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All files on this page are zipped archives and therefore you will need PKUNZIP or similar utility to unzip them after you download them to your computer.

 Desk Top Clocks

EZTime by SM2EZT
6-figures digital (hh:mm:ss)

(158 kB)
EZTime by SM2EZT
A very small and neat Desk Top Clock, which will be placed in front of all other windows on the screen. It uses the computer time, so if you want the clock to show UTC, you have to set the computer clock to UTC. You can place it where you want. Just left click on the clock - draw the window where you want it - and left click on the clock again.
Ham Clock by DF1ZN
6-figures digital (hh:mm:ss)
(170 kB)
Ham Clock by DF1ZN
This Desk Top Clock have 5 different appearancies and you can choose the text and background colors. Set your correct time zone and the clock will show UTC. It can be placed anywhere on the screen with settings in the HamClock.ini file. If you want, you can place it on top of every other window.

DF1ZN Web Site:

4-figures digital (hhmm) with date
(160 kB)
UTCClock by Craig F. Fastenow
A Desk Top Clock made by Craig F. Fastenow. The date can be set in three different formats. You can choose to have it "Always on Top" and you can move it and put it anywhere on the screen. This clock does not show seconds, which is a pity.
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 Log4U by SM3CER and SM5NBE

(Version 0.981 updated 12 Januari 2008)

(3,96 MB)
SM3CER and SM5NBE have made a contest logging program for Swedish contests. The program is only written in Swedish.

The following contests are supported at the moment: NAC 28 MHz, NAC 50 MHz, NAC 144 MHz, NAC 432 MHz, NAC 1296 MHz, NRAU-Baltic Contest, SAC, SSA Jultest and SSA MT. More Swedish contests will be added.

This version can also be used in
SAC simulator mode together with Morse Runner!

CLICK HERE to download the program.

The zipped file contains one file; an .exe-file called Log4U_0981_Setup.exe (3,98 MB).

How to install: Save in a temporary directory, unzip the file using WinZip or similar and run the setup file Log4U_0981_Setup.exe. The program will be installed in C:/ham/Log4U as default and will NOT put any files in C:/WINDOWS or in the registry. (If you prefer you can install the program anywhere else).

CLICK HERE to read more about Log4U in Swedish and find more information about Omni-Rig (for rig control) and Morse Runner (CW simulator).

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 Manual Cabrillo input for SAC by SM2EZT

(Version 2.31 updated 16 September 2011)

(285 kB)
SM2EZT has made a program for manual input of a paper log for SAC. The output file will be a CABRILLO-file for checking your log in a log checking program. It will be called yourcall.log (example: SF3A.log).

This version can also be used to log in realtime!

CLICK HERE to download the program.

The zipped file contains two files; an .exe-file called SACMan.exe (539 kB) and cty.dat (73.0 kB - cty-2112 - VER20110911). Due to restrictions from my server provider I have to distribute the file as a .zip-file called (285 kB).

How to install: Save in a temporary directory, unzip the file using WinZip or similar, use File Manager to put SACMan.exe and cty.dat in a folder that you prefer (example: C:/Program/SACMan).

For instructions "How to make your log" CLICK HERE!

CLICK HERE to go to the SAC Website at and read the new, revised rules for Scandinavian Activity Contest - SAC.

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RTTY by WF1B version 5.02

(1.13 MB)
Contains all files required to install RTTY version 5.02 on your computer.
RTTY Contesting Software - Operators Guide (492 kB)
The manual in WORD format.
RTTY by WF1B version 5 source code (466 kB)
Contains all the source files for version 5 of RTTY, written in PASCAL.
Some .cty and .pfx files (19.9 kB)
Contains 4 files provided by Eddie, W6/GØAZT:
  • arrl.cty (14 721 Bytes) 2001-10-26
  • arrl.pfx (22 021 Bytes) 2001-10-26
  • cqww.cty (14 721 Bytes) 2001-10-26
  • cqww.pfx (22 021 Bytes) 2001-10-26

They will work with any WF1B v4.x and above. They will NOT work with v3.x

New country file for WF1B - 24 September 2007 (33,2 kB)
By Jim Reisert, AD1C:
  1. Download the WF1B.DAT file to your WF1B RTTY folder
  3. Choose "Read CTY.DAT"
  4. At "Identify the K1EA Country File(.DAT)", type in WF1B.DAT then CTRL-Enter
  5. Select Contest Files: "Only CQWW & WAE"
  6. Exit

To always get the latest country files go to: Contest Country Files by AD1C

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 SM6BSK Cabrillo Converter

SM6BSK Cabrillo Converter
(Updated version 17 Feb 2004)

(9.98 kB)
Did you use WF1B software and would like to convert the .all file into a Cabrillo log? This little neat DOS application made by Nils, SM6BSK will do the job!

It works for:
CQWW, WPX, SCC, EA, JARTS, SARTG and VOLTA (Single TX only).

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 SM6SRW Contest Modules for Writelog

SM6SRW Contest Modules
(Updated version 10 Jan 2005)

(1.91 MB)
Supported contests:

  • Anatolian RTTY WW Contest
  • ARI International DX Contest
  • EA RTTY Contest
  • FMRE International RTTY Contest
  • OK/OM DX Contest CW (OK/OM - Non OK/OM)
  • Russian PSK WW Contest
  • Russian RTTY WW Contest
  • SARTG New Years Day Contest
  • Scandinavian Activity Contest
  • SCC RTTY Championship
  • SPDX Contest CW and SSB (SP - Non-SP)
  • SPDX RTTY Contest
  • SSA Månadstest (A Swedish domestic Contest)
  • UBA DX Contest
  • Ukrainian DX Contest
  • VOLTA RTTY WW Contest
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