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SK3BG - Sundsvall Radioamateurs - SRA, SWEDEN
SM3CER Contest Service - Rules
Ten-Ten International Summer QSO Party
Date: August 2 - 3, 1997.
Time: Saturday 0001 - Sunday 2400 UTC.
Mode: PHONE.   Band: 28 MHz.

1. PHONE contacts must be made in the 10-meter phone band on SSB, AM, or FM.
CW contacts must be in the 10-meter band on CW or RTTY.
2. Exchange callsign, Name. State or Country and 10-10 Number. Some stations may request your county or other 10-10 Chapter information.
3. Single operator stations only are acceptable.
4. A station may be counted only once.
5. All contacts must take place during the 48 hour contest period.
6. Logs must be kept in UTC time.
7. A DUPE sheet is required of all participants regardless of number of contacts made. Computer duping is acceptable provided that the program has a resident sort program internal that will print out contacts in an alpha-numeric sequence. Manual duping may be done by the 100 square grid method. An alpha-numeric list of all non 10-10 contacts must accompany the grid type dupe sheet. Sample Dupe sheets are available from the Contest Manager for a SASE.
8. Chapter assignments of scores may be made only by a paid-up member belonging to that Chapter as a local member and be able to work its net via ground wave.
9. Illegible or improperly submitted logs, or failure to comply with these rules or their intent will result in disqualification.
10. Disqualified logs will appear in the results as Check Logs. No logs will be returned.
11. SCORING: Two (2) points per contact with 10-10 number exchange.
One (1) point per contact without 10-10 number exchange.
Multiply this result by the number of legitimate prefixes worked. Example: K1 W1 KA1 XE2 JA6 count as 5 multipliers. Be aware you should carefully keep track of your multipliers as to not duplicate. A multiplier may be used only once, regardless of suffix. You need not submit a multiplier dupe sheet, but be aware that disqualification criteria is 10% for all errors.
12. CATEGORIES: The categories which you may submit your logs for are: Individual, QRP, Club. In all categories you may assign your score to your appropriate Chapter.
12 a. Individual Rules as stated previous. OM/XYL or Families using one shared station with individual distinctive callsigns/10-10 numbers accepted.
12 b. QRP Rules as stated previous plus the transmitter output power not to exceed 5 watts output CW, or 10 watts PEP SSB or 10 watts output AM/FM.
12 c. Club Rules as stated previous. Club stations must be a legitimate club with a membership of at least 5 with a distinctive government issued call and have its own 10-10 number registered to the club. Single operator only.
All members operating the Club station during a contest must be paid-up members of 10-10. Although multi-operator class is not generally accepted, we will allow multiple operators in Club competition only, provided that a list of all operators with proof of paid membership accompanies the submitted logs.
Multi-transmitters (2 transmitters operating simultaneously, sharing one call sign) will not be accepted.
13. Logs may be submitted for One (1) category only. Example: QRP/Club not accepted.
Individuals compete against individuals, QRP against QRP and Club against Club.
14. Scores will be reported in the NEWS by call area in each of the three categories, (Individual, QRP, Club) along with aggregate Chapter scores.
Awards: Awards will be made to the top 10 stations world wide. First place certificates go to each US Call Area. Alaska is included in Area 7. Certificates to Canada, South America, Caribbean (including Bermuda), Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Pacific (which includes Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii and all other Pacific islands) will be awarded in each category.
Logs: Logs are accepted from paid-up 10-10 members only, and must be complete and in full compliance with the rules. A cover sheet is required showing name, call, full QTH, 10-10 #s, membership expiration date, Chapter assignment (if any), total contacts with and without 10-10#s, total multipliers, total points, your home area (which is where you operated from. Example: W6XYZ operating while on vacation in Florida, would indicate his home area as 4. JA3ABC would use JA as home area.) The back cover of the NEWS satisfies these requirements and is highly recommended. If a cover sheet, other than the NEWS is used, then it must be accompanied by a copy of the members dues card. A cover sheet can be down-loaded from the 10-10 web site. A Dupe sheet must accompany ALL logs.

Log postmark deadline: August 18, 1997.

Send your log to:

City of Lights Chapter
c/o Joe Dubeck, NA9A
P O Box 1383
Quiet zone: It is requested that 10-10 members have the courtesy to observe a "QUIET ZONE" between 28.490 and 28.510 MHz for those to use who do not desire to be involved in contesting.

(Date of info: June 22, 1997)

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