 1 hour to allow for duplicates in different periods!

NB! TRLog Configuration File for ES OPEN available here!


The logs should be posted before May 20th, 2005 and sent to:

Send the logs to:
Toomas Soomets, ES5RY
P O Box 177

NB! E-mail logs are highly encouraged (ASCII format) - please send them to:



The first stations in classes A, B, and C of International Section will get special trophies from ERAU, other top places are awarded with diplomas.

Date of info: April 10, 2005
Original rules updated: August 13, 2004
Source: ERAU Web Site
Source: Tõnno Vähk, ES5TV - ERAU HF Manager
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