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AGCW Straight Key Party
(Handtasten Party - HTP)

Sponsored by AGCW-DL


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Handtastenparty 80 m (HTP 80):
February 7, 2004
1600 to 1900 UTC

(1st Saturday in February)

Handtastenparty 40 m (HTP 40):
September 4, 2004
1300 to 1600 UTC

(1st Saturday in September)


February: 3.510 - 3.560 kHz.

September: 7.010 - 7.040 kHz.


  • A = up to 5 W Output (or 10 W Input)
  • B = up to 50 W Output (or 100 W Input)
  • C = up to 150 W Output (or 300 W Input)
  • D = SWL


RST and QSO-Number/Category/Name/Age (yl = xx).

Example: 579007/A/Ernie/44 and 589009/B/Bertha/xx.
It is mandatory to send the slashes.


  • QSO-class A with class A = 9 points
  • QSO-class A with class B = 7 points
  • QSO-class A with class C = 5 points
  • QSO-class B with class B = 4 points
  • QSO-class B with class C = 3 points
  • QSO-class C with class C = 2 points


UTC, Band, Call, exchange sent, exchange received, class, station description used in the contest, final score claimed, word of honor to have used nothing else but a hand key.

SWL-Logs must contain both calls and at least one complete rapport.


There are awards for the first, second and third place in each class and placement cards for each entrant.

Non observance of the rules will lead to disqualification!

All logs must contain a declaration that the contest rules have been respected.

Send SASE or SAE plus one IRC to receive a list of the results (Be sure to add your complete postal address). The results will also be posted to the AGCW board of the Packet Radio BBS network and to the AGCW home page. Additionally, they will be published in ’AGCW-Info’.


February 28 (HTP 80) and September 30 (HTP 40):

Mailing address:
Friedrich W. Fabri, DF1OY
Moselstraße 17 B

Electronic entries via e-mail should be sent to:


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