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Notes on submitting logs by E-mail
New NEW INFO 8 JUNE 2005: New
Clarification on submitting ANARTS logs by E-mail
Cabrillo Format for ANARTS RTTY Contest


The contest takes place on the second full weekend of June in each year.

Contests starts 0000 UTC Saturday
and ends 0000 UTC Monday

For 2005 the contest dates are:
Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th June 2005

Not more than 30 hours of operating is permitted for Single Operator Stations. Non operating periods can be taken at any time during the contest.

Multi Operator Stations may operate the entire contest period.

A summary of operating times is required with each single operator log.


Use amateur bands 80, 40, 20, 15, and 10 metres.


All digital modes except CW are permitted including PSK etc.

NOTE: No satellite operation is permitted.


(A) SINGLE - OPERATOR (One transmitter)
(B) MULTI - OPERATOR (One transmitter)
(C) Short Wave Listeners


Messages to consist of RST, Time (UTC), and Zone (CQ).


For each band - Use the "Exchange Points Table (Marked 1994)" to obtain QSO points for each QSO.

Any contact with VK2SG earns double the table points for that QSO.

Count Countries/Multipliers worked (see definition).

Total all bands used to obtain:
(1) Total QSO Points
(2) Total Countries/Multipliers

World stations calculate "VK BONUS", as follows:

  • 100 points for each VK worked on 14 MHz
  • 200 points for each VK worked on 21 Mhz
  • 300 points for each VK worked on 28 MHz
  • 400 points for each VK worked on 7 MHz
  • 500 points for each VK worked on 3.5 MHz


For WORLD STATIONS is calculated by multiplying:
(Note that each continent counts once only to a maximum of 6).

To the total obtained ADD the "VK BONUS" to show GRAND TOTAL CLAIMED SCORE.

EXAMPLE for World Station: 720 QSO Points calculated from Points Table (1) × 29 COUNTRIES/MULTIPLIERS (2) × 5 CONTINENTS (3) = 104,400 points, plus (+) 6 VK stations worked on 14 MHz (that is 600 VK Bonus Points), giving a grand total of 105,000 points.

CLAIMED SCORE for AUSTRALIAN STATIONS (VK1-VK8) is calculated by multiplying:

(3) the NUMBER OF CONTINENTS WORKED during the contest with a maximum of six as stated above.

This calculation gives the GRAND TOTAL CLAIMED SCORE.

IN ALL CASES: A station may only be worked once per band, but may be worked on other bands for QSO points and multipliers.


Countries / Multipliers are counted as per ARRL DXCC list of countries, EXCEPT THAT Australia (Areas 1-8), Canada, Japan, and U.S.A. mainland do not count as separate countries. HOWEVER, each call areas VK1 - VK8, and each call area in Canada, Japan and mainland U.S.A. DO COUNT AS SEPARATE MULTIPLIERS.

CONTACT with one’s own country/multipliers counts for QSO points AND AS A MULTIPLIER. (Remember that call areas VK1 - VK8, and call areas in Canada, Japan, and U.S.A. mainland are Multipliers).


Logs must show in this order:

  1. DATE
  2. TIME (UTC)

Logs: Can be in either .txt or Cabrillo format. If submitting a Postal log in .txt format, a copy on a floppy disc would be appreciated. This will allow conversion to Cabrillo format to help with log checking.


Summary sheet must show: Callsign of station, name and address of operator, bands used (a separate log is required for each band unless the log is in Cabrillo format), the points claimed for each band, the number of countries/multipliers worked on each band, the number of continents worked and details of VK BONUS calculations for World Stations.

A summary of the calculations made to obtain the GRAND TOTAL CLAIMED SCORE as per the "Scoring" instruction will assist checking.

The general certification regarding compliance with Rules and the signatures and Callsign’s of operator(s) is also required.

Multi-operator logs must contain signatures and Callsign of each operator. Signatures may be omitted if submitting log by E-mail, but names and Callsigns of operators are required.

Single-op logs must show summary of operating times. Dupe sheets will be appreciated for any band log over 75 QSO’s, but are not required if the log is in Cabrillo format.


A Plaque is awarded to first in World in Classification A.

Certificates will be awarded to: 1st to 5th places in the World, 1st to 3rd places in each of six continents, 1st to 3rd in each country/multiplier in each Classification.

THE JUDGES decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into. We reserve the right to list multiple awards on any Certificate and/or vary the numbers of awards given without notice. Logs become the property of ANARTS.


Logs must be received by the:

Mailing address:
Contest Manager ANARTS
P O Box 93

or by E-mail to:


by 1st September of the year of the contest.


A postal fee is applicable with the following options:
  1. Contesters submitting their logs by E-mail will have the Contest results, Managers report, Contesters comments, and the next year’s rules, sent to them via the E-mail address used to submit their log. No Awards will be posted. Undelivered E-mails due to Contesters changing their server will not be pursued. Contesters changing address are responsible for advising the Contest Manager.

  2. Contesters submitting their logs by E-mail and wish to receive all the above items, plus a points table, and/or any award they may have won, Plaque or Certificate, must submit a separate Postal Communication to:

    P O Box 93
    TOONGABBIE, N.S.W. 2146

    with a remittance to the value of 5 (Five) United States Dollars.

  3. Contesters submitting their logs by Post and requiring ANARTS to send them the information mentioned above, must include a remittance to the value of 5 (Five) United States Dollars.

  4. Postal logs received without the required remittance will be accepted and processed in the normal way. No awards or other information will be posted in return.

  5. The fee for Australian and New Zealand Contesters is now 5 (Five) Australian Dollars for consecutive contests.

Date of info: 2 June, 2005
Additional info: 8 June, 2005
Source: VK2CTD Web Site - ANARTS WW RTTY Contest Rules 2005
Source: RTTY mailing list
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Notes on submitting logs by E-mail
A.N.A.R.T.S. can now accept your log in Cabrillo format, however please make sure you submit your log in the correct Cabrillo format. Going Cabrillo has required slight changes to the rules for 2005. Example, contact with ones own Country/Multiple now counts as a Multiple for band. This brings the rules in line with other Contests. Please make sure you read the rules to see other slight changes.

Please check your log has the following before transmitting: Your Callsign, Name and Postal Address. Also the names and Callsigns of the other operators if you are submitting a log for Category B, Multiple Operator. Your E-mail address to send you the results. All the items required in the Summary Sheet are correct, that is you have included per band: number of QSO’s, number of QSO Points, number of Multiples, number of Continents worked and number of VK Bonus Points per band. Your log cannot be processed if these items are not shown, unless it is in the correct Cabrillo format.

Do not name the log ANARTS. Please use your own callsign. Example vk2ctd.sum. Many stations have used ANARTS for their log title, example Anarts.sum, which means the Computer puts a little window on the screen saying "There is already a file of that name, do you want to overwrite". All such logs have to be re-titled, so your cooperation please.

Do not send multiple E-mail copies of your log if you do not receive an acknowledgment. For the 2004 Contest several stations sent two or more copies of their log. This resulted in severe confusion in the Register of logs. With dozens of E-mail logs being received each day, it is almost impossible to acknowledge each log. If you do not trust the E-mail system and require an acknowledgment, please send another E-mail requesting the same, but please do not clog up the system with another log. A lot of Contesters are now asking for an Automatic acknowledgment. Please do this if you need a QSL for your log. Some Mail programs include the Automatic Acknowledgment facility.

A list of logs received is sent to the RTTY Reflector as time permits and is also sent to Contest@WW and RTTY@WW on Packet Radio.

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Clarification on submitting ANARTS logs by E-mail
From: "Colin Davies" <>
Date: 8 June 2005

Hi All...

I see there is some confusion regarding the submitting of logs by E-mail for our Contest.

First let me explain that this is our first year checking logs using Cabrillo Log Checking Software. We have not got to the stage where all logs must be in Cabrillo format, we will still accept logs by the Post and they do not necessarily have to be in Cabrillo, but please include a Floppy Disc to enable me to bring the log up on my screen.

The logs in Cabrillo Format do NOT have to be listed by bands any more. Submit them in Chronological order please. The majority of logs received for last years Contest were in some form of Cabrillo format, so this will apply to the majority of stations sending their logs by E-mail.

RTTY mailing list

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Cabrillo Format for ANARTS RTTY Contest
From: "Colin Davies" <>
Date: 8 June 2005

Hi All

Here is the preferred Cabrillo Format for the ANARTS WW RTTY Contest coming up this weekend.

Sorry for late issue, but being newcomers to the use of Cabrillo log checking, we did not realise the importance of this.

Thanks to Bob ZL2AMI for pointing it out to me and for Steve N9OH for his help. Next year we will have the Format and other information on the following web site
This format will also be placed on that site today.

73’s Colin VK2CTD

RTTY mailing list

Preferred Cabrillo format for A.N.A.R.T.S. WW RTTY Contest:

                              -----INFORMATION SENT----  --INFORMATION RECEIVED--
     Freq                     Call             Sent      Recd           Recd
QSO: Band  Mo   Date     Time Sent         Rst Zone Time Call       Rst Zone Time
QSO: nnnnn nn yyyy-mm-dd nnnn nnnnn        599  nn  nnnn nnnnn      599  nn  nnnn
QSO: 14088 RY 2005-05-26 0104 VK2CTD       599  30  0104 VK2BQS     599  04  0001


QSO: 21087 RY 2004-06-12 0723 VK2KM        599  30  0723 YU0HST     599  15  0721
QSO: 21087 RY 2004-06-12 0724 VK2KM        599  30  0723 ON6MX      599  14  0723
QSO: 21087 RY 2004-06-12 0725 VK2KM        599  30  0724 DG8DBW     599  14  0725
QSO: 21087 RY 2004-06-12 0726 VK2KM        599  30  0726 I0QM       599  15  0723
QSO: 21087 RY 2004-06-12 0727 VK2KM        599  30  0726 3Z8Z       599  15  0726
QSO: 21087 RY 2004-06-12 0727 VK2KM        599  30  0727 JH3CUL     599  25  0728
QSO:  4095 RY 2004-06-12 1201 VK2KM        599  30  1159 K3DUG      599  05  1200
QSO:  7031 RY 2004-06-12 1208 VK2KM        599  30  1208 VE6YR      599  04  1208
QSO:  7030 RY 2004-06-12 1214 VK2KM        599  30  1214 UA0LKD     599  19  1213
QSO: 14088 RY 2004-06-12 1218 VK2KM        599  30  1218 9V1UV      599  28  1218
QSO: 14084 RY 2004-06-12 1220 VK2KM        599  30  1210 UN7GCE     599  17  1220
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