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10-10 International Spring QSO Party
10-10 QSO Parties are open to all amateurs with operating privileges on the 10-meter band. 10-10 members may use any contacts made for 10-10 awards.

Non 10-10 members may use contacts to qualify for 10-10 membership or may chose to just give their call to 10-10 members.


Date: May 3-4, 2003

Mode: CW     Band: 28 MHz

Log Postmark Deadline: May 19, 2003

Send Logs to:
Steve Rasmussen, NØWY, #68684
312 N. 6th Street

10-10 INTERNATIONAL NET QSO Party Information


The 10-10 QSO Party Brochure provides everything you will need to know in order to participate in and enjoy 10-10 QSO Parties.

Although 10-10 QSO Parties are by nature a contest because awards are given for high scores in Call Areas, countries, etc., 10-10 likes to think of them as Parties. These Parties are held for fun and to meet 10-10 members around the world.

There are a few basic rules that all participants must follow in order to make the Party fair for everyone and to make the scoring as straight forward for the volunteer scorers. All QSO Party rules are listed in this brochure. Also included for your use is an example Cover Sheet, and Dupe Sheet.

Please read the brochure thoroughly so that you have a good working knowledge of each of the 10-10 QSO Parties.

10-10 QSO Parties

10-10 sponsors four (4) QSO Parties and one (1) 24-hour Sprint Party each year. A 10-10 CW QSO Party is held in the Spring and Fall and a 10-10 Phone QSO Party is held in the Winter and Summer each year. An annual Calendar of QSO parties is published annually by 10-10.

The 10-10 Day Sprint is held on October 10th (10/10) each year. All 10-10 QSO Parties are 48 hours long 0001 UTC of the first listed UTC day to 2400 UTC of the second listed UTC day) except for the Sprint Party, which is 24 hours in length (0001 to 2400 UTC on the UTC date of 10-10).

Who Can Participate?

10-10 QSO Parties are open to all amateurs with operating privileges on the 10-meter band. 10-10 members may use any contacts made for 10-10 awards. Non 10-10 members may use contacts to qualify for 10-10 membership or may chose to just give their call to 10-10 members.

Entry Classifications

You may enter each QSO Party in ONE of the following categories; Individual, Club or QRP.

The Individual category includes single station operators and can also include OM/XYL or families using one shared station with individual Callsigns and 10-10 Numbers.

The QRP category is for stations with output power of 5 watts output for CW, 10 watts PEP for SSB, or 10 watts output AM/FM.

Stations operating in the Club category must be a legitimate 10-10 Club with a registered 10-10 Number, with a government issued Callsign and with a membership of at least 5. All Club members operating the Club station during a Party must be paid members of 10-10. A list of all operators in this category must accompany the submitted logs.

Multi-transmitters (2 or more transmitters operating simultaneously, sharing one Callsign) are NOT accepted in any QSO Party.

Score Assignment

Under certain circumstances it may be possible to assign your QSO Party score to your local 10-10 Chapter. Chapter assignments of scores may be made only by a paid 10-10 member belonging to a particular Chapter as a local member. Local members are defined as those members that can work the Chapter net via ground wave. If in doubt regarding your qualifications to assign your score to a 10-10 Chapter, either do not claim Chapter score assignment or contact the Chapter Manager for confirmation. The 10-10 Sprint Day Party does NOT allow Chapter assignment of scores.

Logging Contacts

During a QSO Party or 10-10 Day Sprint, log your contacts with the following information; Date, UTC, Call, Name, QTH (state or country), 10-10 Number, and Points. A sample log sheet is included in this brochure to aid you in setting up a log. All logs must be in UTC. If you log by hand, the above format will work well. If you log by computer, you may need to add columns for the 10-10 Number.

Both hand logs and computer logs are acceptable for all 10-10 QSO Parties and the 10-10 Day Sprint.

QSO Party logs may be submitted for ONLY one (1) category. For example, a single log CAN NOT be submitted in both the QRP and Club categories. In 10-10 Parties individuals compete against individuals, QRP stations against QRP stations, and Clubs against Clubs.

QSO Party and 10-10 Day Sprint logs are accepted from paid 10-10 members ONLY.

Callsign/10-10# Dupe Sheet

A Dupe Sheet is required for all QSO Party and 10-10 Day Sprint log submittals based upon the following criteria. A Dupe Sheet is required if more than 50 contacts are made.

Either hand generated or computers Dupe Sheets are acceptable. All submitted Dupe information should be in an alphanumeric sequence. Duping may be accomplished by use of the 100 square grid method using either 10-10 Number or call sign information. Example Dupe Sheets are included on the 10-10 web site.

Some contesters keep the Dupe Sheet current as they work each station, others bring it up to date during lull periods, and still others fill it out after the contest is over. Use whichever way suits your method of operation, but a call sign or 10-10 number Dupe Sheet MUST be provided with your QSO Party or 10-10 Sprint Party submittal if over 50 contacts are claimed.

Cover Sheet

QSO Party logs must be submitted using a 10-10 Cover Sheet. 10-10 Cover Sheets are published on page 32 of each issue of the 10-10 International News. A sample Cover Sheet is also included in this brochure or you can find a Cover Sheet on the 10-10 WorldWide Web site.

You MUST use one of these Cover Sheets when submitting your QSO Party or 10-10 Sprint results. Whatever Cover Sheet is used, make sure it is filled out completely - Name, Callsign, 10-10 Number, Current Mailing Address, Date of Contest entered, etc.

Contest Submittal

The contest submittal package for any 10-10 QSO Party (CW or Phone) as well as the 10- 10 Day Sprint, must include all of the following four (4) items:

  • Cover Sheet with all blanks filled in;

  • Proof of membership such as a copy of your 10-10 dues card or mailing label from your latest copy of the 10-10 NEWS showing that your 10-10 dues are current as of the date of the QSO Party entered;

  • Log in UTC format; hand or computer generated is acceptable;

  • Call sign dupe sheet completed (if over 50 contacts are claimed) using 10-10 numbers or using call signs. All contest submittals must have a Call Sign or 10-10 Number Dupe Sheet if over 50 contacts made. No dupe sheet is required if less than 50 contacts.


A certificate will be awarded to the top scorer in each country and each US call area for each CW and Phone QSO Party, and for the 10-10 Sprint event. A country is defined as one of those on the current ARRL DXCC countries list. Certificates will also be awarded to the Top 10 finishers in the world and to the first place finishers in the Club, QRP, and chapter categories.

10-10 QSO Party Award

In the event of a tie, the tiebreaker will be based on the greatest number of contacts made. All final scores for CW and Phone QSO Parties, and for the 10-10 Sprint event, for both DX and US call areas, will be published in the 10-10 NEWS for each scoring category along with aggregate chapter scores.

Quiet Zone

During 10-10 QSO Parties, 10-10 members are requested to have the courtesy to observe a Quiet Zone between the frequencies of 28.490 and 28.510 MHz for non 10-10 Party use. Remember, the 10-10 organization promotes courtesy on the 10-meter band. Please leave the above frequencies open for non 10-10 members to use.


 CW, Phone and 10-10 Day Sprint:

The following eleven (11) rules apply to ALL scheduled annual QSO CW and Phone Parties and the 10-10 Day Sprint Party sponsored by the 10-10 International Net.
  1. Phone contest contacts MUST be made within the 10-meter phone band on SSB, AM or FM.

    CW contest contacts MUST be made within the 10-meter band on CW, RTTY or Digital modes such as PSK31.

  2. Repeater or satellite contacts are NOT allowed.

  3. All Exchanges MUST include call sign, name, state or country and 10-10 #.

  4. A station may be counted ONLY once as a contact.

  5. All contacts MUST take place during the designated Party hours.

  6. All logs MUST be kept in UTC time.

  7. A call sign or 10-10 number Dupe Sheet IS REQUIRED of all participants that submit 51 or more contacts. (See explanation above - Dupe Sheet).

  8. ONLY a paid member belonging may make chapter assignments of scores to that chapter as a local member (See explanation above).

    NOTE: Chapter assignment of scores IS NOT allowed for the 10-10 Day Sprint.

  9. Scoring: Points are earned for contacts with operators that include a valid 10-10 number exchange and for contacts that do not include a 10-10 number exchange.

    • (a) Two (2) points are awarded per contact WITH a 10-10 member.
    • (b) One (1) point is awarded per contact WITHOUT a 10-10 number exchange.

  10. Disqualification criteria: Submitting illegible, improper logs or failing to comply with these Rules or their intent WILL result in disqualification. Logging errors exceeding 10 percent (%) will result in disqualification.

  11. NO logging information will be returned.

 Log Postmark Deadline Date:

Each 10-10 QSO Party and 10-10 Day Sprint have a log submission Postmark Deadline Date. This date is published in the 10-10 News and on the 10-10 WorldWide Web site.

Any logs received with a postmark after the stated Postmark Deadline will be rejected. It is strongly recommended that you send your log as soon as possible after the close of the Party. It is also suggested that DX stations send their logs via Air Mail to assure timely receipt. Logs are to be mailed to the announced scoring individual(s) and/or Chapters.

Scorer’s names and addresses for each QSO Party and 10-10 Day Sprint are published in the 10-10 News and on the 10-10 WorldWide Web site.

 Additional Information and Clarification:

Any additional information or clarifications that you may need regarding the rules or other information about 10-10 QSO Parties or the 10-10 Day Sprint may be requested through 10-10’s Contest Committee Manager:

Steve Rasmussen, NØWY #68684
312 North 6th Street


Please enclose a #10 SASE with your request if you would like a written response.

Go Get’Em!!!

Now that you have read the brochure throughly, you know all there is to know about the 10-10 QSO Parties and the 10-10 Day Sprint. Please keep in mind that these Parties are offered by 10-10 to serve several purposes:

  • To promote the use of the ten meter band

  • To offer the opportunity for both members and non-members around the world to meet one another


  • To enhance the operating practices of all amateur operators on 10 meters

It is important that you, as a 10-10 Party participant, adhere to the rules as outlined above and that you respect the Quiet Zone that has been set aside for use by non-Party ham operators.

Above all, have a good time with each 10-10 Party! Let’s get the most use of the 10 meter band possible!


"Sample" 10-10 QSO Party LOG

DATE        TIME    CALL   NAME        QTH            10-10#     POINTS

 10/10/99    0245    KB6HW  Esther      AZ             23331      2
 10/10/99    0246    G4BLH  Mike        DX - England   18446      2
 10/10/99    1454    K4CIH  Tom         AL             33233      2
 10/10/99    1456    W6XXX  Joe         CA             None       1
 10/10/99    1458    JA1XXX Sam         DX - Japan     None       1

The sample log above is for a US Call Area operator and has a total of five (5) contacts listed. Note the time is logged in UTC. The QTH column requires only the state or country, the city is not required.

Three (3) contacts have 10-10 numbers for a total of six (6) points.

Two (2) contacts were with stations (DX and US) without 10-10 numbers and therefore count one (1) point each.

The total points earned on this sample log are eight (8). With this log data, this station can now easily complete the QSO Party Cover Sheet.

Updated 09-23-2002

Date of info: 30 April, 2003 Source: 10-10 International Web Site
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